ProFootballTalk: Releasing Welker the right move for the Pats?

The ProFootballTalk crew discusses the Patriots missing Wes Welker, his impact on the Broncos, the Patriots relying on the run game and more.

2 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Releasing Welker the right move for the Pats?

  1. His stats: 73 – 778 – 10

    A good reliable possession receiver who was below career average in receptions this year and above in TD’s. Age 32 w/severe leg injury in recent past, hard to tell.

    Pats receiving picture was such a shambles at least early on that presence or absence of Welker wouldn’t have changed much, IMO

  2. Did they release him?

    I thought Welker was a free agent – and the Patriots offered him more money than he got from the Broncos.

    I don’t think they would have tagged him yet again – so it’s not like they owned his rights but chose to release him.

    We saw Welker drop a catchable pass last week that would have been a touchdown (it didn’t wind up being a difference maker, but those dropped passes is part of the reason he’d worn out his welcome with Belichick) – but we did see a typical Manning p.o’ed reaction at the time

    While it’s unfair to put it all on Welker, if he’d made just 2 more key catches in his time with the Patriots he’d have 2 rings and Brady would be on Championship #5 vying for #6

    With Edelman pulling in 105 passes to Welker’s 73 (albeit with 3 less games) I tend to think Belichick isn’t losing any sleep in saving a few million on the salary cap and seeing Welker walk

    But ultimately Welker is the one who decided to leave – the Patriots didn’t release him. As a Patsfan I don’t hold any animosity towards Welker and appreciate all he did in his years here, in spite of those two HUGE drops (again, those were not easy catches – he just makes them 9 out of 10 times and failed to do so that time)

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