Evan Mathis makes it to the Pro Bowl

Getty Images

As Hawaii week approaches, plenty of players will be bailing on the Pro Bowl.  Which opens the door for other players to participate.

The Eagles have announced that guard Evan Mathis has made it to unconferenced All-Star game, to be played on January 26.

Along with quarterback Nick Foles, Mathis was an alternate.  Based on the teams that qualified for the final four (the players from the Super Bowl teams don’t attend the Pro Bowl), spots necessarily opened at each position.

Evan Mathis shared the news with Twitter followers in a truly Evan Mathis way:  “Someone tell Tonya Harding I don’t need her help getting into the Pro Bowl anymore.”

Mathis made waves last year by making water on an IRS sign.  It’s not known what he’ll be doing in Honolulu, but no one should assume that the thing floating in the pool at the players’ hotel is a Baby Ruth.