Broncos sign former Patriot Marquice Cole, place Derek Wolfe on injured reserve

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The Broncos needed a cornerback in the wake of Chris Harris’ torn ACL and they decided to sign one with some first-hand knowledge of their opponents in the AFC Championship Game.

The Broncos announced that they have signed cornerback Marquice Cole, who made several trips on and off the Patriots roster over the course of the 2013 season. His last stay with the Pats ended 19 days ago and while it’s fun to think this is all about tweaking the opposition, any tips he might be able to give the Broncos about New England’s schemes are likely secondary to the Broncos’ needs at corner with Harris out of the lineup.

Cole played 13 games with the Pats this season, making 15 tackles and intercepting one pass.

Harris was placed on injured reserve Tuesday, as was defensive end Derek Wolfe. Wolfe last played in Week 12 and has been out since suffering seizure-like symptoms on the way to the team’s game in Kansas City the next week.

Denver also promoted offensive lineman Vinston Painter from the practice squad. Painter, a sixth-round pick in April, did not play any regular season games this season.

32 responses to “Broncos sign former Patriot Marquice Cole, place Derek Wolfe on injured reserve

  1. it didn’t work with Deion Branch for the Colts and it aint gonna work this weekend for the Bronco’s nice try Mr Ed and Peyton Longface

  2. The Broncos would have been better served signing Ty Law, Otis Smith, Terrell Buckley, Maurice Hurst… Cole SUCKS!!!!!

  3. So Denver went out and found the worst available CB to bring in? This move will work out as well as the Branch signing did for the Colts.

  4. Desperate much? Hahaha. Let’s not sell tickets to Pats fans and sign a player to get info. Bunch of donkeys!

  5. He was always an outstanding gunner on ST for the Jets and was pretty solid in a reserve role in nickel/dime packages. Good signing for the donkeys. Now just go out and beat the Pats so I don’t have to listen to all the crap about how they made it to another SB. Either way, the NFC team representing this yr walks away champs!!!

  6. Its beginning to look like the Broncos are getting desperate. If he sees the field, Brady will slice him up as he did every day in practice. Cole is a special teams player at best and I hope to see him on the field starting at CB for the Donkeys. If Denver loses this game it will go down as another choke job and Peyme may not b back next season.

    Desperate times in the Mile High City. Hoping for a Patriots victory but as any true Patriots fan knows, we are enjoying a ride that many of us thought was over when Gronk went down. Belichick/ Brady are the best at what they do and will be the favorites to win the AFC next season with everyone back in the fold.

    Remember the 1990 NY Giants team that stood NO chance against the KGun.

  7. I love when the Broncos stick it to BB. Marquice gets an early interception and runs it back for a pick 6.
    I guarantee it. Put money on it

  8. Wow might as well give him a Patriots Uni,he’ll help
    about that much.

    On second thought, this isn’t a bad move he’ll make
    Jammer feel like Revis.

  9. As a Pats fan, I also think talk about the Broncos being desperate is ridiculous. This is one of the two best teams in the AFC. Cole is a depth signing for them, and pretty good one, too.

  10. Yes, yes pick up another Belichick sleeper agent and rely heavily on the “inside scoop” he gives you! Who saw that coming? Certainly not Bill Belichick, a guy who can probably recite 1923 league stats from memory.


  11. He won’t see the field. It’s a depth signing, with the side benefit that he has current 2013 knowledge of the Pats defensive signals and what they do in certain situations. Manning will absolutely get some alone time with him in exchange for a paycheck. Marquice knows who did him right this year. I hope he respects that. There is no way he is with the Broncos next season.

    Also, of all the people they could have signed……this is no coincidence. Restricting ticket sales, hiring recent players for info, failed drug tests, obstruction of drug testing programs, PED’s, Elways drunken escapades and sexual harrassment, the front office drunken escapades and crashing into police cars, etc. Some how I can’t see this team being rewarded with a trophy of any kind.

  12. Cole is the guy Boldin owned in the AFC Title game last year.

    He’ll help as much as Branch did information wise (which would be zilch) and if he has to play any signifigant amount of snaps well Patriots fans know exactly what that would mean.

  13. Cole is barely a servicable 4th CB. Definitely decent on special teams, though. I can’t imagine he’s anything other than a player on the sidelines that plays ST and is there if the Broncos get some crazy injuries on their regular CBs.


    u4iadman says:
    Jan 14, 2014 6:17 PM
    Either way, Pats will always have an * next to the SuperBowls due to cheating.

    You mean kind of like when Elway won twice in a row while the team violated the cap structure? Lol.

    As for defending the Pats? I’ve given up. All informed NFL fans realize the spygate thing was blown out of proportion by the news (or blatantly lied about) and used by Goodell in an effort to totally take control of the NFL.

    All haters continue to hate, usually because their team is playing golf in Florida right now. Or their Giants fans in which they win a couple Superbowls inbetween .500 or slightly better seasons and can’t maintain excellence (or even above average) over more than one lucky year at a time, instead of 12 years in a row, including a year when they went 11-5 with Matt F-ing Cassel. One of like 3 or 4 teams in the history of the NFL to not make the playoffs with 11 wins.

  14. Comparisons to the Branch signing by Indy are weak. Branch did not play at all this year for the Pats while Cole has played the last 2 seasons with them and was there for prep this year for the first game with Denver. Cole also played for three seasons against the Pats twice a year from 2009-11 with the Jets. He’s got some intel but let’s face it. In these games coaches mix things up a little but it all comes down to who can execute. I doubt Cole plays other than maybe on special teams. He was picked up for depth in case someone else goes down.

    As for lanman11 who says the Broncos should not be “rewarded” because their front office had DUI issues and Elway was/is a womanizer….come on! At least we don’t have a player awaiting trial for one murder and likely two others and the Pats have had some other PR issues in the not too distant past if I recall. If I were in that big glass mansion, I would not be launching rpg’s at anyone.

    This should be a great game. Weather in the mid-50’s so it won’t be a factor, just two good teams lining up and punching each other in the mouth for 60 minutes. GO BRONCOS!!

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