Jets bring back Matt Simms, more QB questions coming

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Stop the presses (even though we don’t have presses here at PFT). The Jets signed a quarterback to a contract extension.

Actually, they’ve re-signed backup Matt Simms, according to Brian Costello of the New York Post.

Simms would have been an exclusive rights free agent anyway, so it’s not like he was going anywhere. But he worked himself into a viable backup option.

Of course, the Jets have far great quarterback questions this offseason, so getting this one taken care of quickly makes sense.

They still have Mark Sanchez hanging around the roster, though most expect him to be released this offseason.

While Geno Smith doesn’t have a clear mandate after an up-and-down rookie campaign, their moves this offseason should make clear how they view him. They could always bring back David Garrard if all they want is a stable-pony, but an upgrade in competition would indicate Smith’s hold on the job isn’t as secure.

6 responses to “Jets bring back Matt Simms, more QB questions coming

  1. Draft Aaron Murray in the later rounds, have a competition like Sanchez vs Smith in the off season. Whoever wins starts week 1 either Smith learns from his mistakes and Aaron Murray has a year to learn or Aaron Murray straight up beats out Geno Smith of the starting job and our QB situation is settled.

  2. Dump Sanchez, keep Simms on the third string, and bring in Mike Vick to compete with Geno Smith. Vick wouldn’t be a total powder puff that Smith definitely beats out for the starting role, but if Smith can’t beat him out you know where you are with your QB situation.

    Assuming that Vick does beat Smith out, then you have about 8-10 games to get Smith the rest of the way up to speed before Vick’s inevitably hurt.

  3. No controversy. Smith is an obvious starter for the team. He played normal for a rookie on a team with a bunch of second and third string offensive players. Simms is a decent backup. He played well in mop up preseason games against third stringers…just like a good back up should. Drop Sanchez and draft a qb in the 6th round. Draft a TE and WR in the first two rounds.

  4. Agree with you about 90%. I would release Sanchez, but not rule out bringing him back for a million or less per year. He never got a chance to play in the West coast offense, and he’d be a good guy to push Geno through preseason.
    Like the WR and TE picks, followed by a linebacker and Defensive back. Would also look at 2 or 3 strong free agents……solid WR, Maybe a safety. Good things ahead!

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