Ken Whisenhunt will be the head coach of the Titans

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If Ken Whisenhunt convinced any Chargers assistants to accompany him in his 2014 head coaching gig, they may want to beef up their knowledge of George Jones’ catalog rather than dip back into the history of Motown.

Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter of ESPN and Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reported that Whisenhunt will be the next head coach of the Titans on Monday and PFT has confirmed that Whisenhunt has been hired. The news comes on the same day as reports that the Lions were set to bring Whisenhunt to Detroit and lands Whisenhunt back in the NFL a year after he was fired by the Cardinals.

His work with the Chargers this year likely helped his cause, especially with Philip Rivers rebounding in a resounding fashion, but Whisenhunt had success in Arizona early in his head coaching tenure. It’s not a coincidence that that’s when he had Kurt Warner playing quarterback and his biggest task in Tennessee will be getting a quarterback — Jake Locker or otherwise — playing a similarly high level.

Schefter and Mortensen report that the Lions have moved on to Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell and spent the day in talks with him for their vacancy with Whisenhunt’s predecessor in Tennessee Mike Munchak “still alive” in both Detroit and Cleveland.

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  1. Huge sigh of relief from this Packers fan. Last thing we need are competent offensive minds paired up with the talent they have over there.

  2. Detroit has all the defensive talent, and decent qb, and best receiver. Titans are in limbo. He went to Tennessee for the better city and better weather. It was -18 in Detroit with wind chill when I landed there last week

  3. yep…. just like the media has been saying the last two weeks. They’re always right about these things just ask Browns head coach Chip Kelly and Cardinals head coach Andy Reid.

  4. Most coaches last or are deemed good when they correspondingly have a good QB — that will be Wisenhunt’s challenge like it was when Warner retired.

  5. Everyone had Whisenhunt going to Detroit. You know the Lions brass low balled him. Another example of the Lions being the Lions, losing out on the guy you wanted & now have to settle for CAldwell.

  6. Wiz is a good coach, but when you consider that the knock against him with the Cardinals was his inability to develop a QB, he seems an odd choice for the Titans. Christian Ponder is no Phillip Rivers, who had the tools all along and had enjoyed success prior to Wiz showing up.

    I wish Wiz the best, but it seems like an unlikely match.

  7. You might think on the surface that the Lions HC job might be more appealing with the talent level on the team. If you take a closer look a lot of that talent is still on their rookie deals and with big money deals already going to megaton and the QB it will be next to impossible to keep that roster as is under the current CBA.

  8. I didn’t think the Lions would get anyone decent. Even the so-so Whisenhunt won’t take the job in Detroit.

  9. Thank you! Keeps Zimmer away from Tennessee and closer to Minnesota. Too bad Whisenhunt doesn’t have Kurt Warner or Philip Rivers in Tennessee to keep his reputation positive.

  10. If I were a Lions fan, I’d be curious (and a little concerned) why a top HC prospect would choose Tennessee over the Lions. I mean, the talent level between the two teams isn’t even close.

  11. Caldwell should not really excite anyone but sometimes the guy you don’t expect to do well does excellent. Having Peyton as his QB doesn’t necessarily mean he was a good coach when they were winning…just like Curtis Painter shouldn’t make him a bad coach when they were losing.

  12. A big part of his downfall in AZ was his stubbornness.

    Two major reasons for the Cardinals’ success this year was Keim churing the bottom of the roster and always looking for better players and Arians changing lots of things during the season based on their shortcomings.

  13. I am stunned! Thought Lions were the best fit. Even the Browns had more to offer with 5 pro bowlers, $40 mil in cap space and a load of draft picks. The Lions can’t even win in the offseason.:-(

  14. I think that Jake Locker is more talented then any other QB Wisenhunt had after Warner in Arizona so if Locker can stay healthy I think Wisenhunt can maybe mold him into a franchise guy.

  15. Can anyone explains to me why everyone acts like the Lions have the greatest talent ever? They are no doubt a talented team, but they aren’t heads and shoulders above other teams that need a HC. Yes, they have Stafford (is he any different than Cutler? avg) and the best WR in the game, hands down. But they have no other WRs that are worth anything. Reggie Bush who is overrated IMO, but still solid. Joique is a good player for sure. Overall slightly above average at RBs. Defensive side their secondary is littered with holes (contrary to TEN who has a great secondary and overall better defense), on top of the fact that their front 7 has a difficult time getting any sort of pressure on an opposing QB. Sure Fairley and Suh plug up the run game in the middle, and Levy seems like he is a great LB, but outside of that their defensive is pretty porous. So far Ansah has done well in the run game, but hasn’t really learned how to get pressure on a QB. The jury is def still out on him though.

    Bottom line, this team is good, but there are plenty of things to like about other teams, too. On top of the history of the Lions just being terrible it’s not that crazy to pick a different organization.

  16. Surprising to me. I figured he would have recruited Ray Horton who was the DC who whipped Arizona’s defense into shape. Horton could do good work with Fairley, Suh, etc.

    Whis would have had fun with Stafford, Megatron, Burleson, Bush, etc.

    Whis struggled mightily after Warner retired. Derek Anderson, Skelton, Hall, Leinart, Lindley, Bartel, Kolb…..not a pretty picture.

    I wish him the best in TN

  17. This hire assures that the Titans will be irrelevant for the next few years, no matter how much talent they might accumulate. Yesterday was just another Whisenhunt playoff brain freeze.

  18. Hopefully for the Titans, he won’t be calling his own plays. Has a top tier QB and throws six times in a half? If that holds, Chris Johnson will have at least 500 carries next year, if he’s on the team.

  19. He should fit right in there. The Titan fans were used to mediocre coaching masquerading as “great” with the Jeff Fisher years and will get about the same level of average coaching from Whisenhunt. John Skelton’s already in the building isn’t he, lol. QB of the future.

  20. Might as well have taken the Cleveland job while you’re at it.

    Talk about a wasted opportunity, Kenny.

  21. I don’t mean to knock the city but Detroit is going to have a hard time getting a decent HC. The economic crisis has left the area decimated and the slumlords are taking over. Not the best place to bring your family.

  22. Whisenhunt chose the titans for a few good reasons. One being, it’s less pressure to win right away, let’s face it, this is probably his last bid to be a head coach in this league, so its win right now in Detroit or build a team in a more lenient Tennessee. Not sure on Tennessee’s salary cap but its probably more flexible than Detroit’s, and he has ties to Vanderbilt which is right in Nashville. I don’t want to put it like this but, less pressure, a easier to please fan base, and this probably being his last shot to coach were definitely the deciding factors, no doubt

  23. Whisenhunt lost in the Super Bowl ages ago and AZ sucked all the other years he was the HC, but now he’s the second coming of George Siefert?!

    Look how bloody awful the Chargers were on offense yesterday. I hate to bring some reality here, but Broncos suck on defense and have sucked all year. Yet, Rivers was held to 34 yards in the first half. Danny Woodhead was used as a feature back?!

    Are you kidding me?! He’s overrated.

  24. IMHO he is the “offensive” equivalent of the “defensive” Jeff Fisher. Good hire. Quality coach and person. Innovator? No. He will take the team as far as the talent allows. Fisher could never overcome Manning. Can Ken overcome Luck?
    Good for him. Nashville is an awesome city. All those on the “coasts” have no idea of how great Nashville can be.

  25. Thank God as a lions fan I didn’t care for whisenhunt, after watching the playoff game and hearing how much criticism he was getting in California

  26. I think Lions should have been patient w Schwartz ala Panthers did with Rivera , now the Lions will probably get another Rod Marinelli.

  27. If a top notch coach has an aversion to jumping into the cesspool of the Detroit Lions it will because the cumulative effect of a half century of failure, clueless ownership, stupid management, poor salary cap flexibility, an over rated QB and a culture of losing that has permeated even the upper echelons of the team’s roster.

    It will not because of economic strife or “slumlords taking over” or other nonsense. Once again, for the ignoramus segment out there:

    The metropolitan Detroit area features countless swanky neighborhoods adjacent to large recreational lakes and rivers, with some of the best school districts, shopping, theaters, museums and restaurants in the world. If you haven’t toured the area, shut up. You sound dumber than Lions’ management.

  28. Lions will regret not locking up Ken. He coulda put them over the hump. I’m not a lions fan but I’d love to see an all world receiver like Calvin get a shot at a ring. Hes one of the good guys in this league.

  29. Great hire. He did nothing wrong in AZ except not get in his GM’s face and demand a real NFL QB. And what he did in SD was unreal good coaching.

    Dolphins shoulda grabbed Wiz. Seems store mannequin Philbin is gonna bury us for another year.

  30. I believe that Wiz’s demands on using a 3-4 was the deal breaker for the Lions. The Lions have no interest in changing to a 3-4, and rightly so.

  31. Well, since even fans in Tennessee don’t care about the Titans, this bad hire won’t affect the NFL much, if at all. Enjoy 5 more years of 5-11, 4-12, and 6-10 seasons, Nashville.

  32. Whisenhunt has to measure Locker quickly. Is he the guy to quarterback this team? Personally, I do not think he is. The Titans may want to select a qb in the second round. They must resign Roos. If not then draft an o-lineman in the first round. Defensive help should take the majority of the draft.

  33. This ain’t good for us. I stand united don’t get me wrong. But how the Titans got ahead of these other teams is beyond me. He’s taking over a bad team. He’ll build a contender. Good move. Damn!!!

  34. If he was as in demand as reports indicated, it’s kind of stunning that he chose the Titans. Face it, the team is nowhere, adrift, with no stars at any position, mediocre draft prospects, and an owner with an itchy trigger finger. The Lions and Vikes are miles ahead in the talent category. Very odd. Maybe he liked the weaker division? That’s never a good long-term plan.

  35. The Lions have much more talent than the Titans, but that talent comes with some extremely large contracts and a certain sense of entitlement fostered by the former regime.

    It’s very possible Whisenhunt wanted a clean slate to start with and was willing to come to a team offering him more control over the roster from Day One… even if the initial talent level wasn’t comparable to what he would inherit in Detroit.

  36. Very unfair to the Chargers this guy was spending more time interviewing for his next job then working with his current team during the playoffs and it showed on the field. Btw, I’m not a Charger fan just saying. Coaches in the playoffs should be off limits until the playoffs are over or their team is knocked out.

  37. This sucks! I really wanted Whisenhunt in Detroit. Any chance we can get Jack Del Rio? Everyone else we’ve been linked to has my stomach doing flips….not in a good way.

  38. I said if the Lions fired Schwartz that the Lions will go from mediocrity back to NFL basement. If they hire Caldwell they will be back as an NFL laughing stock and it will be more proof that this Front office have no idea what they are doing.

  39. Titans, deep and heart felt thanks for this hiring as you have ensured that we will no longer have to fight to avoid the cellar in the future.

    Your new head coach will only need to replicate his vindictive and petty gamesmanship coaching to drive your team into the cellar as he immediately did in Arizona after Warner choose early retirement after your new coach’s refusal to improve the offensive line to protect Warner.


    Jag and Texan fans.

  40. The good: Whiz is a great hire. He is a leader of men and has a strong vision for what he needs to do.

    The bad: He is bringing Grimm with him. This cannot be overstated. He was the worst coach in AZ and actually made our dreadful OL worse.

    The ugly: Whiz needs an established QB already in house. His preseason QB competitions in AZ were laughable.

    Also, he will push to draft a ton of shiny new weapons of TEN, but will neglect his OL and DL. Hopefully he is reigned in by MGT.

  41. Surprising to me. I figured he would have recruited Ray Horton who was the DC who whipped Arizona’s defense into shape. Horton could do good work with Fairley, Suh, etc.

    Not really. Cards DL hated Horton’s schemes. He made them hold up OL and let the LB’s make plays. Suh is an attack dog. He wouldn’t do well in a system where he can’t pin his ears back and go.

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