Dolphins take a day off from G.M. interviews


The Dolphins’ transparency regarding their search for a new General Manager has its limits.

While willing to announce to the world the names of the candidates who have interviewed, the Dolphins aren’t sharing much more than that.

As a result, it’s not clear what if anything to make of the team’s apparent decision to conduct no interviews on Monday, after interviewing five candidates in three days.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that Browns assistant General Manager Ray Farmer has been the “most impressive” candidate so far; others peg Farmer as the favorite for the job.

Jeff Darlington of NFL Network has recommended tapping the brakes.  While he regards Farmer as a viable candidate, Darlington says the process continues.  More candidates will be interviewed, and at some point a second round of sit-downs will commence.

“The Dolphins do not feel pressure to expedite a hire because of any outside factors/teams,” Darlington said Monday on Twitter. “They want to get this right rather than rush.”

Other interviews announced by the team have included Titans V.P. of player personnel Lake Dawson, Dolphins assistant G.M. Brian Gaine, Steelers director of football and business administration Omar Khan, and Cardinals V.P. of player personnel Jason Licht.

Per Salguero, other candidates to be interviewed include Eagles V.P. of player personnel Tom Gamble, Falcons director of player personnel Lionel Vital, and New York Giants V.P. of player evaluation Marc Ross.

Salguero also reports that the Dolphins have interest in former 49ers G.M. and current Seahawks exec Scot McCloughan, but that McCloughan has not yet decided to be interviewed.

Also remaining on the radar is a man whose name was mentioned last week as a possible football czar in Miami:  former Jets and Browns coach Eric Mangini.  Salguero points out that neither Mangini, currently a consultant with the 49ers, nor the Dolphins have ruled him out.  Until that happens, it’s a possibility that the former two-time head coach will become a first-time General Manager.

As we currently hear it, the likely hire will be Farmer or Dawson, with either guy hiring former Chiefs executive Bill Kuharich as part of the new-look front office.  Former Chiefs G.M. Carl Peterson is advising Dolphins owner Stephen Ross; Peterson’s connection to Kuharich makes Kuharich’s placement in the Miami more likely.

Regardless, the Dolphins seem to be in no rush.  And so we’ll continue to wait for the press releases announcing who they’ve interviewed next.

8 responses to “Dolphins take a day off from G.M. interviews

  1. Mangini? Seriously? Name one Belichick deciple who has done anything successful on his own after leaving Belichick’s side.



    Okay, got that out of the way. Now Mangini was a subpar coach in NY, and even worse as a talent evaluator/coach in Cleveland(remember all of “His Guys” he brought over with him in the Sanchez trade). Go ahead and be a fool and believe that years of standing next to greatness equals success by osmosis. This is a falacy, and a supremely expensive one for the Dolphins. They are on the way up, although they greatly overpayed for Wallace last year, and can’t afford to go back toward Cleveland Brown status again (sorry, but as I Browns fan I could not believe that it could be worse than Lerner, but the current regime is proving even more clueless).

    They need someone who really knows football who is on the way up not floundering around in the unwanted pages of the coaching/front office free agents. Hire Farmer and get the team back on track. Brady has got 3-5 more years and the jets are still average. Mangini has none of Belichick’s talents, and that being so makes him a poor choice as a football czar. Had he been associated with any other coach than Belichick the shine would have been off of him long ago. Keep on thinking that the Belichick tree as good fruit when they have all proven to contain worms or be crab apples after they have fallen.

  2. I dont understand why Stephen Ross would consider Mangini or Gaine when both are off the Bill Parcells “tree”…just like Ireland. What happened to changing the culture?Furthermore, Mangini has NEVER worked in personnel.Dont put a band-aid on a cut that needs stitches. SMH..

  3. Wow that’s quite a list of GM’s to focus on player acquisition. However revamping the Dolphins predictable offense with a new OC may be more important!

  4. I’m not impressed that all they have so far is one person who was so far more impressive. That just sounds to me like it isn’t obvious who to hire, they should continue interviewing until they ARE blown away.

  5. Florio needs to think twice about using Mando as a source. Beyond making a lot of crap up, mostly detrimental and negative, now that Ireland has been fired, he’s lost his only bridge to team insiders that hasn’t already been burned. Darlington, OTOH, has always been a credible source. I’d enumerate all the totally BS “reporting” Salguero has puked out over the years, but there’s not enough time or space here now.

  6. mykl is absolutely correct. Armando’s “reporting” consists of throwing out a bunch of wild guesses and then playing revisionist when one of the 40 possibilities he spouted comes to pass.

    The Dolphins, you have said repeatedly,are making the process transparent. I can wait for them to announce who they interviewed; I don’t need a bunch of wild speculation just to drive traffic to Armando’s articles.

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