Marques Colston: Obviously the throw didn’t go how I planned


Saints receiver Marques Colston ended his team’s season with an illegal forward pass on Saturday in Seattle, one of the most bizarre decisions an NFL player has ever made at the end of a game. Colston said on Monday, however, that he made the throw he was supposed to make on the play, he just meant to throw a lateral, not a forward pass.

“It’s a play that we worked on,” Colston told ESPN. “Obviously, it’s not an ideal situation [being behind with time expiring and no timeouts], but the ball came out. And obviously the throw didn’t go the way I would have planned. But, it happens.”

Colston’s throw was odd for two reasons: First, it wasn’t your ordinary lateral that accidentally goes slightly forward. It was forward by a good five yards. And second, Colston easily could have stepped out of bounds and given the Saints time for a Hail Mary from the 40-yard line.

Saints coach Sean Payton took some of the blame for calling the trick play, saying the Saints shouldn’t have called it at that point in the game, when they still had enough time to run at least one more play after that.

“Marques has got a pretty good arm,” Payton said. You know, hindsight, [it was] a play where he could have caught it, stepped out and then maybe [we throw] a Hail Mary to the end zone. But it was a play we had put in a week and a half ago, prior to this game, which was a deep throw to Marques and then across the field.”

Even if Colston had stepped out of bounds, the Saints would have been an extreme long shot to win the game: They would have needed to score a 40-yard touchdown on the next play, then make a two-point conversion, then win the game in overtime. So Colston’s bonehead play won’t be remembered like Leon Lett touching a loose ball after a blocked field goal, which really did cost his team the game. Colston’s bonehead play may be remembered more like Leon Lett getting caught from behind, a dumb play that gives everyone a good chuckle.

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  1. “Saints coach Sean Payton took some of the blame for calling the trick play, saying the Saints shouldn’t have called it at that point in the game, when they still had enough time to run at least one more play after that.”

    He made a couple of really bone headed calls in that game.

    That FG attempt in the 4th quarter was as dumb as it gets though.

  2. Stop calling it Colston’s bonehead play. Sean Payton owns it, period. And he should be drug tested for making that call. Saints’ two shining stars, Payton and Brees, made awful decisions at the end of that game. A WR poorly executing a 40 yard lateral pass is small potatoes compared to their utter fails in the clutch.

  3. I don’t know, the way the Saints were making things happen near the end I wouldn’t be surprised had things gone their way if he steps out. Ah well, the real disappointment was that the game had to end like that, just a let down to a neutral observer.

  4. The player he threw to was moving. Its not uncommon to try to lead the player running. If he threw a lateral it would have been 10 yds behind the player. Those that have played this game can probably understand. Bad play all together.

  5. For this play, the part of Marques Colston’s Brain will be played by a head of cabbage. Let’s see what happens.

  6. Bad play, but as the article stated a real longshot if he chooses to step out of bounds, either way the chances were slim. Saints had a better year than 27 other teams this year, and gave their fans a lot of exciting entertainment, even in the losses…

  7. You know what Colston went 11 receptions for a buck 44 and a TD, plus caught the onside kick so I’m not gonna cry over a play where he was just trying to make something happen. If I’m gonna blame somebody, I’m blaming our O-Line for holding penalties and Corey White for sucking.

  8. Glad to see that cleared up. Colston isn’t a bonehead at all, he just made a mistake by throwing it forward, as we are now finding out, there was ONE bonehead and ONE bonehead only in Sean Payton.

    By calling for that gimmick play, even though there would be time for one more normal play, it showed that Payton gave up on the game and was just going for broke, when if any team could hit a 40 yard hail mary, it would’ve been Drew Brees’ Saints.

  9. Colston came into the league in as a 7th round pick in 2006. No one knew him or gave him a chance. In 8 seasons of high quality play, this is the first time that he’s done anything to warrant negative attention onto him, deserved or otherwise.

    Considering what populates NFL rosters these days, that statement alone is incredible impressive.

  10. Oh ya, and how could I forget. I’m also blaming that bum Ingram for fumbling on our own 24 yard line. Pretty much gift wrapping a TD for Seattle.

  11. What’s odd is that Payton now admits to calling the play, while reports coming out of the locker room immediately after the game seemed to indicate that Colston did it on his own.

    From Peter King’s MMQB: “It was clear in the locker room after the game that no one had any idea why Colston threw that pass”.

    So I guess with 24 hours hindsight, the coach decided throwing his best reciever under the bus for poorly executing a stupidly called play wasn’t such a good idea after all.

  12. rceejr says:
    Jan 14, 2014 8:42 AM
    The player he threw to was moving. Its not uncommon to try to lead the player running. If he threw a lateral it would have been 10 yds behind the player. Those that have played this game can probably understand. Bad play all together.

    You’re right and you’re wrong. The reciever Colston was throwing to was clearly out of position. He should have been well behind Colston so that he could lead him and not throw forward. However, Colston still bears some responsibility because he should have realized when he looked across the field that he could not throw the lateral because the target was out of position.

    But the real blame lies with Payton. It was a terrible play call.

  13. Leave Leon Lett alone already man.
    They won the SB the year he made that bonehead play against the Dolphins. They won the SB the game he got caught from behind by Beebe.

    I could come up with 100 things which I have seen since then which were equally or more stupid. Cowboys fans haven’t had anything to be happy about for nearly 20 years, find a new team to pick on.

  14. It was clear from the moment it happened that it was a called play. How anyone could think otherwise is beyond me….Another receiver isolated on the far side of the field breaking for the ball…..obvious….and even in the time since,and including right here in this article,the HC says it was a called play and the majority of people still ignore that fact and talk smack on Colston….the responsibility for the play occurring rests entirely on the HC, including the fact that a WR did not make a good cross field throw under conditions that had negatively effected the two actual QB’s all day long…..Repeat.The Coach,Sean Payton called the play….get it?

  15. I think the problem is that there were so many PED fumes coming off the Seahawks sideline that it distorted Colston’s vision like a mirage and made him think he was 5 yards out of position.

  16. Colston was in a bind because the Seahawks kept a guy on the HB. Normally if the HB stays into block on that play he’ll be left somewhat alone.

    I think the cross field pass might be worth a shot, but it would seem like you need to be closer to the end zone. Even if Colston hits the guy, he has another 35 yards to go and there are a lot of guys deep. At that point you might as well dump it off to the RB after letting everyone run deep.

  17. It was a desparation play that didn’t work. Oh well. I’m sure 99. 9% percent of you knocking Colston would have thrown a pick-6.
    Saints played hard for 60 minutes. They never gave up and took a chance at the end. There is no shame in that.

    Go Seahawks!

  18. Would of really enjoyed watching a Jimmy Graham jump ball in the end zone for the final play. Never know what could of happened with a 6’8″ TE. C’mon, Payton.

  19. That was actually a great play call just poorly executed. They had the same chances on that play as they would of on a 40 yard hail mary vs Seattle’s secondary. That was a much better and more creative desperation play design then most hook and ladder followed by 10 laterals backwards. If that works it goes down on par with the Titans musical city miracle. Too bad the saints put themselves in that situation by not being aggresive and running short passes and screen plays for the first 3 quarters.

  20. I LOVE the idea of going cross-field in a situation like that. However, the play should be designed to go to a TE or RB who can slip out of the line unnoticed or guarded by a a slower player.

    Heck, even throwing back to a QB like Kaep or Newton could be effective in that situation.

  21. You know Century Link is supposed to be this mountain of a fortress and it probably is. And we are supposed to be this just terrible God awful horrible team on the road, but out of all the divisional games this past weekend, Saints vs Seahawks was the only game to go down to the final play. N.E. blew out Indy. San Fran beat Carolina convincingly. And Denver dominated San Diego for most of the game and knelt on the ball to close it out.

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