So much for that good idea, no Prime Time in Pro Bowl

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Oh, well. So much for a good traveshamockery.

Pro Bowl captain Deion Sanders declared his intent to “SUIT UP” in the Pro Bowl earlier today, but it wasn’t nearly as fun as we were hoping.

A league spokesman tells PFT that Sanders won’t be playing in the all-star game, but that he and fellow captain Jerry Rice “will be spending the full week with their clubs beyond the draft, attending practices, on the sidelines for gameday.”

Maybe he’s still battling that “rare and unusual” toe problem, which has left him with a rather unique index toe.

Frankly, that’s a shame, as Sanders presence would have diminished not at all the credibility of the game, since it had none to begin with. He’d at least have been an interesting sideshow, and might have milked more of a performance out of the stars of today.

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  1. Booo…And I was just starting to get excited to see Deion covering Megatron for a series or two

    Now that the idea has been floated though, hopefully it’ll spark something. I’d love to see these guys train for this one game and play with current players.

    THAT would be what makes the Pro Bowl fun again. Who wouldn’t tune in to watch Marino play a series at QB or Jerry Rice running routes opposite Patrick Peterson?

  2. Well, there goes the last chance of me watching that game.

    I mean, I wouldn’t have watched the whole thing anyway.

    But at least I’d have turned it on to see Neon Dieon high step into the endzone on a kick return because no one even made an effort to tackle him.

  3. Honestly, the players could suit up in dresses and it wouldn’t hurt the “credibility” of this needless exhibition game JEEZ!

  4. I’m sure shutting it down had a lot to do with the possibility of him getting injured. The league can’t afford a senseless $15k medical bill. #bankrupt

    Personally, I would love to see a pass thrown to Jerry Rice with Deion covering him. When are they gonna bring back the skills competitions and the old-timers playing flag football in the sand. A lot of that stuff was more enjoyable than just about any pro bowl game I’ve seen.

  5. Shame, I’ve been deeply concerned about the general lack of bandanna wearing among today’s players.

  6. Having a slew of recently retired football players make cameos in the game would make it a sideshow, which would vastly increase it’s appeal.

  7. AAAAAAAAAND there goes me watching the Probowl. This was actually an interesting idea and I gave the idea some thought rather than just saying completely ‘No’ just to see how fit Jerry & Deion still are at their age.

    Good job NFL! So much money, little brain.

  8. Well maybe Dieon and Jerry can get the likes of Cam Newton to actually practice and know the plays before the game so those that aren’t 1st round draft picks have an opportunity to make some income that is important to them and their families!

  9. Didn’t think it was going to happen, but it was nice thinking about it. I tell you what, I know Irvin could still play. Dude is cut up like he still works out on the daily. I saw him on the Playmakers (or whatever show that is where he puts incoming WRs thru a pre-draft combine) and he puts it down like a player. Deion’s performance would have been based on his toe (insert Della Reese joke here).

    It would have been nice to see, but alas, the NFL killed the dream. That fire is the most difficult think to extinguish in a former NFL player.

  10. I loved the Pro Bowl, and all the activities surrounding the event! It was great for me!


    Robert Edwards

  11. Not gonna watch the joke bowl especially with the biggest clown of them all pee on sanders as a captain with all the money the NFL makes they couldn’t come up with ANYTHING better then this ?

  12. I would’ve watched to see Deion play. I will go back to not watching.

    Besides, it’s just been the Adrian Peterson bowl ever since his first year in the league, minus the one year of injury.

  13. This would have done wonders for the lawsuits currently against the league for head trauma

  14. Having former players suit up would be awesome. That would probably dramatically increase viewership to the point where the league could give higher payouts to the winners…which could mean they actually don’t treat it like a probowl.

  15. what would be truly awesome is if these old athletes talked about themselves more often. I just cant get enough of it.

    and oh yeah if they could also just yell over each other in broadcasts i would be set for life

    maybe one day this will become reality

  16. you beat us to death with the sandcastle stuff. finish it off, he had a strong rookie year, let him go to the pro bowl and pretend to compete like everyone else

    sadly this I would have watched, but I really don’t see myself tuning in to watch a touch football game where they go 10 percent

  17. All of you do realize that prime is almost 47 years old and has a bad feet. Rice is older than he is. No one wants to see either of them get hurt. I remember watching Norm Nixon blowing out his knee in a alumni game with the Lakers. It was ugly.

  18. There should be a few spots reserved (and voted on) per conference each year for legacy elite players out of the game for 5+ years. It would be the only and best reason to watch. Who wouldn’t want to see Herschel Walker run over rookie studs?

  19. How about in 2015 instead of a Pro Bowl we petition for a Convicts bowl? I can see it now.. Ryan Leaf rolls to his left on the option, pump fakes to Dante Stallworth hands off to Juice, OJ has a blocker Jamal Lewis. OJ showing a surprising amount of agility in his wheel chair; puts a spin move on Josh Brent (too soon?), it’s OJ at the 5.. at the 4….. at the 3… bipolar wildman Alonzo Spellman comes out of nowhere with a ferocious hit and spills the Juice..

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