Report: Arian Foster sued for harassing woman to have an abortion

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After injuries significantly limited his 2013 season, Texans running back Arian Foster had fallen largely out of view.

He’s now back in the public eye, for entirely unwanted reasons.

According to TMZ, Foster has been sued by a woman who claims that Foster impregnated her — and that Foster and his family members harassed her about having an abortion.

The woman contends that DNA testing already has shown a 99.99-percent match to Foster, and that the baby is due in June.  She claims that Foster “constantly harassed [her] to get an abortion for the child.”

Foster apparently has not yet commented on the situation.  He’ll have the right to dispute all allegations contained in the complaint, and to otherwise pursue all defenses aimed at securing a favorable outcome.

25 responses to “Report: Arian Foster sued for harassing woman to have an abortion

  1. Wonder what Coach T is going to say to that? Guess we have to wait until next year’s FNiA to find out.

  2. If DNA shows a 99.99 percent probability that the child is his, any outcome that isn’t favorable to the child wouldn’t be favorable. Too many men abandone their resonsibilities to their children!

  3. Sucks that he literally has zero say in the decision to keep or abort, but she has the decision to force him to pay child support. Where as if she wanted to abort and he wanted to keep it, its STILL her decision. This woman wants him to have zero input into the decision, but still will want to take as much of his money as she can.

  4. If you’re too stupid to use the simple preemptive step of birth control you have to pay the price.

  5. How sad we are as a society……..wear some protection if you don’t want to father a child, or better yet, abstain……..because it’s always easiest to kill an unborn child, right Foster?


  6. A man should be able to sign away all parental rights, nulling any support obligations, before the birth. As it is, we’ve codified gender discrimination. Women want choice? Give them a real choice. In a secular society, religious concerns over an abortion should be invalid.

  7. Mark my words, Foster will not be a Texan this year. Owner Bob McNair doesn’t like this one bit! A married man getting an outsider woman pregnant!? Look for Foster to be cut, or traded!

    You heard it first!

  8. Foster has become a huge diva over the last year or 2. Too many commercials, movies, IPOs, and not a lot of football….

    He plays one play in a game and then decides to sit out the rest of the season…. Ben Tate breaks 4 ribs and plays out the season….

    We should trade Foster now, before this gets worse….

    Two #2’s anyone?

  9. bleedgreen says:Sucks that he literally has zero say in the decision to keep or abort, but she has the decision to force him to pay child support.

    The big dummy should have known all of this before he decided to have sex with her. btw, not all women are just after the money, but Foster has to help raise this child.
    It’s clear that he will be an absentee father, but he is also obligated to pay to help raise the child.

    Maybe he’ll wear a raincoat next time, the big dummy.

  10. Use to have respect for him…. seemed like a smart guy in post game interviews not just a dumb jock.

    Now he wants to save some bucks instead of being a Man!!! Taking care of his baby!! WOW!! unbelievable what people Value these days!!

    You are Trash Foster!!! you will never be on my fantasy football team and your Days are numbered in the NFL… you will be a 2nd or 3rd stringer at best now!!

  11. A couple of takes here. First, what a douche move by Fox 26 to go to his house and harass him on his driveway while his kids were inside…. That wasn’t TMZ that went to his house last night, it was a local reporter looking for a scoop. And it was entirely inappropriate.

    On the flip side…. I am fairly pro choice but this is a terrible situation. This entire situation has obviously become severely public. This kid is going to grow up knowing that his/her dad wanted them aborted. Not only that, EVERYONE ELSE is going to know that this kid’s dad wanted them aborted…. Just a horrible situation.

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