Panthers G.M.: Cam Newton is the franchise quarterback


Panthers General Manager Dave Gettleman created a local stir in Charlotte when asked in the preseason about the future of Cam Newton, pausing before saying “But now it’s time to win.”

Asked after a 12-4 regular season, Gettleman made sure there was no hesitation.

“Yes, no seven-second pauses,” Gettleman told reporters Tuesday. “Do I feel Cam is a franchise quarterback? He proved that this year.”

Of course, Gettleman’s not going to talk about contracts, or when he’s going to start negotiating an extension. The Panthers can decide in May to guarantee the fifth-year option on Newton’s rookie deal, locking him up through 2015.

Likewise, Gettleman wasn’t touching questions about coach Ron Rivera, who is entering the final year of his rookie contract.

Gettleman avoided any suggestion he was going to address Rivera’s status, but said he had “ultimate faith” in Rivera, who was very much on the hot seat entering the season with a 13-19 record.

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  1. I thought he proved he was the franchise QB before this year. Gettleman is too slow to think and respond. No wonder they didn’t win this year, he wasn’t ready and he didn’t have the team ready. Still lots of curious personnel issues they have made, and the coaching fell flat in the playoffs. This team needs a franchise player in the Front Office.

  2. So wait , Cam is the unquestioned franchise QB but won’t address Rivera? Not a Panthers fan at all but seems to me he came through big time under pressure this season. Meanwhile Cam stunk it up in the postseason. Strange take by the GM. If I’m Rivera I’m demanding a contract soon before all these other job openings fill up.

  3. Of coarse Cam is a franchise QB and he will be a Panther for many years to come. He loves Carolina and wants to stay. Rivera proved his worth this season. Both should be given extensions on their contracts along with Hardy, Gross & Captain M. Yes we lost to the 49ers but I’m personally incredibly proud of my Carolina Panthers and I do see a Superbowl in their future!!

  4. Great, now go get him some WR help. I love Smitty and he’s a beast but imagine what the O would look like with one of those 6’3″-6’5″ stud WRs on the outside.

  5. Can Newton has shown very little progression in three years. But neither has the supporting cast. Same underachieving running backs and nobody on the outside but Steve Smith. They always say in the NFL if you aren’t changing/getting better, then you are getting worse. Hard to say if Cam’s progression is being hindered by mediocre personnel.

  6. Seems to me that Rivera isn’t getting near the respect he deserves. Panthers were last in the league before he took over. Three years later they are #3 seed or something. That is the optimal template for a rebuild project.

  7. A franchise QB isn’t leading the 26th ranked offense ever. They have a franchise defense though, no doubt there. But I could find many guys who can produce the 26th ranked offense.

  8. Of course he’s the franchise QB…he’s done pretty darn well for having so few weapons. Sorry…but an aging and oft-injured Steve Smith doesn’t strike fear into the hearts of opposing D’s with the regularity he once did. LaFail and Ginn as #2 and 3…not a long term solution.

    They could better prep him by giving him a franchise WR, or deciding on a franchise RB instead of splitting all the carries a million ways so no one has a chance to get in a rhythm. I’d say they have several other holes on O to worry about far more than Cam.

  9. Cam will be great, if he can actually instill in himself a small attitude adjustment. He seems a little too emotional on the field. If he had the Andrew Luck no memory mindset, he would be a beast.

  10. Cam is a physical specimen. But he still doesn’t seem to have the mental makeup necessary to be a great starting QB in the NFL. He’s the Michael Vick of this generation. Good…not great. Talented…not a student of the game. Too concerned with being Superman and a “cultural icon.”

  11. Cam has been nothing but a winner his entire life. He needs weapons. It’s hard to be superman on the field, if you yourself are the only true weapon on the offensive side of the ball. Like someone said above, get him a franchise WR, and a serviceable RB, and Cam WILL win you a championship. It’s wonderful having him guide his team to a championship. Yes he is emotional. It’s because he is a winner, has always been a winner, and is NOT accustomed to losing.

    WDE! We still love you in Auburn Cam.

  12. Cam Newton is one more good receiver/ running back away from being a championship contender. I think next year they will be a much better team with the draft and other offseason acquisitions and Cam is really showing that he is an elite quarterback in the league.

  13. Cam is so overrated and yea I do agree on “not many weapons” thing but correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t deangelo Williams one of the nfls leading rusher early in the season until they moved away from consistent running and relied more on the pass? To average at best wrs. I’m so tired of cam and his team I hope they continue to fall short

  14. Maybe the Panthers should sign Kenny Britt. Still talented, just didn’t want to play in TN anymore & it certainly showed. We don’t want him back so take him. With his disastrous 2013 season you could get him pretty damn cheap.

  15. They have had one good year with Newton and Rivera. The previous 2 seasons they were one of the worst teams in the NFL, so the jury rightfully should still be out on both of these guys.

  16. I really love the slack given to QB’s like Russell Wilson and Colin Kapernick. There is no doubt that both are talented QB’s with great futures, however as I watched the game between the Hawks and the Saints I was completely ‘under-whelmed’ by Russell Wilson. Essentially he made one really good pass near the end of the game to potentially put the game out of reach. But prior to that all he basically did was hand the ball off to his running backs and they did the rest. With a group of ‘ballers’ like he has I could do it. I tire of hearing Kaepernick whine about how “Cam and others got drafted higher than me.” Kap, get over it! Kap has showed that when he doesn’t have his deep offensive weapons at his disposal, he struggles. I highly doubt that Kap and the 49ers could have accomplished what Cam and the Panthers did with the lack of offensive weapons at their disposal. You would think that with all that the 49ers have been able to do over the past 3 years by making it to the upper levels of the playoffs and beyond that Kap would be grateful. Instead, he’s still living in the past about his draft position three years ago. As a Panthers fan I wish the 49ers well as they move forward but think that Kaepernick actually needs to grow up! I hate to be so critical but as a Cam Newton (Panthers) fan I can’t help but notice the deference given to Russell and Kaepernick when they fail to play well as opposed to Cam who has far fewer ‘bonafide’ stars on his team. Quite frankly, what has been accomplished by Cam and the Panthers particularly after a 1-3 start deserves much more deference, credit, and respect then Cam and the Panthers are getting.

  17. Cam IS a franchise QB. Keep in mind that our GM is still working through the mess the newspaper writer that was our last GM signed a whole mess of bad contracts (he WAY overpaid for Charles Johnson, DeAngelo, Jonathan Stewart and Jon Beason) which has limited the ability to get more playmakers. Gettleman showed in 2013 that he knows how to draft and fill in the gaps with mid- and late-career guys with a little left in the tank (Chase Blackburn, Dominik Hixon, Ted Ginn, the OL and DB guys he signed when all those starters went to IR).

    I have a lot of high hopes for this team with Gettleman as GM, Rivera as coach and Cam as the QB.

  18. Don’t forget Carolina had the 1st pick in the draft for a reason, and it wasn’t because they traded up.
    Most of you are forgetting Cam only played 1 year of D-1 football. He left USF after sitting behind Tebow, transferred to a JUCO, and then started at Auburn. Most if not all QB’s drafted in the first round are 3 year starters and have many snaps to their credit.
    Cam has done a decent job and will improve as more weapons are added to the roster.

  19. phelbin says:
    Jan 14, 2014 1:40 PM
    Cam is a physical specimen. But he still doesn’t seem to have the mental makeup necessary to be a great starting QB in the NFL. He’s the Michael Vick of this generation. Good…not great. Talented…not a student of the game. Too concerned with being Superman and a “cultural icon.”
    Sorry, but this guy nailed it, he hit it right on the head.

  20. Cam needs to man up and quit being a little girl when things don’t go his way…. I’m tired of seeing him On the side line with that stupid towel on his head hiding from the world when he should be rallying his team mates..
    Man up Cam or go somewhere else and cry……we want a leader…….. not a crying girl scout learder

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