Sean McVay becomes offensive coordinator in Washington

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When told last Thursday of reports that tight ends coach Sean McVay will become offensive coordinator in Washington, new head coach Jay Gruden quipped, “Nice, good for Sean.”

Indeed it is.

Via multiple reports, McVay has received the promotion from position coach.  It’s an unusual development given the team’s record last season; often, 3-13 gets the head coach fired along with most of the staff.  Those who stay rarely are rewarded.

McVay has been.  And at age 27 he steps onto the same fast track that former Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan occupied.

Aiding McVay is the fact that he has worked with Gruden both in Tampa and with the UFL’s Florida Tuskers, where Gruden served as head coach.

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  1. A lot of people have said this guy is going to be big in the league in a few years. Hopefully he brings in a fresh perspective and can help the Skins out.

  2. Ok young man we can’t wait to see what you got! This coaching staff is YOUNG, let’s see them build a winner here & stay in place a long time, for a change.

  3. this org is comical….2 of the worse hires possible…NFC East thanks you as you have secured the cellar for the next couple of years.

  4. Hope this works out. Players seem to love this guy and reference his offensive genius mind to something of a mad scientist…

    But on a different note, why when his name is google imaged are there so many pics of him with his shirt off and arms around other men???

    Not a sermon, just a thought.

  5. So this clearly means Jay Gruden doesn’t have control over his staff?

    He didn’t know McVay had been promoted to be *his* OC?

    That’s sad.

  6. That would make him 17 at the time Gruden was in TB. Didn’t know they were hiring high school kids to coach NFL talent. Clearly it worked in this case

  7. Are you serious? Of all the positions on offense, I would have to think TE is one of the least vital. Before Gronk, Brady won Super Bowls without one on the field…ever. At 27, this guy has a gift, has proven something beyond the shadow of a doubt, cultivated some sort of inspiration in his bosses that affords him an opportunity that most coaches spend an ADDITIONAL 20 years of amassing accolades to acquire. Is his father employed somewhere I of not I am unaware of? He certainly did something well with Fred and Jordan, but these guys were not exactly 7th rounder long shots without much pedigree. I suppose with Jay handling most of it anyway, this matters little, but still…

    Then Keeping Haslett to boot!? Jim, from 2001-2013, has had defenses that averaged 25.5 of 32 in points allowed. Please, do the math, it shocked me also.

    Snyder, I really thought you had turned a leaf, thought allowing Bruce to take the helm was a legit football move. You got me, got me good. Politics as usual it appears.

  8. along with jim haslett, this team has rebuilt a minor league coaching staff.

    they lose all the time, they havent been relevant in forever, they make thier own salary cap rules, hire/fire coaches every couple of seasons, and then the owner and thier pr guy always act like victims when the media is lampooning them as the leagues worst franchise.

  9. Lots of disdain right now for the Lions hires, but Washington is here to prove once and for all they play host to the nuttiest clown show in the league.

  10. Ie; all the possible candidates from outside the Washington team organization weren’t interested

  11. Who Cares? RTG III, me, me, me. The Aboriginals will be even worse next year, if that’s even possible.

  12. Sometimes you just gotta be in the right place at the right time to move up the food chain.

  13. Gruden will call the plays, though. The players had some great things to say about McVay, and the tight ends weren’t a problem last year. Things looking up for my Skins! 🙂

  14. Boy oh boy because their tight ends were so productive. I love how the wheels on this bus keep goin round and round.

  15. Everything I’ve heard on this guy is positive. By all accounts he’s a good, smart young coach who really knows his stuff. He’s well regarded by other coaches and liked by the players. ‘skins fans should be excited so see what he can bring to the table.

  16. I love it how the head coach just gets told who his OC is. I would’ve thought most HCs would want to have some say in picking their staff.

  17. flavordave says:
    Jan 15, 2014 6:46 AM
    Boy oh boy because their tight ends were so productive. I love how the wheels on this bus keep goin round and round.

    rookie tight end played 9 games and had 45 catches for 500 yards. first team all-rookie. had he not gotten injured he would have been a top 5 statistical TE this year.

  18. It’s always good to promote within the team, u clowns just don’t understand that, McVay has done well at being a te coach and Jay knows him well so it’s a excellent move.. it’s a big step for McVay and the team should respond to a well liked guy who they want to play for..Washington is starting to turn the corner and Dan is understanding how to build a franchise..look forward to what 2014 will bring

  19. Look, people. Gruden wasn’t *told* this guy was going to be his OC.

    “When told last Thursday of reports that tight ends coach Sean McVay will become offensive coordinator in Washington, new head coach Jay Gruden quipped, “Nice, good for Sean.””

    Last Thursday was *the day Gruden was hired*. The same day there were rumors that he was going to make McVay his OC because of their previous work together. He was *asked about the rumors*. He responded tongue-in-cheek because they weren’t going to announce anything that day. If you think Gruden didn’t have any say in this promotion you aren’t thinking clearly. They’ve been discussing staff manipulations and identifying people Gruden wants around since Day 1.

  20. Hey Eagle fan,whats inside of yalls trophy case???????

    Typical response from a team and afan that has nothing left to fall back on when they know they have been shut up.

  21. I’m a Skins fan and barely know this guy (I mean c’mon how many of you can name your team’s TE coach) but the players love this guy and are adament about his ability to coach and practically name him an offensive savant.

    Anyone bashing on here is solely doing it to play internet tough guy. No one has any clue how he’ll do, especially since Gruden is calling the plays.

    All of this Gruden doesn’t have a say in his staff, same old Skins, etc. is just rhetoric and people bashing just because they have a keyboard in front of them. If the roles were reversed and we were talking about the Lions, Jets, Pats, etc. I’d say the same thing. I mean the Pats had issues raising a young McDaniels up to that position.

  22. I hope Sean McVay has much success as offensive coordinator and the redskins turn it around and start winning.

    But think about the history of the NFL, all the players and coaches that have passed through and made the league what it is. How does Sean McVay emerge as the top candidate for offensive coordinator? He must be related to someone and it’s his birthright to be offensive coordinator, like Kyle Shanahan.

  23. Yes, haters, this must be the dumbest promotion since John Harbaugh went from Special Teams coach to Head Coach. Oh, but wait, that worked out pretty well, didn’t it?

  24. Perhaps making a run at Jimmy Graham if NO’s cap situation prevents it makes Gruden (Gresham and Eifert) and newly promoted/former TE coach who is now OC make more sense? haha Dreaming, I know, if he leaves NO he is obviously no coming to my god forsaken franchise but…

    Yes, with Gruden at the helm the OC is more or less pointless. I could care less honestly. The guy was cheap and been the grind that was the last few years.

    I DO CARE however that the pathetic excuse, while a solid human being, for a defensive coordinator was retained. Come On Man! Please, somebody, anybody, do something, anything!

    As I have mentioned a billion times, his defenses (years 2001-2013) have an average of 25.5 of 32 teams in points allowed. Points allowed ranks with WAS:
    2010 – 21
    2011 – 22
    2012 – 22
    2013 – 30

    Our offense has been fine (5th rushing, 16th passing 2013 and 1st rushing 2012).

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