Sean Gilbert distributes his book to every NFL player

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In September, former NFL player Sean Gilbert announced his intention to run for the position of executive director of the NFL Players Association.  He made his case for the job in a book entitled The $29 Million “Tip”.

Gilbert has now given a copy of the book to every player in the NFL.

Per a league source, a copy was left in the locker of each player late in the regular season.  While it’s unknown which players are supporting him (Gilbert is the uncle of Bucs cornerback Darrelle Revis), at least one player per team presumably backs the effort; otherwise, the books couldn’t have been distributed to every player of every team.

In his book, Gilbert outlines his concerns with the current labor agreement between the league and the players, proposes an 18-game season in exchange for three years to free agency, and argues that the current CBA could be terminated due to collusion by the league’s owners.

“Football’s a game, the NFL’s a business,” Gilbert wrote by hand in most of the copies of the book given to players.

DeMaurice Smith won the job in 2009.  He’ll complete his second three-year term in March 2015.  He presumably will run a third time.

“Interesting conversation with my family yesterday. They have thrown their full support behind the Gilbert ’15 campaign so I’m home more,” Smith said on Twitter after Gilbert’s candidacy was announced.

Many league insiders believe Smith, a former lawyer who emerged as the successor to the late Gene Upshaw at a time the players needed a strong litigator, has other career aspirations.  Until he declares with certainty his plan to pursue another term, it’s possible that Smith will decide that six years are enough.

If he decides to pursue three more years, he’ll be facing Gilbert next year — and possibly other candidates.

20 responses to “Sean Gilbert distributes his book to every NFL player

  1. Sean Gilbert is an exclusively self-interested cancer. He ruins everything he touches. He ruined the Panthers, and he ruined the Jets through his meddling in the Revis affair.

    The players may not have killed it in the last negotiation, but just imagine what would happen if they handed the operation over to a guy who writes his books by hand.

    I mean, really.

  2. I support anything that can get rid of this CBA. I think he’s right that there is a bizarre overlap and intersection between the game and the business, and things could be better even if you don’t go with his specific recommendations.

  3. An 18 game regular season in exchange for three years until free agency. What a great way to make the game worse two-birds-one-stone style.

  4. Really?

    An 18 game season would be like the attrition of the Union Army at the start of the Civil War. Hardly anyone would be left who was on the opening day roster.

  5. ever seen ‘high school high,’ and the kids don’t know how to open the books? and the one guy starts smelling it, and giggling? this is what i envision happening here.

  6. Anyone who believes in 18 games is a bozo!

    This dummy sat out the 1997 because the millions he was offered to play football wasn’t enough. Great leader!

  7. A three year free agency isn’t really a bad thing. It could see more careers not being wasted than on the ‘negative’ side, more tampering.

  8. I despise DeMaurice Smith. He fought for less practice time, and more money. And how has that worked out? Players are dropping like flies from injuries because their bodies can’t keep up with the demands of the game when they have less preparation time. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. On one hand, he collectively bargains for the rule changes to make the game safer, then turns around and fights every fine and suspension handed down by the league. He’s a clown. You guys can bash Goodell all you want, but it’s Smith that’s ruining football.

  9. With the new CBA we’ve seen an increase in underclassman entering the draft and practices, which lead to an increase in injuries

    We have also seen a decrease in game attendance.

    Go figure…

  10. the nfl owners would never agree to 3 years. 4 is bad enough. it would further penalize teams who draft well. only to lose them after 3 years. good drafting teams have been punished enough when they cut it down to 4 from 5.why would i want to draft a guy who takes a couple years to develop, only to lose him as a f.a. to a team, like the redskins or cowboys who do not know how to draft.

  11. First thing is first we all know Chris Johnson wont be reading that crap anyway. Now, if the book doesnt have any advice on financial literacy, conducting one self on and off-the field whats the point (his life experiences). Save yourself the cost man.

  12. Let’s review this clown’s profile… Is a preacher, started his pro football career as an all-world DT for the Rams, gets sent to Washington, and sits out an entire season because, in his words, God told him to hold out for more. (What about that “the love of money is the root of all evil” thing? Nah, doesn’t apply to Gilbert, apparently.) He suckers the Panthers into trading 2 picks for him AND paying him a busload of money. Then he gets about 3 sacks the rest of his career and fades away into oblivion.

    Now all of a sudden he thinks he needs to lead the players’ union?


  13. Sean held out for more money all the time. NFLPA, do not hire this guy, he’ll try to void the CBA, and you could lose your paycheck due to a work stoppage.

  14. Jokes and insults about Gilbert aside, the CBA is the worst in pro sports.

    No guaranteed contracts, leaves the leverage entirely with the team. It also encourages players to hold out when they feel like they outplay their contracts. Teams routinely cut players for an injury or if they feel like they are under-performing.

    The only players who like the current CBA are the QB’s whose salaries are almost 20% of the entire cap. Every defensive free-agent last year experienced a deep dip in pay from every team. No collusion there, huh? lol

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