Too early to know if Harvin will be cleared to play


Two days ago, the Saints applied multiple big hits to Seahawks receiver Percy Harvin, eventually knocking him out of the divisional-round game with a concussion.  For now, it’s too early to know whether Harvin will be cleared to play on Sunday against the 49ers.

Per a league source, Harvin engaged in baseline testing on Monday, which involves comparing his current cognitive abilities to prior measurements taken at a time when he was not concussed.  He’ll have to be cleared by an independent neurologist both to practice and then separately to play.

At one point, it was essentially presumed that a player who suffers a concussion would miss one game.  At some point, the presumption flipped, with players routinely returning from a concussion in a week.

Harvin has an extra day, given that the Seahawks played on Saturday.  While those who know him would be very surprised if Harvin doesn’t play, the decision is and will remain out of his control.

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  1. That first hit was an absolute guided missile. The second one surely didn’t help any either. I don’t know how ANYONE could be cleared to play in such a short time.

  2. **Seahawks did play Saturday, my mistake.

    Regardless, Harvin sits. He took some huge blows out there against NO.

    NO Defense had some hitters.

  3. He’s been such an iron man throughout his career, I think we’d all be shocked to see him miss a game….

  4. Players who concuss other players with blatant hits should be suspended without pay for the amount of time the concussed player misses.

  5. That “first hit” was a target, evidently the ‘bountygate’ team is back.

    When you have 3rd string DB’s that are headhunting, the NFL needs to do more than fine them.


  6. #1 – I hope he’s ok and is able to play – Hawks need to be at their strongest (No excuses either way)
    #2 – Hope for the best game of the year
    #3 – Glad the NFC West isn’t a Joke anymore

    Go Niners! Quest for six!

  7. The game isn’t even until Sunday evening. That should be just enough time for his brain to become plenty healthy according to some kind of chart. Or within tolerable subjective specifications.

    Yeah he can play… definitely he can play… without it being blatantly illegal beyond an unreasonable doubt. Yeah I guess I can sign that and still pass a lie detector test that I honestly feel that I didn’t do anything wrong according to what I was told constitutes wrong for this particular situation.
    Alright here you go, now stay extra alert this time and have a great game!

  8. Pissed his pants and forgot his name for 1/2 hour after that 2nd hit.

    Great protocol.

    Can’t understand why a trainer just can’t take his helmet away.

  9. Awesome! I was wondering when the report would come out that it’s too early to know. I was hoping to see this yesterday… better late than never.

  10. He had a “neck injury”. Hell, he was concussed on the first hit, but the protocol failed. Based on his concussion history, he’s unfortunately becoming a candidate for lasting brain injuries.

  11. The only way he doesn’t play is if his hip flares up and they use concussion as a convenient deflection for the fact that Seattle traded for damaged goods.

  12. It’s too bad Russell Wilson’s throws put Percy in harm’s way. Harvin has talent but he’s got to be on the field.
    His QB and HC need to put him in better position to contribute and note expose him given he’s had basically no game exposure this season.

  13. I would love for the hawks to have him on Sunday.. but I would also love for him to play with his kids without throwing up a lot more. Please dont play if you’re not ready but if you are good luck..go niners!

  14. Larry Fitzgerald played at SEA a week after getting concussed hard on an onside kick at the end of the Titans game. John Clayton said he’s virtually certain Percy will play Sunday, he wanted to get back on the field after the second hit but the doctors held him out. And he also said he was in good spirits in the locker room afterwards and Clayton’s feeling is that he’s virtually certain to play.

  15. First off, this guy should not have come back in after being tested for concussions. Not only that, he had his bell rung a second time and still stayed in the game. I’m surprised the NFL hasn’t yet investigated this. The dude looked woozy and walked awfully gingerly. Irresponsible of the Seahawks doctors. Curious to see how this unfolds.

  16. Watched that 2nd hit a few times and it looks to me they pulled him to air on the side of caution. He will play and the Niners will pay the price because of it. Why? because RW hasnt struck fear against aposing D’s and the Niners are gona stuf the run. RW will tear em up. 31-13 Seahawks.

  17. In a game I think will be decided by like 3 points in either direction, him playing or not could have a big impact

  18. The saints arent anywhere near the first or are they going to be the last to make sure their players know to lay a hit on someone. I hope you dont expect Dante Whitner and Ahmad brooks to gently lay Percy to the ground if he plays. Injured or injury prone players get targeted. Always have been. Always will be.

  19. The Hawks have to get Russell going, thats the Number 1 priority…something’s bad has gotten into his pysche, he needs to cleanse his mind and get back on the stick. Hit some slants, take some chances, and move this offense down the field whether Percy is there or not / and I expect Harvin to play, they need him undoubtedly.

    The good news is that K.J. will hopefully be back this weekend, just in time to handle Vernon Davis.

    Beast Mode can and will run on this 9er defense, but the OL (cannot) continue to make penalties at crucial times like they did eliminating Turbin’s 37 yard run Saturday.

    The 12th man is totally key in this game, Kaepernick is making a fool of himself on Twitter, losing his focus in the past 24 hrs; and coming back to Seattle will show that he cannot handle the crowd noise which is a big edge to the Hawks.

    The Hawks (should) win but its all up to Russell, hope he’s totally prepared this week and eliminating this funk he’s in !!

  20. Pleas play. Then when he sits on the side line, and says,
    “I’m batman.” after getting his cranium cracked, their game plan goes down the drain. I’m just glad all the name stealing fans of the CheatHawks will be there to watch the 49ers beat the Hawks in person. Then we can hear how the refs, or the 49ers were dirty, or injuries, or what ever excuse the weakest fan base in the NFL can cling to.

  21. As a Seahawk fan, I don’t think those hits were dirty. It’s like Dave Wyman, the retired Hawk and Bronco LB said on his radio show in Seattle today – NFL players ain’t lookin to injure fellow players, but they are lookin to hurt ’em.

    As far as the concussion, not sure if Harvin’s past trouble with migraines really has much bearing? Both involve headaches, but different causes?

    Whether or not Percy ends up playing, should be great game 🙂

  22. I hope he does. They clearly had plays just for him. I’m sure golden Tate and Doug Baldwin just love that. Russell Wilson is the most overrated QB in the league, as long as you don’t let him roll out to the right, he will do squadoosh. Its funny cause I am getting a funny feeling that Seahawks fans can sense their impending doom. I’m still seeing the talk, but it’s not as intense as it was, for most of the season. I think that it is finally starting to sink into their coffee filled brains, that the Super Bowl ,is not a given. See you girls, Sunday.

  23. If he plays for one play in the NFC game or the Super Bowl that results in the TD that pushes Seattle over the top and gets them the Lombardi, then everything they gave up to get him was worth it.

  24. Pete Carroll didn’t think the Saints were targeting. Watching their high fives from their coaches after the first flag for shoulder to helmet contact that gave Seattle 3 points told most of us a different story.

    Don’t get me wrong I love hard hitting football and we will see that this weekend but it crosses the line when you target helmets and knees. Saints were doing that on the very few throws that were made.
    Percy Harvin changed the whole dynamic when he was on the field. He was key in Seahawks going up 16-0.

  25. He should have never been allowed to return to the game after the 1st slobber knocker hit, I was completely shocked how in the world “they” let him back on the field! That’s the story behind the story that needs to be answered

  26. Russel Wilson really let Harvin down on Saturday.
    For such a cerebral/ film rat QB, he really made a lot of foolish throws to his best weapon and seemed about indecisive as any QB I have seen all year…

    Was acting like the Saints were the ’85 Bears.

  27. The Saints were playing dirty. Not only did they deliver blows to the head and neck on Harvin but later they ripped Baldwins helmet off. All of this was unnecessary.

  28. Talented or not, just not tough enough to play in the NFL – and – if it isn’t that – it’s time to retire because life after football is more important,
    If you have given what you can – walk away happily.

  29. I cant believe they allowed him back into the game after the first hit and he was obviously concussed after the second one. It would be absolutely criminal to allow him on the field this week. Do the right thing Seattle.

  30. That first hit was not legal and Harvin should have been done after it. The second shot wasn’t even bad, but the failure of the medical staff is the reason that hit was a problem. Harvin shouldn’t have been in the game anymore, period.

    The Seahawks cheated all season with performance enhancing drugs. Then they pull this bs with a player who was clearly concussed?! Pete Carroll will do anything underhanded to win, and this proves it. Harvin should not have remained available after the first hit and now his football career hangs in the balance–forget him playing next weekend. He might be done.

  31. Percy will play on Sunday. He was with the team cheering in the locker room after the NO game. He looked lucid and responsive. He got Sunday off to rest before his 1st concuss test on Monday. Everyone either forgot about his anticipated role against SF or they are discounting him….big mistake! This guy will be a game changer this Sunday.

  32. Dirty Nawlins headhunting SOB’s

    Instead of trying to hurt Harvin, his about tackling Lynch?


  33. I still can’t figure out what’s wrong with Percy.

    His first 4 years in the league, he was fun to watch. Granted he had a ton of migraine problems. But wow. He would run people over, run into them and bounce off of them. He was exciting to watch. Then last year he had the ankle problem, or attitude problem. Then he get’s traded, then the hip, and now concussion.

    I still wonder if the meds he’s on for his migraines aren’t doing something to him emotionally or mentally. And that’s messing with his judgement.

    Truly is sad. He has so much talent. And maybe i’m wrong and that he’s had a 16 month run of bad luck. Which could be the case. Just hope things turn around for him next season.

    Although, maybe Seattle’s best option is to try and trade him to Denver. Medical mary jane could be good for him, and get him off of whatever he’s taking now for migraines. Maybe the attitude would change? Or else, Percy might just find himself on the Oline if the medical stuff works.

    Either way, gonna be a good game this weekend. NFC teams play great defense, and win with ball control. AFC teams play good defense, but have two of the best qb’s of our generation. Gonna be great games this weekend, and the superbowl won’t disappoint.

  34. jbl429 says: Jan 13, 2014 10:12 PM

    Players who concuss other players with blatant hits should be suspended without pay for the amount of time the concussed player misses.


    I’m cool with that if the same thing goes for cheap cut blocks that blow out your starting NT for the season……remember that bush league move 12th man? (week 2)

    I promise you that Ian Williams, and the Niners do karma can be such a funny thing…..I wonder if we can get the Guinness people out there maybe we can set a record for the quietest stadium on Sunday that we you have two world records to go with you NFC west banners that you so cherish. lol while watching the mighty Niners playiong in the Super Bown yet again!

  35. As a niner fan, all hate set aside – this guy is a huge difference maker and one of the most dynamic players when healthy.

    Given his injury history, it would be detrimental to his longterm health if he suits up this sunday. This game is going to be a very hard-hitting affair, as both of these teams lay the wood.

    Despite the price seattle paid to acquire him, he’s not a one year rental. Seattle’s won 12 games this year, largely without Harvin so they should protect their investment, and more importantly – his health by sitting him for the rest of the year.

  36. how’s that $67 million investment paying off for you so far, Seahawks? i predicted after the vikes trade he would be lucky to play in 6 games in the 2013 season. looks like i was about right. he is sooooo injury prone just by the nature that he plays. the first hit he took could have been avoided if he only he didn’t duck his head…and other times he plays so physical like a Marshawn Lynch or AP, but his body flat out can’t handle it…sure glad the vikes got cordarrale patterson for him.

  37. His long term health should be everyone’s first concern.
    It would be great if he can play (standard disclaimer – I am a niner fan), in any case, it is in the hands of independent neurologists which is good.

    Wishing him a “Harvin speed” return to good health.

  38. Harvin was concussed after the 1st hit. The doctor/ training staff didn’t give Harvin a proper test before being let back into the game. Probably received a more significant concussion after the 2nd hit. If the team let Harvin play even though he wasn’t medically cleared, then the Seahawks only have themselves to blame if he doesn’t play this Sunday.

  39. @ golfnutt67

    No need to send the Guinness people back to Seattle to measure anything. We all know it’s crazy loud… and will be even louder this Sunday.

    Instead, why not simply have them at the opening of the 49’ers new stadium so that it can be documented that spending $1.3 billion doesn’t get you anything more in terms of crowd-generated noise or a true home-field advantage than stadiums like Jacksonville, Tampa or Oakland?

  40. The Viking fans are always chirping every Harvin post even though they sit with 4 wins, no coach and 3 terrible QBs. How are the Vikings doing after the trade? Wasn’t your season over by Week 9

    Just a little FYI, you got Xavier Rhodes for Harvin plus some guy on your practice squad. Like I said before we wouldn’t trade Rhodes for our 4th CB Jeremy Lane. You ask how the trade has worked out, 1 game away from the Super Bowl. ..Enjoy

  41. Not a Seattle fan, but I hope Harvin is OK. These head injuries are no joke. I hope they don’t rush him back in only to ruin his future career and possibly life.

    For a guy with a history of migraines, they should be extra careful with him. The Niners , while not targeting his head, will try to crush him if he plays.

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