Giants hire Ben McAdoo as offensive coordinator


One of the hottest names in NFL coaching circles has found his new home: The Giants have hired Ben McAdoo as their new offensive coordinator.

McAdoo, who has been an assistant with the Packers since 2006, agreed to become the Giants’ offensive coordinator today. Alex Marvez of FOX Sports first reported the news, which has since been announced by the Giants.

The Dolphins were also interested in McAdoo as their offensive coordinator, and he had been mentioned as a head-coaching candidate in Cleveland as well.

The 36-year-old McAdoo is a protege of Packers coach Mike McCarthy, working as a quality control assistant under McCarthy in San Francisco in 2005, when McCarthy was the 49ers’ offensive coordinator, and then following McCarthy to Green Bay when McCarthy became the Packers’ head coach in 2006. McAdoo was the Packers’ tight ends coach from 2006 to 2011, and has been the Packers’ quarterbacks coach the last two years.

Now McAdoo takes on the task of turning around a Giants offense that struggled mightily in 2013.

46 responses to “Giants hire Ben McAdoo as offensive coordinator

  1. Without a major upgrade of personnel on that aging squad, the coaching change will be meaningless.

  2. Miami missed the boat on that one.

    Alex Van Pelt probably makes the move from RB coach to QB’s in Green Bay.

  3. the first thing the Giants have to do is get some offensive weapons and rebuild their 0 line ……
    blue helmets need more skilled players around Eli so he doesn’t throw all those picks.

  4. Great hire. Giants fans are happy with this choice. He is joining an elite organization rich in history that has won super bowls in recent years. Big Blue!!!

  5. Has anyone noticed that all these guys taking coordinator positions, passed on Cleveland’s head coaching position, or didn’t even want an interview?

  6. Im just glad they didn’t go gillbride-lite by hiring Sullivan.

    Obviously this guy will be bringing in lots of new things….and with TC as old as he is, this guy could very well be the giants next HC if he improves the offense.

    Giants are going to attack the o-line this off-season….that alone will vastly improve the offense. Giants had the worst o-line in football this year. The only reason eli didn’t set a record for times sacked was because he threw the ball away so often (too often unfortunately, to the opposing team).

    Giants wont win anything next year, but this is a very solid first step in re-gaining some respectability.

  7. McAdoo should help Eli, Welcome McAdoo to the New York Football Gaints!
    When Gilbrite ran the ball the gmen did good, but he wouldn’t do that until he had the giants backs up against the wall.

  8. Man, the Packers coaching staff and front office have just been plundered these last few years. I wish they would have brought more than 1 Super Bowl before leaving. Oh well, next man up.

  9. Good choice!! I hate to kick a guy when he’s down but Gilbride was a two time Superbowl winning OC that never was considered for a Head coaching job?

    Hopefully this kid will take the Gmen into 21st century with his play calling.

    One dinosaur down and one to more to go!

  10. Wow Cleveland your chances r getting smaller by the day to hire a coach. Well what do u expect when u have two idiots in the front office.

  11. I’m not saying he is going to be a bad OC but McAdoo is definitely being propped up by his title “QB coach”. I mean, how hard is it to be the QB coach for Aaron Rodgers?

  12. No Mike Sullivan. Yay.

    The Oline got away with murder during their SB run and they’ve gotten worse since.

    Unfortunately when Reese wants someone, he does not trade up. It worked in getting Nicks over Maclin but backfired when Nate Solder was the target.

    Fix the Oline and you ‘fix’ Eli.

  13. A solid hire, good work.

    I’m a Dolphins fan, but I’m not sure what the Dolphins are doing. I understand doing your due diligence, but seems like they’re taking their sweet time. Lots of teams are looking for talented coaches / front office personnel, so you need to pull the trigger at some point.

    Maybe they didn’t like Lazor or McAdoo or maybe those guys didn’t want the job. But both were well-respected and mentioned in the Miami conversation. C’mon Miami, identify your guy, give him an offer and don’t get stuck w/ the candidates that no one else wanted.

  14. Complete offensive re-engineering needed if the NYFG are going to compete. We need to get nasty a la The Big Tuna. Masterful clock management, and beating the crap out of the opposition.

    Build us a winner, Mr. McAdoo. Welcome to the G Men.

  15. McAdoo? Wasn’t he a blind cartoon character always getting in trouble because he could not see?

  16. The guy never called plays in a game and he was the QB coach of one of the top three qbs in the league. How hard to coach that? I hope he’s good for the Giants sake. As a Dolphins fan, not too upset that Philbin (who knows him closely) passed on this guy.

  17. Miami has no shot to get the top shelf guys.

    The coach will likely get fired after next season and everyone in the front office is wearing a red nose and big floppy shoes. Who worth their salt is going in to that mess?

    Ross needed to get rid of Philbin along with Wyle E. Ireland and let a real GM come in and fix the whole mess.

    Instead, Ross thought it made more sense to stick with a head coach who reads his post game speeches off an index card and someone who oversees their salary cap. Both of whom were obviously in cahoots to get rid of the last guy.

    The beat goes on. It’s really hard to believe that decades ago, the Miami Dolphins were one of the model franchises in the NFL. It’s all ancient history now……

  18. I think this is a good hire for the Giants. My only concern is that The Packers have been a pass heavy offense the past few years with no consistent running game. Next season, the Giants really need to improve the O-Line and really establish a good running game. And for people talking bad about Perry Fewell, I thought the defense did a pretty solid job this year. Especially with all the terrible situations the offense got them in with the turnovers and the countless 3 and outs. A new offensive scheme and maybe add a little speed on defense, I think the giants will be just fine.

  19. Like a couple of ppl on here, I too am a Dolphins fan. And at first read, I must say I was little surprised the Dolphins let McAdoo go or didn’t make him an offer.

    However, after thinking about it, let’s not forget Philbin worked right next to this guy. Additionally, he was a TEs coach before being promoted to QB coach. And let’s not pretend like being Aaron Rodger’s coach was gonna be anything difficult, this guy’s job was cake. If anything, Aaron helped McAdoo make a name for himself.

    Lastly, Philbin knows him better than the other organizations so I’m pretty sure we’re not missing out next great coach.

  20. Giants fans may not know who this guy is, but he’s a keeper. He deserves the opportunity to move ahead. If McCarthy was a wise man, which he is not, he would’ve relinquished his play calling responsibilities and created a new role with a huge raise for this guy. If the Vikings were smart, they should’ve jumped on this guy as a HC. You will be pleased.

  21. Congratulations to the new OC. I just wish people would say encouraging things instead of throwing flaming arrows (Ephesians 6:16) zy Eli Manning. Those flaming arrows profit none. Eli is not the problem. The entire o-line needs work. Eli cannot work well if his WRs do not work with him. making comments like Eli should throw to the blue helmets is just corruption out of the mouth and profits none. Stop the flaming arrows and give Ei some encouragement.

  22. He helped in correcting Rodger’s throwing mechanic – helped in developing him and Matt Flynn.

    As a tight ends coach – he made Crabtree/Havner look like decent players.

    And he can’t be any worse than “Option Routes so dumb receivers can be on an entirely separate page than our doofus QB” playbook.

  23. I guess Mike Sullivan was to much of the “same old, same old”.

    The Giants may have hired there next head coach too, because if the offance does get better McAdoo might be the next head coach when old man retires…

  24. He’s only 36. If he’s successful as OC, he’ll be #1 candidate to replace Tom Coughlan when he retires.

    That may have been part of the discussions that led to his accepting the job.

    New York, New York. If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere.

  25. With nine years experience, McAdoo has been coaching in the NFL since Dan Dnyder’s new golden boy Sean McVay was popping zits and learning to drive. The Washington Redskins: NFL laughingstock

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