Todd Bowles pulls himself out of the Browns mix


With only two NFL head coaching openings left, there are signs it could be down to one soon.

According to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports, Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles has taken himself out of the running for the Browns head coaching job.

While Bowles is certainly a legitimate candidate based on his work with the Cardinals, that usually only happens when a guy knows he’s not getting the job, usually around the time someone else is.

The Browns have kept a low profile throughout the process, and a report today indicated that they wanted to wait to interview Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase before making a decision.

They’re also checking out college coaches along with retreads and NFL assistants including Mike Munchak, Dan Quinn and Ben McAdoo.

25 responses to “Todd Bowles pulls himself out of the Browns mix

  1. I think a lot of this is to do with how they treated Chudz. These coaches are pulling out left and right, and it seems they really shot themselves in the foot by doing it the way they did. They have been calling Chudz to ask him what’s up with the job, and he is telling them the truth.

  2. The Browns brain trust just announced that the next head coach will be …

    … Frank Caliendo …

    … who will imitate a different former successful head coach at each game: Madden, Lombardi, Shula, Rockne, etc.

  3. They are going to have to go into the grade school ranks to get a coach for this team. This disaster has Joe Banner’s fingerprints all over it. Smug and obnoxious is not a good combination.

  4. Being I have no chance to get the gig either…..I’ll pull my name from consideration too.

  5. I think it’s crazy they didn’t have someone lined up to replace Chud. I really thought the reason he was fired was because their guy was ready and available. Makes me think there was more to firing him than just on field results.

  6. I’ve never seen so many coaches pull out of a job opening. Watch Gase decide to stay with Manning one more year. I think I’ll apply for the Browns HC job….. Nah. I’ll pass.

  7. No commitment to prior coach. Check.
    Owner possibly going to prison. Check.

    Do they really think any A-list candidate will take that job?

  8. I’m not buying that coaches “pull out”. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime to be a head coach of an NFL team and the money is tremendous. There is an agreement between the Browns and these potential coaches, that if the Browns go in a different direction, the coaches tell the PR folks that they’re pulling out to make it appear as they’re calling the shots. It looks better on the resume this way. You have to remember, the next coach that gets hired here has 100% job security for a minimum of 2 years based on what happened to Chud. This is a great gig for any coach to take right now. Money in the bank.

  9. Wow! Two candidates withdraw their names?? Sounds like a really posionous atmosphere up there; and that is not meant to bully the franchise, because at this point it’s almost not even funny anymore.

  10. I think in the case of Josh McDaniels he wanted to know soon from the Browns if he was the front runner. I think it chapped his rear when he realize it was Adam Gase. After all this is the guy who cleaned up Josh McDaniels mess in Denver. As far as Bowles goes, he was just sick of hanging by a string. He is saving face. It is like dumping a girl before she dumps you because you knew it was coming.

  11. Ian Rapaport reports, “Todd Bowles PM’ed Chud on Facebook. After multiple PM’s now Bowles is turned off by $10.5 million for one year of coaching. Bowles has determines he rather be a DC or assistant for the next ten years to make that.”

  12. I just cant understand why nobody wants this job. Lets see, maybe its because:
    :they fired the last guy in less than one year
    : coach has no control over roster or draft, all Banner/Lombardi
    : they have already talked to Jim Schwartz about the DC position before hiring a hc
    : Banner asked Chud to cut two starters, Little and Lavau to “send a message” with a month to go in the season. Chud refused.
    Regardless what you think of those two players, what HC wants the GM or owner telling him to cut players in the middle of a season. I can think of only two organizations capable of that. Raiders and Redskins. They don’t want a coach. they want a puppett

  13. Rooney Rule interview. Never a serious candidate. Still…… some point Jimmy is gonna have to realize that the combo of Banner & Lombardi is the problem. Not the solution.

  14. Not that I’m a Banner fan, but I’m intrigued by the rumblings that the firing was Haslam’s quick trigger.

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