Pats didn’t bring in any punters on Tuesday


In a development that could mean something or could mean nothing (where should I put the Pulitzer?), the New England Patriots did not bring in any free-agent punters on Tuesday.

According to Nick Underhill of, no punters visited on Tuesday during the day.  Underhill points out that there’s a chance a punter or two (or more) could work out tonight, with the transaction not showing up until Wednesday afternoon’s report.

It could mean that punter Ryan Allen’s shoulder injury isn’t as bad as expected.  It could mean that coach Bill Belichick is comfortable with the idea of kicker Stephen Gostkowski pulling double duty (yes, duty) on Sunday at Denver.

It also could mean that, if Allen isn’t sufficiently healed by Friday, the Pats could bring in punters on the final day of the workweek and sign someone then.

Either way, don’t look for the Patriots to tell us anything until they have to tell us something.  Which starts tomorrow.

21 responses to “Pats didn’t bring in any punters on Tuesday

  1. It could mean that if Denver gets an injury during the game to the wrong positional group that the Pats take advantage and win because of it. New England has one less positional group to worry about on gameday if they can rely on that great kicker they have to do any kicking of the ball that might be needed.

  2. Maybe the waterboy will be punting. Or maybe the Patriots are not planning to punt at all. In order to keep up with Denver, they plan to score on every play. Every drive is a four down drive.

  3. the way they have been running the ball I don’t think they will need a punter on Sunday

    sorry Peyton Longface I can wait to see your sad sack mug on TV late in the 4th quarter

    Brady is going to beat you for the 11th time

    I cant wait!

  4. Patriots pretty much stayed in the Nickel last game forcing Peyton to have to make throws over his standard 4 or 5 yards.. He was 19 of 36 for 150 yards.. Unless Peyton all of a sudden learned to throw the ball the Broncos have no shot… don’t let facts stand in your way Broncos fans.

  5. The wind will be cold in Denver. Cold like the mortality Peyton Manning knows stalks his every footstep. Cold like the unblinking eye of judgment he shall face when called to account for his sub-.500 playoff record and blemished postseason career. Like a freezing scourge, it will lay bare all machinations, revealing why Bill Belichick knew he could defeat Manning in a critical overtime game: “The Patriots take the wind.”

    It’s possible I have too much invested in professional football.

  6. .

    With the Patriots one victory away from the Super Bowl one has to wonder what goes through the mind of Aaron Hernandez these days.


  7. The Pats will most likely fly out to Denver a day early (Friday), so they would need to bring in kickers for a tryout/signing by Thursday.

  8. They have to bring in a punter or a kicker. If Bill has Stephen pull double duty and he happens to go down he better have a kicker or be in a world of dodo.

  9. weepingjebus says:
    Jan 14, 2014 7:03 PM

    Lol, very nice. Epic-y. Well done, sir.

    Yes, you do have too much invested in professional football.

  10. 6ball says:
    Jan 14, 2014 7:17 PM

    With the Patriots one victory away from the Super Bowl one has to wonder what goes through the mind of Aaron Hernandez these days.
    My guesses:

    1) Don’t drop the soap.
    2) Maybe I can get one of my guys to place a bet for me on the outside, daddy needs some more hush money.
    3)I wonder why Urban Meyer won’t take my calls?

    The Pats need a long snapper with his head on straight even more than they need a punter. I wonder if Brian Kinchen is up to anything (hard core Pats fans will get this).

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