Bobby April hasn’t re-signed with the Raiders

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Earlier today, we posted an item on a flurry of reports regarding Raiders assistants who had decided to return.

One who reportedly has actually hasn’t.

Per a league source, special-teams coordinator Bobby April has not re-signed with the Raiders.  It’s unclear whether he possibly will in the future.  For now, there’s no new contract.

At the NFL level, April has worked with the Falcons, Steelers, Saints, Rams, Bills, and Eagles.

Various other coaches reportedly are staying put, two weeks after it appeared that a full house cleaning could be coming.

While owner Mark Davis opted to keep coach Dennis Allen, G.M. Reggie McKenzie, and various assistants, the time to clean house could be less than a year away.

28 responses to “Bobby April hasn’t re-signed with the Raiders

  1. I did not know Bobby April was still alive and still coaching special teams until I read this.

  2. “One who reportedly has actually hasn’t.”

    WTF? Can ANYONE put together a coherent sentence these days? ANYONE?

  3. Bobby April sucks! Tom Flores has been calling him a bum all season, The return man is constantly running across field to set up a left side wedge on a right side kick & vice versa.

  4. The time to clean house with the Raiders is now!
    Reggie Mckenzie is an abysmal failure.
    Mark Davis has no clue on how to run a sports franchise hence his hire of McKenzie the human excuse machine.

  5. They JUST hired Allen LAST year, not to mention the fact that McKenzie inherited a disaster coming in. How in the heck is a “house cleaning” possibly less than a year away? You HAVE to give these guys a chance to establish something. Changing regimes every 3 years is a recipe for failure.

    Good grief….take a lesson from the pats, steelers, giants, packers, saints…..what has their changeover been like in the past decade???

  6. Nobody cares about the Raiders. Go tarp the 2nd deck next year. The Niners dominate this area with exception of small group of trash known as Raider nation?

  7. Pats, Steelers, Giants, Packers and Saints all have something in common….they WIN most of the time.

    I’ll bet you anything that given the same won loss record over a period of years all those teams you mentioned would be shaking things up.

    Remember…GB was the org that fired Ray Rhodes after one 8-8 season.

  8. McKenzie inherited a disaster?LOL
    the Raiders were 8-8 for 2 years before the Trainwreck of McKenzie,Allen and Mark Davis took over.

  9. The raiders were 8-8 by kicking contracts down the line and that always blows up, it just happened after Al Davis died. If it was AD or any other GM in the league it was going to happen eventually. RM just got it all off the books in 2 years, mostly 1 tho. Now he has a platform to build off of and all u idiot fans want instant wins. U have to build a team from the ground up not at the top down. GO RAIDERS!!!

  10. calibear831 says:
    Jan 14, 2014 7:53 PM

    From that angle he looks like Al Bundy (Ed O’Neill)

    I was going to the say the exact same thing…Never saw that cat before.

  11. pantherpro says: Jan 14, 2014 8:44 PM

    Nobody cares about the Raiders. Go tarp the 2nd deck next year. The Niners dominate this area with exception of small group of trash known as Raider nation?
    You seem to care.

  12. Bobby April should get head coaching looks, best ST coach in the league. I called my shot on this site with the following no name guys who became coaches, Trestman, Allen, Munchak, Arians (pre colts), and Pagano. April aside from Trestman is the best of the bunch and deserves a shot

  13. Falcons, Steelers, Saints, Rams, Bills, Eagles & Raiders. Yep, 7 teams, he is so good at his craft? gimme a break ! he stinks

  14. McKenzie inherited a team in salary cap hell that only managed to go 8-8. They also were lacking draft choices to rebuild the roster thanks to the ill-fated Palmer trade. He managed to fix that cap mess in short time and put the team in position to move forward.

    TenneseeJohnny: The Packers fired Rhodes because the players were too familiar and lacked discipline. They knew he wasn’t the type of coach to be able to reign them in. It had nothing to do with the record.

  15. If hes better than Burns was the Redskins need him. But Mr. April does not need the Redskins. Like going from the frying pan to the fire.

  16. nflfolly says:
    Jan 14, 2014 8:55 PM
    McKenzie inherited a disaster?LOL
    the Raiders were 8-8 for 2 years before the Trainwreck of McKenzie,Allen and Mark Davis took over.


    They started the season 6-2 and they traded their 2012 1st rd pick and 2013 2nd rd pick for Palmer. SO McKenzie didn’t even have a 1st rd pick in his 1st year. And they had no money under the cap. They were paying 50 mil in dead money this year…..Now all of that is gone and they will have $64 mil under the cap and the 5th pick. Now is when you judge him. Anybody who actually knows about football realizes that. Idiot’s like you who have no clue and just want to run your mouth to see how many thumbs up you get because you are a toolbag loser. get a clue you loser

  17. Bills need to Resign Bobby April and get us to a Championship again with what we are about to have again after all this time (14 years) c’mon man:-) do something for your fans! We have been waiting too long to get back in what we use to have in the 90’s. First you have to Nail that Quarterback position down. How many years before we get what we deserve?

  18. No one else would want him. Mark Davis loves coaches that don’t produce, he was one of Baby Davis puppets, along with McKenzie, Allen and Tarver. The rest of the league loves him, he guarantees them a touchdown or two each game, with his sorry ass Special Teams, lack of coverage, not staying in their lanes etc..basic stuff that his players continued to fail to execute each game. If he doesn’t sign, Reggie will just bring in another Green Bay reject anyhow. Plus as cheap as Davis is, the poor guy could probably make more at McDonald’s, but then again, he’d probably screw up the orders.

  19. Bobby April, you mean they actually had a coach on Special Teams? It was hard to tell!
    Players have No Respect for Any of the Administration, or Coaches currently on the team. Once Huge Jackson, and Al’s staff were fired, the whole attitude changed.
    Everyone knows Mark Davis is ignorant to the ability to run a NFL organization. He even admits it. He also doesn’t want any staff, that won’t respect him. That’s why he fired daddy’s staff, and got rid of his players. Tarped the third deck , only to obtain TV money, by assuring sell outs from fansvthat want to see the visiting teams. Its really sad what he has done to his dads team, and to the Raider Nation. Time to wake up Raider fans, this has never been about rebuilding a contender. This has been about resentment that dad gave the keys to the car originally to Hue Jackson, and Amy Trask, not silver spoon Mark. Enough is enough, just sell the team. If you wanted to win Mark, then you would have hired the best staff to rebuild and restructure, not a Lineman, be real. Just get out of Oakland. Some of us do care, you obviously don’t !

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