Brandon Spikes’ agent: IR trip was not a mutual decision

The Patriots’ decision to place linebacker Brandon Spikes on injured reserve came with varying reports about the reason why the Patriots decided to end his season.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported that Spikes was late for a practice during the playoff bye week, leading Bill Belichick to make the decision to put him on IR because releasing him would give other playoff teams a chance to sign him. Tom Curran of CSN New England reported that Spikes missed practice altogether before the transaction, while Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald reported that reports of tardiness were unfounded and that all parties decided it was best to make the mutual decision to shut Spikes down rather than have him continue to play through a lingering knee injury.

Now we’ve heard from Spikes’ agent Gary Uberstine as well. Uberstine released a statement Monday night in order to clear up “erroneous points” about the end of Spikes’ season. Uberstine says it wasn’t a mutual decision to place Spikes on injured reserve and that there was never a threat of release from the Patriots.

“The team’s decision to place Brandon on Injured Reserve was not a mutual decision, nor need it be. Brandon had every intention to keep playing throughout the playoffs, despite the pain he was experiencing throughout the season,” Uberstine said in the statement, via the Boston Globe. “We never had a single conversation with the Patriots in which they threatened to release him if he didn’t accept the Injured Reserve designation. Spikes has been a great teammate, and nobody can question the passion with which he plays the game, or how important he had been to the Patriots success. Although he is disappointed that he won’t be able to line up alongside his teammates this weekend against the Broncos, he won’t let these rumors serve as a distraction.”

Spikes won’t need to have surgery to repair the PCL injury and is set to become a free agent in March. With rookie Jamie Collins playing well in Spikes’ place against Indianapolis, Spikes’ time in New England could be at an end.

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  1. Translation. My client will be a free agent in March and his value will go down if teams think he is lazy, a malcontent, or a bad teammate so i am going to release this statement to deny those things. Knowing full well that the New England Patriots, one of the most guarded franchises in sports, wont deny or refute the report.

  2. Brandon, thanks for your years of service, you were fun to watch. I wanted them to re-sign you, but I’m pretty sure Jamie Collins’ play on Saturday night ensured they won’t do that.

  3. History says that if the pats let him go, there isn’t much left in his NFL future, even at age 26.

    History also suggests that the Browns, Dolphins or Bucs will wind up taking a cap hit on him when he is out of the league.

  4. I enjoyed Spikes time in New England but time to end not because he is a bad guy or bad player but bc the Florida Gator pipeline was a disaster. Chad Jackson, Jermaign Cunningham, Spikes, the murderer. No thank you

  5. I appreciate what Spikes did for the team, but Collins showed more in one game than Spikes has in his career.

    Good luck with the Jets, Brandon.

  6. Looks like missing OTA’s to become a “three down linebacker” didn’t pay off too well.

    I figured his time in NE was at an end unless they could keep him at a bargain basement number.

  7. You would think by now players on the patriots would realize that if you piss off bill by showing anything less than a full out commitment to the team you will be gone and the next man up will erase your memory. Lose welker and Edelman fills in with just about the same production. Lose spikes and Collins upgrades the position. Nobody in New England is above the team. I’m sorry I could be wrong but I just don’t see Peyton being willing to go out there and hold for extra points, do you?

  8. You wanna play for the Pat’s, you must commit.

    He didn’t show up for off-season workouts (the only player to miss them).

    He has been late for numerous practices. You rock the boat, you don’t play.

    He was a disruption to the team…

  9. tim: before you declare the welker/edelman exchange a great success you may want to wait for the weekend, don’t you think?

    because up til now i don’t think too many memories have yet been erased by the pats’ season (except some of the phantom calls that beat the saints and the browns).

    As to spikes’ agent: pretty sure the pats won’t be distracted by the distinction of whether your client agreed to IR, or was placed there in violation of the rules (nod nod wink wink burn the tapes).

  10. He’s great against the run, but I can’t wait for this tool to be out of New England. Yet another University of Florida product we don’t need on the team.

  11. Seriously, not a single mention of how this is a clear violation of league rules? We’re just going to roll over and accept that Belichick can do whatever he wants now?

    People: players who do not have long-term injuries cannot be placed on IR for non-injury-related reasons. It is a direct violation of the CBA. There is no gray area here. None.

    Has Coach Bill disregarded the rules so many times that no one even cares anymore?

  12. He has been late for numerous practices. You rock the boat, you don’t play.

    Then either release him or bench him per the CBA to which the other 31 franchises are actually held.

    Don’t violate league rules so you can keep him on the sidelines while still getting an extra roster spot.

  13. Hold on. Who said the Patriots put Spikes on IR for disciplinary reasons?
    The Patriots haven’t, Spikes agent hasn’t?
    Oh I forget Chris Mortenson said so.
    Take it to the bank

  14. Seriously, how many times does this have to be touched on over the past week??

    Jamie Collins did NOT take over Brandon Spikes spot.

    2 completely different positions.

    If anyone “took over” Spikes spot, it was a combination of Fletcher/Hightower.

  15. Seriously, not a single mention of how this is a clear violation of league rules?
    What is? Putting an injured player on IR? No question Spikes has a knee injury – it just doesn’t require surgery, just rest and time to heal up.

  16. Please Marrone and Whaley…do not bring this guy to Buffalo. He’s a scumbag.

    As much as we need a run-stopping thumper of a MLB…find one elsewhere.

  17. Maybe I’m in the minority but I do not think there’s bad blood between Spikes & the team.His teammates were talking about what a great influence Spikes had on them etc. He brought some nasty to the D that I think they do miss to an extent. Now I’m not saying he was a 100% fit there, just that I don’t think he was a problem child like Adalius Thomas. And I do agree that he will be elsewhere next year.

    But as a whole, BB, please lose Urban Meyer’s #.

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