Ken Whisenhunt will call offensive plays for Titans

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John McNulty may be headed to the Titans to be the offensive coordinator, but he won’t be calling the offensive plays in Tennessee.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said, via Paul Kuharsky of, at his introductory press conference that he will be calling plays on offense “unless somebody tells me I can’t.” Whisenhunt called the plays for the Chargers offense in 2013 and for a portion of his time as the head coach in Arizona, where McNulty was on the offensive staff.

Whisenhunt gave some hints about how he’d the like the offense to look — balanced in the style of the one he ran in San Diego this season — but didn’t offer much about two members of that offense. When asked about both running back Chris Johnson and quarterback Jake Locker, Whisenhunt said he needs to look at tape and speak to General Manager Ruston Webster because he’s more familiar with the Titans defense after facing them during the season.

Whisenhunt quipped that his ideal quarterback would be “Kurt Philip Roethlisberger” in reference to three quarterbacks who have led his offenses to their best success, but such a hybrid remains firmly in the fantasy world so the decision on where to proceed with Locker remains a significant one.

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  1. I hope they aint like the ones he called in the playoff game against an average denver d !

  2. Charger fans sure wish we could have told him he can’t.

    Get ready for some mystifying playcalling, Titans fans. And I don’t mean that in a fool-the-defense way.

  3. Here’s his bread & butter play:

    Z – Formation, Triple – Dog left, F – Detroit, Empty plane gone – Big ‘ol Fat Contract -on Two, on Two – Ready? Break!

  4. Until someone tells him he cant? Unless he was just trying to be funny, something like that should not even be a question. I would think calling offensive plays, if that’s what he feels he needs to do, would have been decided before he signed his contract.

  5. Well Titan fans let’s see, 8 pass plays in the first half against a 28 ranked pass defense – brilliant!

    Now Waiting for the signing of John Skelton And Ryan Lindley

  6. As a Charger fan wrote above his playcalling is mystifying at times and was the same while in Arizona. For instance, with Derek Anderson and John Skelton (his chosen starters btw) you’d think you’d keep throwing to a minimum, right? Wrong.

  7. Solid coach, but his comment was quite revealing – he had success with top QBs like Warner, Rothlisberger and Rivers running the show, but the Cards looked awful from the moment Warner left. Wasn’t too impressed this year when he insisted on “continuing to establish the running game” even when Ryan Matthews was injured; Danny Woodhead is a tough guy but didn’t exactly punish anyone with his inside running……

    But again, solid coach. It will be interesting to see how much rope he gives Jake Locker; considering how quickly he bailed on Matt Leinert in AZ, hopefully Jake gives him what he wants and stays healthy…..

  8. I like Wizz- However, next year Jags will win Div.
    1. draft sexy J Manziel
    2. sign J. Graham- 6yrs 60m- 25m guaranteed
    3. sign B Orakpo- 6yrs 80m 35m guaranteed

    That’s how you go from worst to first- we have over 40m in cap space-looking forward to this off-season.

  9. If the Titans draft Johnny Football, I’m sure Whisenhunt will develop him in a way that will help him become the next Matt Leinart.

    I also agree that the Lions dodged a bullet here. This guy’s record without established star QBs is not spectacular.

  10. Ken Whisenhunt Minus franchise QB = losing

    Ken Whisenhunt With franchise QB = playoffs/Super bowl apperance

    Locker = NOT franchise QB

    Stafford= FRANCHISE QB

    have fun losing Titans Fans!

  11. Who was calling the plays for the Chargers in the first three quarters this past Sunday? I think Whisenhunt was busy texting the Titans at that time.

  12. Ouch. Titans fans are about to learn why we started calling him “Whisenpunt” before he got blown out of Phoenix.

  13. Browns DC Ray Horton who was DC in Arizona when Whisenhunt was there will be the new Titans DC in the coming days watch…as Cleveland is willing to let Orton walk, and Whisenhunt will be the Titans OC and head coach and he will hire his buddy from Tampa as the figure head OC in Tennessee while giving him a pay increase…

    The Titans will keep the current QB’s and draft a QB also, as Whisenhunt believes in competition and the Titans will draft a Runningback in the early rounds like LSU’s Jeremy Hill or Ohio State’s Carlos Hyde…and if Chris Johnson isn’t willing to compete and possibly take a pay cut he will be gone… Anything could happen there…also a right tackle could be drafted…

    If all these things happen the Titans could be set up for the future…
    There will be certainly some tough decisions to make with QB, RB, RT, CB and WR …it will be an interesting off season as a Titans fan
    —Titans Fan Dan.
    P.S. I’m still taking in the shock the Ken Whisenhunt is out new head coach…

  14. sounds like that was the dealbreaker with the whiz and lions. and to kolva2013, if what you predict actually happens, I will fly to wherever you are and kiss your arse. There’s no effing way that J-ville will recruit that kind of talent.

  15. Coach Whiz is a great coach…ask his players. What do a bunch of chucklehead fans know about what goes on within an organization, only what they see on Sundays? Whiz took a team that was the joke of the NFL, breathed life into an aging QB and renewed him, took that team to within a whisper from raising the Lombardi and won TWO Division
    Titles back-to-back. He was hobbled in Arizona by dysfunctional front office, a GM who ran the show for the guy writing the checks, tight with a buck. He coached a team to a win over the Patriots in Foxboro with Kolb, as well as one over Seattle in Seattle with Skelton and then went to San Diego and got another team off life support and deep into the playoffs. The Cardinals success this year was built on the bones of the team Whiz and Horton put together and if the Titans are what they advertise he will take them to the playoffs too. Good Luck Titans, you got a good man and a coach his players consider a “Great Coach”.

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