Wes Welker returns from concussion with new helmet


For the most part, Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker looked like his old self in Sunday’s 24-17 victory over the Chargers.

He caught six passes for 38 yards and a touchdown while also drawing a pass interference penalty that helped the Broncos drive for another touchdown in the second half. It wasn’t a perfect game, Welker had a drop in the first half, but the only way you’d know something was different about Welker was by looking at his helmet.

Welker returned from his concussion with a bigger helmet worn in hopes of providing more protection against another head injury.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a concussion helmet,” Welker said, via the Denver Post. “It’s the next size up. A few players in here wear one. It’s something they had me wear for safety.”

The look is reminiscent of the one favored by the Great Gazoo, but looking a bit like a thorn in Fred Flintstone’s side is a small price to pay if it means avoiding a third concussion of the season and another absence from the lineup. With Welker emerging from the game unscathed, questions about his new helmet should give way to questions about facing his old teammates pretty quickly.

18 responses to “Wes Welker returns from concussion with new helmet

  1. Good thing, but how does this work with the NFL’s new weird “one helmet the whole season rule” that prevented throwbacks?

  2. he just missed getting put to sleep for the season on the hit that put gilcrest out of the game
    he ducked just in time and the friendly fire hit took the chargers db out… on a brutal hit

  3. Forget another absence from the lineup, how bout avoiding additional brain damage. So let’s just go ahead and not mock players with different looking helmets.

  4. What about that new protocol that says players aren’t supposed to change helmets mid season?

  5. @azr1988 @ctpatsfan77, It’s NOT a violation of protocol because a player can CHOOSE to change the style of helmet he wears at any time he likes. What the protocol prevents is teams FORCING players to change helmet.

    The protocol is in place because certain players still insist on wearing the now OBSOLETE VSR4 helmet by Riddell. Many teams no longer carry stock of these helmets as they haven’t been made for about three or four seasons now. If a team wanted to use a throwback helmet then players would be FORCED to wear an alternative model against their will.

    That is what the protocol is in place to prevent. Nothing else. Players are still free to choose a new helmet if they so desire, or believe it offers them better protection.

  6. He did not look anything like his old self! He had two of the biggest of the 7 drops yesterday. The touchdown was nice so hopefully it was just rust from time off. However it is telling that they have pulled him from punt return duties.

  7. He did look like his old self – dropping passes all over the place. I’m a Broncos fan and I want him to do well, but damn he drops a lot of passes.

  8. That was not pass interference…just another BS call by incompetent refs. Donkey receivers were pushing off all game and no calls…as usual.

  9. Wake up everybody. The helmet cannot prevent a head injury…or, in reality, a brain injury. A concussion occurs when the BRAIN is jammed around inside the skull. No helmet can minimize that. The only thing that might reduce the number of concussions is to go back to helmets of 50 years ago.

    If players were more reluctant to use their heads as battering rams, there would be fewer brain injuries. A larger helmet would allow more movement of the head, and might result in more neck injuries.

    Only strategies that actually reduce the impact will reduce the number of concussions.

  10. I think the league needs to worry about other issues rather than this “one helmet all season” garbage…

    Either find a helmet that protects everyone’s melon, or find another way to protect the melon. It seems more and more over the past few years there have been more and more concussions. Why?

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