Cam Newton: “Playoff football is a different speed”


The first playoff game of Cam Newton’s career didn’t exactly go to plan.

The Carolina Panthers were ousted from the playoffs in a 23-10 loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. Newton completed 16 of 25 passes for 267 yards and a touchdown. However, Newton also threw two costly interceptions and was sacked five times.

After the game, Newton noted how the speed of the game seemed to pick up an extra level in the postseason.

Playoff football is a different speed than regular season. I learned that firsthand today,” Newton said, via the team’s official website. “You have to seize the moment when the moment allows. We had too many opportunities that slipped through our hands, and that was just the story of the day.”

Carolina actually outgained the 49ers in the game (325-315) but San Francisco won the battle where it mattered. The Panthers ultimately just couldn’t finish off drives and put enough points on the board against a stout 49ers defense.

“Going into this game we were amped and ready to go, but you have to play four quarters of football, and we didn’t do that today,” Newton said. “A lot of credit goes to the 49ers and their preparation and how they executed the game plan today. We didn’t make enough plays.”

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  1. He shows more class then Keap. Where Keap acted like a baby in the week 10 meeting post game interview.

  2. Unfortunately , the Panthers not only had to beat the Niners , they ended up having to play against the officials as well , and the two opponents combined were too much.
    Maybe S.F. would have won anyway , but it certainly would have been a closer contest. I’m not a huge fan of either team , but the officials have absolutely handcuffed defensive players the past couple of years.

  3. He’s definitely right. I was appalled at the nonchalant pace that offense was moving at. Didn’t they realize it was do or die?

  4. “Carolina actually outgained the 49ers in the game (325-315) ”

    Yes a 60 yard pass in garbage time will do that, there’s no need to obfuscate your valid points with meaningless stats like that.

  5. I think at times we tend over read things at times that a kid very well could be overstating.I do believe Cam was stating the speed compare to what they have been use to in practice for over a week now ,

    After all they did enjoy a bye.and was subjected to just practice. I think the bye serve a veteran team better than a young team first kick at the can. i find it hard to believe that there is any difference in speed from regular season to playoffs.

    The regular season is too short to suggest players don’t show up and give a 100% and only do in the playoffs.

  6. Thats why they are only “cruising” thru the regular season. That’s what happened to my Saints. Not taking care of business when the opportunity presents itself will kill your chances of success (ie) Jets and Rams cost us the #1 seed and HFA and another Super Bowl.

  7. Not what I want to hear from my QB! I am still lukewarm on Cam. I don’t care what “weapons” he has, if he holds the ball too long it won’t matter!

    For some reason he doesn’t inspire confidence.

  8. DAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! They been saying that since I been born, Cam! and I was born way before you! Quit making excuses, but you have a bag of them! EXCUSES

  9. In his first big test, he faced a talented, battle-tested team and got beaten. I respect his honesty and love to watch him play. He’ll learn and get even better than he already is. Good season for the Panthers.

  10. 1st thing you must do to improve is be honest with yourself. He’s done that and can only be better for it.

  11. Good statement by a stand-up guy (contrary to popular belief) but the truth is the offensive coaching staff failed the team. Seven snaps inside the 5 without once spreading the defense out? Seriously? There’s your game folks.

  12. pretendarchitect says: Jan 14, 2014 1:13 AM

    And Panthers players thought experience wouldn’t affect them…

    Won’t help SF this week, though. Different environment, not a mentally-weak team unlike Carolina. Experience only goes so far.

  13. Well, all the reasons the haters had for hating Cam have been addressed, so now they’re resorting to imagined things. Notice how he said a lot of credit goes to the 49ers, we didn’t make enough plays, we didn’t play 4 quarters? No sulking or blame-shifting (Bob Griffin, are you listening?), and he didn’t even blame his coaches (although God knows he had reason to).

    Some upgrades at OL, DB and WR and Cam will be back to the record-setting levels of his rookie year, but with more wins to go along with them.

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