Whisenhunt talking to assistants, could decide soon

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With the Chargers out of the playoffs, the suddenly hot coaching candidacy of offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt could reach fruition quickly.

In laying the groundwork for a potential Whisenhunt-to-Detroit deal in the next day or so, Mike Silver of the NFL Network reports that Whisenhunt has been talking to some fellow assistants about joining him at his next destination.

While the Browns and Titans talked to Whisenhunt as well, his status as an established coach meshes with the Lions’ established quarterback situation, which is why he’s been considered the favorite there for some time.

Given that other teams have already hired coaches and gotten a jump start on adding assistants, having such plans in place will be crucial for Whisenhunt to build a staff.

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  1. He reportedly also is in discussion with ESPN trying to work out an hour long special.

    I can’t wait for “The Decision 2”.

  2. Detroit is an interesting fit…. Schwartz was so pass heavy, routinely calling 3rd and 1’s with empty backfields, the Lions missed the playoffs.

    Wiz was so run heavy the past few games the Chargers admitidely didn’t even turn it on till it was too late yesterday.

    I don’t foresee that as a continuing trend but it is nice to know he actually knows that an RB can be used for something other than an extra blocker.

    The Lions may actually end up with a a balanced game plan net year.

  3. Not to sound ungrateful as a Charger fan (he was very much responsible for getting Rivers back on track), but after the terrible game he called versus Denver I say “don’t let the door hit you on your way out.”

    Whiz sometimes can’t get out of his own way (remember 1st and Goal versus Washington). He insisted on running versus Denver knowing Mathews was not coming back in. By the time he opened it up, it was too late. It’s one thing to try to establish the run against a team with Andy Dalton as your QB; its another thing to do it against Manning. SD should have gone no-huddle the entire second half. That’s on Whiz.

  4. Anybody who takes the Browns’ deal is likely doing what Hugh Douglas did taking Jacksonville’s free agent money – going for the big check. It’s a bad job. 5 Pro-Bowlers (a receiver, a TE, 1 CB, 1 LT and a center that likely won’t be resigned), but not a lot of talent elsewhere. No QB, No RB, No WR#2-3, and a front office full of morons who think they are geniuses.

    I understand someone not knowing. That’s fine. But you have to know what you don’t know and put someone in place who knows, and when you do that you have a functional operation, but when you think that you know everything and no one can tell you anything THIS is a fools errand, which is what the Browns job is – a fools errand. Unless they overpay I believe that the Browns job will be the last one filled.

  5. Based on what I saw from his play calling yesterday, I think that he already left the Chargers. Let’s not change anything at the half and keep running into the line for 2 yards a clip. The NFL should not allow any team to hire or even interview a new head coach prior to the Superbowl. The draft was pushed back to May, so what is the big deal here.

  6. thealmightybigblue says:
    Jan 13, 2014 3:25 PM
    He will find job by the next 2-3days easily Tennessee or Detroit most likely.

    captain obvious here^

    rdumont55 says:
    Jan 13, 2014 3:23 PM
    The NFL should not allow any team to hire or even interview a new head coach prior to the Superbowl. The draft was pushed back to May, so what is the big deal here.

    i agree, doesnt seem to make sense as it leaves certain teams at a huge disadvantage.

  7. His playcalling in yesterday’s game should make some of these owners think long and hard about giving the keys to their franchise to this guy.

    Martyball all over again. He made it through a full season thinking John Skelton or Max Hall was still his QB.

  8. can’t pick qb’s, will bring russ grimm with him who can’t find an oline and horton who will get your defense torn up with injuries running a 2gap scheme good luck with that.

  9. Lot of bitter Chargers fans here today. So what’s the issue guys? Did you really think the Chargers were going to the Superbowl? Seriously? They were lucky to even be in the playoffs. In the NFC, they would have been out of the running in October. It’s not Whisenhunt’s fault they lost to the Bronco’s. They just aren’t good enough. End of story. Better team won.

  10. I personally would love him in Cleveland for two reasons.First, he is from the Cowher tree and knows AFC hard nose football. Second, he would not put up with crap from the three stooges and they are stuck with him after the quick draw McGraw firing of Chud. They already have a bad wrap.

  11. Anyone that would get fired up with this dude as your coach is delusional. He had 2 good Warner years and that’s it. He also proved this year that he’s not even that good at being a coordinator. All this talk that he’s the reason Rivers had a good year is ridiculous. Rivers was a good qb before he got here, maybe Rivers just turned it around because that dolt Turner was gone. So don’t get to excited if your team brings this guy in unless he’s bringing Warner out if retirement

  12. Not quite “good riddance” but very much hope he gets a head coaching job.

    His game plans are off and on, but his playcalling is often terrible.

    Clary was out at RG, so they had a green backup at RG and a strong but raw rookie at RT. And Mathews is hurt and barely playing. What do you do?? Run on first down. Run on second down. 3rd and long every drive– the Denver DEs are flying knowing whats coming. Terrible.

    Finally, somebody– McCoy? Rivers? -wakes up and goes hurry up– and they start blasting Denver.

    Denver was clearly the better team– but that was horrible gameplanning.

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