Harbaugh kind of likes Seahawks ticket restrictions


The NFL has no problems with the Seahawks trying to gerrymander ticket sales.

And neither does 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh.

Harbaugh said Monday he actually kind of likes the plan to restrict playoff ticket sales to the Pacific Northwest, but not California addresses, in an effort to preserve home field advantage in the NFC Championship Game.

“Well, it’s within the rules,” Harbaugh said, via Steve Corkran of the Bay Area News Group. “It’s within the spirit of the rules of the National Football League. I actually respect it, what you’re trying to do for your team, put them in the best possible position to win that you can.

And I respect that their organization does that for their team. They do that in a lot of ways, with their team, with their fans, with their organization. So, what do I think of it? I respect it.”

The Broncos are employing a similar approach for the AFC Championship games, and there’s nothing in the rules preventing it. More teams probably should, except for the trouble some playoff hosts had selling tickets this year.

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  1. Personally, I think there is a huge difference between respect (which is the word Harbaugh is using here) and like. Saying that Harbaugh “likes” the ticket restrictions is misleading. You can respect an adversary, but rarely do you like them.

  2. WOW ! Not confident enough that your team can win without scheming to hold out on rival team fans attending the game….lame.

    If you are not confident enough that your them can beat them player for player it’s a coaching player issue.

    Can’t remember a game where a fan won it form the stands.

  3. I liked Harbaugh as a player, I don’t like him as a coach. Awesome coach–just annoying as hell.

  4. As i said in a similar post, the folks who live in the teams “region” and are paying the taxes for the stadium should get first crack at the tickets. It’s only fair. This is their team and their city. It’s not like we are talking about the right to free speech here.

  5. Not saying that I favor this; but I feel fairly certain that a lawyer somewhere will take a clients complaint of discrimination versus this practice.

    It may not be against the rules of the NFL, but it sure could be against someones rights, either state or federal.. especially if there is any sort of federal funding involved in the game, stadium, or whatnot.

  6. You can’t be talking about very many tickets. I would assume that both stadiums are sold out to season ticket holders. Seattle, and Denver were both prohibitive favorites to host these games for months now. I doubt very many season ticket holders opted out of putting down deposits on these tickets.

  7. This whole topic is being blown way out of proportion. Considering how many season ticket holders have prepaid for thier playoff tickets, the number of available seats isn’t much to begin with, so attempting to make sure they go to local fans seems fair to me.

  8. This story has been far over-played, and always is when teams restrict ticket sales. The few remaining tickets sold out in 3 minutes. The resale market for this game is extremely lucrative. The team knew a vast number of people attempting to buy the few remaining tickets would be scalpers just trying to cash in on the game. The only way to possibly benefit the local fans who might actually buy tickets to attend rather than to scalp is by restricting sales to local zip codes. It is not a petty rivalry thing or a fear of having 49er fans in the crowd. There will be 49er fans in the stadium as they can easily buy on the resale market. This is a solution to benefit the fans of the team. Why would they not do this?

  9. Any advantage should be taken to win and to say its crazy to think that the 12’s aren’t a help to inspire the team is just not true. Human nature is a factor just look at these 2 teams home records against each other since RW has been at qb. RW is 0-2 in San Fran and 2-0 at home. Its going to be everything the Hawks and the 12’s have to win this game because as a Hawks fan I admit the Niners are playing better right now. We have to play better than we did against the Saints on O or the Niners will win. It will be louder than its ever been and if we can rattle Kap like the last 2 times thats a real factor.

  10. Even as a Colts fan who would have really liked to setup a rematch w/ Peyton this wknd…

    The 2 best possible matchups in the Championship Games came to be.

    Broncos/Pats and 49ers/Seahawks just somehow feels like the proper setup. Who wins? I honestly have no idea and could make a case for each team, but the NFL and it’s fans are getting an ideal scenario this weekend.

  11. Red and gold in the stands would simply CLASH with all of the dark blue and lime green and we simply couldn’t have that. Props to the fine folks in Renton, for keeping that Cal riff-raff out of the Clink.

    So wrote I, TOC. 😉

  12. pickledgringo says:
    Jan 14, 2014 9:53 AM
    Pete Carroll confused by JH’s response can only resort to say…’what’s your deal?’.

    I joined just so I could like this comment.

  13. So its legal to restrict interstate commerce? On what basis? Normally redlining or discriminating based on zip code is illegal.

  14. Many teams restrict sales in this fashion — not a big deal. Well, except maybe Green Bay, since in the words of a famous 49er, no one wants to go visit that S-hole.

  15. This happens all the time. Nothing new here. The visiting team is allotted a certain amount of tickets. They give some to their players and sell some. The Seahawks have a waiting list for season tickets that is years long, been that way since they started. All they are doing is making sure that their loyal fans are able to get tickets to the game. This is just the media stirring the pot for a story.

  16. @edmonton49ers…totally agree with you, and by the way, I hope you’re making the drive south west to see the game

  17. As a Ram fan, I can’t stand either team. But I look forward to a great game. Anquon Bolden’s behavior after every catch has forced me to pull for the Seahawks…. and that is saying something!

  18. As someone else said the 1000 tickets where gone in 3 min. So what does it mater? I bought my tickets on ticket exchange no problems. Just like I have done for the last 4 games. Yes you pay more but you can get tickets. So all you whining 49er fans get on there buy your ticket and come to the game.

  19. Low class move by Harbaugh. We want to hate the guy up here & then he has to go and say something totally cool like this. Pete has praised the ‘Niners team & organization this week as well for the record.

  20. “I actually respect it, what you’re trying to do for your team, put them in the best possible position to win that you can.”

    Carroll reads that and all he thinks about is having another shipment of powdered adrenal glands mixed into the Seahawk gatorade.

  21. stlouisramfan says:
    Jan 14, 2014 10:44 AM
    As a Ram fan, I can’t stand either team. But I look forward to a great game. Anquon Bolden’s behavior after every catch has forced me to pull for the Seahawks…. and that is saying something!
    Based on his history in Seattle, you won’t have to worry about seeing him do much of that.

  22. Squawks are working on a plan to bar all individuals with California addresses from the stadium this weekend. To “put the team in the best possible position to win it can”.

  23. In my opinion, I do not like it. If they said that they were restricting ALL other than Northwest (i.e. Washington), I would be fine with it. But it is specific to California and states pro-49er!

    I consider this a form of discrimination and agree with another commenter that a lawyer out there could have a field day as this is a public event and not allowing someone to buy a ticket to a public event based on location is not much different than a person not being alloed due to, lets say, skin color… Do we even want to open that can of worms?

    I think that they already have an “Unfair” advantage at home with the noise factor and for them to block 49er fans from having the right to watching the is a poor reflection on the Seahawks team, organization as well as the NFL for allowing it. I feel the same with Denver doing it….

    You already have home field advantage. Prove you are the best on the field, not by playing these mind games off the field!

    It is childish and does not prove they are the better team, just that they play better defense when opponents offense cannot hear themselves think. Wilson would not have any luck in that environment either! Considering Arrowhead is the next loudest place to play, would love to see Seahawks play Chiefs IN ARROWHEAD…so they get a taste of their own medicine!

    By the way, Niner fans or not. 49ers are going to bring it on Sunday! Kaepernick is a big time player, he shines in postseason and though neither QB will win this game, they will need to make a few big plays to help their defense. Same as Carolina game. Cam did not get it done, Colin did! We are healthier now than we have been all year on offense and the only defenisive player hurt is Carlos Rodgers and Brock/Cox have been playing very well!

    I am not saying Niners are definitely winning. Seahawks have a great team and are very strong defensively, it may even be strong enough to win it all for them but I have my doubts.

    To Note…
    Wild Card has won SuperBowl 3 years in a row. It will be 4 after this year. Niners are the only Wild Card team still in the playoffs… you figure it out from their!

  24. It should be a great game on Sunday.

    I’m looking forward to the battle of the egos and mouths between Boldin and Sherman. They both talk a big game and usually back it up.

    This will be like clash of the gladiators.

    NFL at its best!!

  25. Non story, Denver is doing it too.
    There are plenty of tickets on the secondary market for sale. There are a lot of 49er fans (and seahawk fans) that have money to burn. If you want to go to the game, fork over some dough and join in the fun.

  26. i love how no one likes harbaugh… you wanna know why no one likes him? cause he’s WINNING! if he was a losing coach and his antics were around you wouldnt even know! dry your eyes haters… he will be around a long time! and I love it! bring on the seahawks!!!!

  27. @bkrutiy

    ALL of the tickets were sold long before the story ever broke in the media. Of course some ticket outlets got a few. You want to go, seriously, get ready to max out a credit card. Those guys don’t discriminate against any printed presidents, no matter what state they come from.

  28. This is the media trying to create a controversy to get more page views. I tried buying tickets a couple minutes after they went on sale (in Washington) and there were none available for any price. There are several sites where anyone can buy tickets from the secondary market.

  29. Imagine telling someone even 5 or 6 years ago that these two teams were not only playing in the NFC Championship game, but deserved to be there..

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