Pete Carroll says Russell Wilson “playing great” despite dip in numbers


Pete Carroll doesn’t see any reason for concern over the way Russell Wilson has played for the last six weeks.

Wilson’s completion percentage and yards per game have fallen off significantly over the final month of the regular season. He threw for just 103 yards – his lowest output of his career – in Saturday’s 23-15 victory over the New Orleans Saints.

But Carroll says Wilson is managing the offense exactly the way they want.

“I think he’s doing great. I think he’s doing what we need to do in these games. We can always do better,” Carroll said. “We’re always looking for more and he is too and all that. But as long as our football team is playing well and we’re playing within the formula and we’re playing good defense, we’re running the football, we’re playing on teams, and we’re taking care of the ball and getting it, we’re going to have a really good chance to win and that’s what’s most important to us.”

Wilson was coming off his best stretch of games this season when the Seattle Seahawks posted a convincing 34-7 victory over the New Orleans Saints in Week 13. The game was the pinnacle of Seattle’s performance this season as the Seahawks put themselves in the conversation of Super Bowl favorites as the regular season entered its final month.

Wilson had posted four straight game completing over 70-percent of his passes and throwing for at least two touchdowns. In the first 12 games of the season, Wilson averaged 222.6 yards per game while completing 65-percent of his passes. He threw for 22 touchdowns with just six interceptions over that stretch.

Since Seattle’s first victory over the Saints, Seattle’s passing offense has mostly gone into hibernation and Wilson hasn’t been nearly as effective.

Over the last four games of the regular season and last week’s playoff win over New Orleans, Wilson has completed just 56.6-percent of his passes and thrown for just 157.6 yards per game. He has thrown just four interceptions with three interceptions over that stretch.

Wilson says the only thing that matters is winning games.

“You know we’re winning a lot of football games and that’s the best thing,” Wilson said. “I think that I can always do better, I’ve always thought that. So there’s a lot of room for improvement and that the exciting about it.”

If Seattle wants to keep winning games and earn a Super Bowl title, Wilson will likely have to play better. He’s shown greatness over his first two seasons with the Seahawks. It will likely need to reemerge once again for Seattle to accomplish all their goals this season.

52 responses to “Pete Carroll says Russell Wilson “playing great” despite dip in numbers

  1. I haven’t been very happy with Bevell’s playcalling this season. What happened to the read option and the screen passes that made the offense more efficient in 2012?

    I love my Hawks and want them to win this game so badly, but they need to change up the offensive playcalling if they’re gonna stand a reasonable chance of winning.

  2. People actually care about numbers? You’d think that SEA beating NO and their videogame numbers offense would definitely prove that real football > fantasy football.

  3. Ultimately, this is the case against a Russell Wilson MVP candidacy in a nutshell.

    His team can win games even when he’s not producing much due to the combination of an elite defense, good special teams unit, and very good run game.

    You’re not the most valuable player in the NFL if your team can win games without heavily featuring you.

  4. There is a mindset out there that offense wins games. That’s not true lately in the SF/SEA series. The primary factor has been the performance of Kaepernick at CenturyLink. Why do you think he is going to suddenly undergo a transformation. He will never get to the edges, he panicks under pressure and does not demonstrate good decision-making as does Wilson. I think everyone would be surprised if he can get through the 3 layers of the NFL’s best defense.

  5. I don’t think the problem is Wilson. There has been some pretty mediocre play calling, in recent games. Fortunately, for the Seahawks, they have a complete team and don’t need to rely on the QB to carry the team.

  6. I can’t for the life of me remember the last time a team made it to a Superbowl with a struggling QB. If Wilson’s mediocre play isn’t a concern to Seahawks fans it should be.

  7. Russell Wilson needs a haircut immediately, his numbers have gone in the gutter ever since he started letting his naps grow wild for some unfathomable reason.

  8. If SF puts eight men in the box and stops Lynch, daring Wilson to win by passing the ball,and he continues with his play of the last month, coach C. WILL have reason for concern. Seattle has NO receiver who scares SF, can stretch the field or draw double coverage other than Percy, and he is concussed. Even if Harvin does play, how effective can he be after all that time rehabbing this year and, especially after those knock-downs from last week? Taking out “Beastmode” will send Seattle home for the winter if RW does not pick his game up. I do not care what happens in this game. I am a fan of neither team, however coach Carroll clearly SHOULD be a bit worried, as the big game draws closer.

  9. Wilson may say that winning games is all that matters until his rookie contract is up and he’s trying to use W’s as a reasons to get paid when his stats won’t back it up.

    This team reminds me of the Ravens in their first SB run- great D, great running game, and a game manager QB. And we all saw how Dilfer cashed in on his next contract right? Oh wait…

  10. I like Wilson, but he missed a lot of easy throws against the Saints. Has to play better this week.

  11. He’s a decent QB playing in a dream situation. The problem is that some fanboys talk about him like he’s Peyton Manning. He’s not the story in Seattle … it’s the defense, the special teams, and the running game.

  12. I think it’s pretty clear that the clock is about to strike midnight on this Cinderella’s career – most likely on Sunday night. The Seahawks need to abandon this gimmick and look for a real franchise QB in the draft.

    Most of the country is rooting for the 49ers, just to get those ridiculous uniforms off of our TV screens.

  13. I absolutely agree! So many qb’s think it’s all about them and force the issue when the stats begin to dip. As we all look back on this season two or three years from now, it isn’t going to matter which qb had the best passer rating or who was hot going into the playoffs. What matters is finding a way to win, even when the stats aren’t going your way. There is absolutely NO qb in the league who I’d rather have at the helm right now. None. Go Russ!

  14. Wilson is doing fine, so long as Lynch doesn’t go down and the defense keeps them in the game. To say he’s the next Fran Tarkenton though is a reach. On a lessor team Wilson would not be considered an elite quarterback, he’s more like a Jeff Garcia or Doug Flutie type over overachiever. Lynch is the best player on that offense and besides the defense the main reason the hawks are winning. Take away Lynch and that tough defense and you have the quarterback everybody thought he was coming out of college, a decent game manager with nice scrambling ability.

  15. The game I watched vs saints was run the 1st 2downs then throw on third down. Of course you will struggle with that gameplan. And far as Percy Harvin goes he was a major factor while in and they drove the ball with him in the game. Excited for this matchup, should be a great game

  16. Ok.. so Andrew Luck throws 7 INTs in 2 playoff games and he’s the future of the league…

    ..but Russell Wilson has thrown 3 picks in 4 games and there is cause for concern… even though he WON his playoff game.

    Nice to know ‘the agenda’ didn’t die out over the weekend…


  17. Everyone wants to get into stats, Wilson is the reason the Hawks are where they are today (people forget the run game and D were nasty before he got there)…and this is coming from a Niner fan

  18. Love Wilson, but it seems every throw lately requires the receivers to make adjustments and catch everything back shoulder. He longer seems to be able to lead his receivers and hit them in stride and his general accuracy has been on the decline. Hopefully, he snaps out of it this weekend.

  19. You also need to take into consideration they played the 9ers, Giants, Cards, Rams, and the Saints (on a terrible weather day). Those teams have good defenses w/ very good pass rushers. Considering the Hawks weakness is the O-line, that is recipe for disaster.

    That being said, he needs to step it up. The Saints game wasn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Crazy wind and rain. Plus their running game was moving the chains like crazy. RW will step it up!

  20. I listened to Pete’s weekly interview and right now this is the style he wants to be playing with the team. Run the ball, be physical, don’t turn the ball over and play field position. Heck, Tom Brady had 198 no TDs and 25 throws. It may not be fantasy football but these teams won.

    I know he said he’s playing great but I took it that he makes the throws needed to get the win. He also said sure he would like to connect on more balls, Wilson missed a few slants and I will say that throw that Harvin got his head knocked into the dirt was high. The 8 weeks with a bad offensive line has him seeing ghosts a bit but he is still winning games and 1 away from Super Bowl because he doesn’t make the mistakes.

  21. 56commando says: “Wilson has no chance against Kaepernick!!”

    Well luckily for Wilson doesn’t have to play aginst Kaepernick.

    Kaepernick has no chance against the Seahawks defense in Century Link Field. When the pressure mounts, he’s going to fold again and play like a 12 year old.

  22. thermalito says: Jan 14, 2014 4:13 AM

    I can’t for the life of me remember the last time a team made it to a Superbowl with a struggling QB. If Wilson’s mediocre play isn’t a concern to Seahawks fans it should be.

    Ben Roethlisberger in 2005? Won the Super Bowl (with ref help) doing the exact same thing Wilson has done this year.

    Point nullified.

  23. Pete Carroll has his team playing good old fashioned power football. Almost like Chuck Knox “Ground Chuck” from the 1980’s. Run the ball and play great defense. Play for field postition with a special emphasis on don’t turn the ball over.

    It seems to be working pretty well to me. On Sunday the Seahawks seemed to be stuck with bad field position most of the second half. And with the terrible weather they thought it best to play very conservative, stay away from turn overs, and punt the ball out of there.

    Later in the game when they got better field postition, they hit the long pass to Baldwin and got the great run by Lynch for the touchdown. I love it when a plan comes together. Look for more of the same this week.

  24. The best QBs that ever played have times when they stink the house up. That doesn’t diminish who they are or what they are capable-of. As a Niners fan, I have nothing but respect for Wilson, who despite his supposed ‘slacking off’ of late has among the best first two year starting numbers in the history of the NFL (actually, his first two year passing rating is number 2 overall… right behind Kurt Warner). BTW, Kaepernick is number 6 overall for his first 2 years starting, so despite all the name calling, he’s not too bad either.

    I can’t wait for Sunday to get here!

  25. “When the pressure mounts, he’s going to fold again and play like a 12 year old.”

    I hope all the Seahawk players think that.

  26. Luckily for all of Seahawks supporters only fans think like that. Pete Carroll has built too disciplined of a football team to even allow a thought like that to cross their mind. But they’ll be the ones putting the preasure on the causes CK to play like a 12 year old.

  27. He is doing what he is told, and not turning the ball over. He doesn’t force balls to guys that aren’t open (hawks receivers are slumping and not having sidney rice hurts). Kap often forces balls and has been super lucky the last couple of weeks that guys on the Defense have had stone hands. He should have had a pick 6 vs GB and another vs Carolina.

  28. For fanboys and girls it is easy to overloook things when you are winning it camouflages a lot. Flacco this season was stinking it up, but the Ravens won like 5 0r 6 straight inspite of him well maybe a play or two here and a fluke pass interference call here and there (Vikings). It is always good to take those shades off and be objective in your analysis, because when ish hits the fan dont say we didnt warn you.

  29. Wilson doesn’t have the deep pass weapons at his disposal like kaepernick has. Due to injuries, etc, Seattle has to take what it has and deal with it. In the end, a win is a win.

  30. I think that the Niners and the Hawks are pretty much even on talent. Home field advantage is huge when the teams are so evenly matched.

    Advantages: Seattle

    Home field

    Advantages: San Francisco


    Disadvantages: Seattle


    Disadvantages: San Francisco


    Flip a coin, people. This will , hopefully, be a close and exciting game. I predict that the game will turn on a big defensive play by one team.

    None for either team

  31. Well what would anyone expect him to say? You’re not gonna give your qb the kiss of death a week in front of the biggest game in his entire life! That said, if the sea chickens plan on playing in the big game he’s gonna have to step up his game (which he’s capable of doing). Rush yds are gonna be tough to come by against the niners, so he’ll have to make plays with his arm and/or feet. I think the niners are just firing on all cylinders right now having won 8 in a row, so it’s gonna be tough for the chickens too pull this one off. Niners win 24-17

  32. This game will be won by either kicker, I havnt watched enough of Seattle lately but Im not a fan of the receiving core. Baldwin moves the chains but Tate not near as good as he thinks he is and without Harvin they lack big play threat. Kap has played well in all his playoff games for two years now and I expect he will again on Sunday. Some of you clinging to the two blowouts up there must know the playoffs is a different season.

  33. How short peoples memories are the last 2 times the 49rs have played in Seattle they have been outscored by the Seahawks 71 to 16 and won by only 2 points at home with a last minute field goal. The legion of boom is going to shut them down and the defensive line will bring pressure all day and Russell will have a good game and make plays when we need him to . Get ready for the boom the 9rs are getting beat down and beat up again.

  34. DO NOT BET ON SEATTLE! It is too risky. The 49ers are hitting on all cylanders. Seattle needs to score 28 to win this game and will not. 4 INTs against the Cards in a big game
    knowing if they lose they could still lose there division and they still only put up 10 points and 86 yards passing. AT HOME! THE MOJO IS GONE! Maybe you will be surprised with the 49ers 10 point victory but some see it coming.

  35. adderal says: Jan 14, 2014 10:40 PM

    This game will be won by either kicker, I havnt watched enough of Seattle lately but Im not a fan of the receiving core. Baldwin moves the chains but Tate not near as good as he thinks he is and without Harvin they lack big play threat. Kap has played well in all his playoff games for two years now and I expect he will again on Sunday. Some of you clinging to the two blowouts up there must know the playoffs is a different season.

    No, no, and no.

    And Harvin is most likely going to play. What are you talking about?

    And Boldin is going to magically get open now? Same with Crabtree? Davis is suddenly going to not be soft and scared of Chancellor? You talk about Seattle’s WRs, but act like SF’s aren’t the ones who will struggle to get open.

    Wilson doesn’t panic when his initial read isn’t there. Kaepernick does, especially with the noise in Seattle.

    Those blowouts are more indicative than the game vs. Carolina — a team that is mentally weak, inexperienced, outmatched on the sidelines and on the field — which is what seems to have given SF fans all this unwarranted confidence that they are suddenly going to reverse the trend in Seattle.

  36. Go ahead and lookup Kap vs Wilson side by side stats this year if you think Kap is having a better year. Also, whomever thinks that the Niners are going to score more than 21 points against Seattle, IN Seattle is nuts. This game is first to 20, wins.

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