Report: Browns will wait to interview Adam Gase before hiring coach


Another coaching vacancy was filled on Monday when the Titans hired Ken Whisenhunt, but it doesn’t look like the Browns will be making a similar move in the immediate future.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that the Browns will wait to talk to Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase before they hire any head coach, a wait that would stretch until early February if the Broncos defeat the Patriots this weekend and advance to the Super Bowl. Gase was eligible to interview during the Broncos’ playoff bye week, but opted not to speak to any interested teams until after Denver was done playing.

The Browns aren’t twiddling their thumbs while they wait. They interviewed former Titans coach Mike Munchak on Monday, adding him to a list that also includes Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and Packers offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, and Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the team could add more candidates while adding that Gase is “widely regarded” as their top target.

They’ll need to have a strong backup plan if that’s the case because Gase could choose to remain in Denver. There have also been reports of interest from the Vikings, who are interviewing Bengals Mike Zimmer for a second time on Tuesday, in Gase’s services as well.

17 responses to “Report: Browns will wait to interview Adam Gase before hiring coach

  1. ” They’ll need a strong backup plan if Gase chooses to remain in Denver”,….. Do they have a plan? Let alone a backup plan

    Wuzza Brown’s Fanatic

  2. Don’t think for a minute that Chud’s firing had anything to do with Banner or Lombardi (other than playing their roles as “yes men”). This was Haslam’s call all the way. An angry, knee-jerk reaction, born of impatience and failure to follow any kind of “plan” that may have been in place.

    So…what’s the plan, now? What if Gase tells the Stooges what they can do with their job…which he is very likely to do? Haslam’s over-reaction to losing (NOBODY thought the Browns were going to win much in Chud’s season #1) has made the head coaching position radioactive. Why would Gase give up what he has in Denver, just to take his chances in Cleveland…with a front office that cannot be trusted?

    For lots and lots of Haslam’s money, that’s why. And how much patience will Jimmy have if there is a similar losing season?

    Haslam screwed up when he had Chudzinski fired. He bought the Browns team as an ego trip, and felt let down, in a bad way. Too bad he doesn’t love the Browns the same way the fans do.

    He should have had our kind of patience…

  3. Only the Clowns would wait for somebody to reject them. Strong front office you’ve put together Jimmy. Can you say dumpster fire?

  4. I fail to see the attraction. Being Manning’s OC is like being Lebron James shoe caddy…….

  5. So they hire a young offensive minded coach, fire him after one season, and then target a young offensive minded coach with even less coaching experience? The Browns front office is truly comedy of errors.

  6. What’s the point? It’s like a bunch of rabid dogs chasing their own tails. No wonder Haslam has to cheat at business.

  7. I have a good feeling Gase will stay in Denver. Who would give up a kush job with Manning to go to the lowly Browns? Gase will be in the same situation next year and there will most likely be a more attractive job.

  8. Simple rule of thumb, never count on one of Peyton Manning’s offensive coordinators as a head coach. Peyton Manning runs the Peyton Manning offense, coordinated and installed by Peyton Manning. OCs for Manning don’t call plays, they make suggestions and send out personnel. Manning takes it from there. If you want a similar level of production from your team, you’re going to have to wait a few years until he retires and then hire Manning as you coach. And even with that, you won’t get the same kind of production unless your quarterback is smart enough to recognize any and every coverage, know the entire playbook, recognize every matchup, and have the anticipation to throw the ball to a spot a receiver SHOULD be.

  9. Relax haters. At least Haslam admitted his mistake and is seeking to correct it.

    Banner will be the next mistake to go if this embarrassment continues. His public demeanor is awful for sure, but he put a winner on the field in Philly. If this next year blows up in his face, he’s gone.

  10. Sounds like another Chud but with even less experience.

    Honestly I think that the Browns are already set on getting Manziel, especially with Haslam’s obsession with the SEC. I heard that he is absolutely in live with Manziel.

    And Denver’s offense this year is precisely the type of offense that Manziel needs to be in. Shotgun and spread out all of the time. He’s not ready to step into a traditional pro style offense.

    Anyways, who cares about the coach, none of these guys are show stoppers. I’ll start caring about the Browns if they draft Manziel or Bridgewater.

  11. Cleveland needs to build a winner asap before Payton Manning retires considering how buddy, buddy Manning is with the Haslam family. As soon as he retires he’s getting Joe Banners job.

    With that being said. Pretty sure Manning probably set this up for Gase who probably knows he has the job already.

    People say they didn’t have a plan when they fired Chud. If Jimmy Haslam is the new Jerry Jones meet your new Jason Garrett Cleveland.

  12. Funny thing here is, the plan is to wait for a chance to interview someone, by then everyone else will have a job, then they are stuck with their 4th or 5th choice, just like last year……..

    So in essence there is no improvement from the front office from last year, and that’s why they fired Chud right??

    Bring back Chud and fire Banner….

  13. Don’t really want this guy as HC unless he brings the real Denver OC, Peyton Manning, with him.
    Here’s hoping that the Broncos lose this weekend so we don’t have to wait until 2 months before the draft to find out who our coach will be.

  14. wouldn’t you interview all qualified candidate before making a decision?

    whats all the fuss – just be patient – go do something else

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