Tom Cable believes he’ll be a head coach again


During the still-spinning NFL coaching carousel cycle, former Raiders coach Tom Cable’s name came up once, in connection with an ultimately debunked report that the Lions wanted to interview him.

They didn’t, and Cable has drawn no interest as to any of the other six vacancies — all but two of which are now filled.

But Cable is keeping the faith.  Cable told Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt of SiriusXM NFL Radio that he believes he’ll be an NFL head coach again.

“I think the shot will come,” Cable said Tuesday night.  “I’ve been told that a number of times. . . .  I’ll be a head coach again someday, just when the right owner and organization wants a tough style and a demanding style and discipline and all those things that go with it. . . . When that opportunity comes, I’ll be ready for it, and we’ll be successful.”

It’s unclear when or if the opportunity will come, and whether Cable will be successful the second time around, if there is one.  But he’s definitely doing well in his current job as offensive line coach of the Seahawks, helping the team get through a stretch where multiple injuries made it very hard to run the offense.

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  1. say what you want about Cables past “character issues”, but he was turning Oakland around, all the while leading a great rushing attack, before they canned him.

    look at the numbers he’s helping Marshawn Lynch put up even with a banged-up O-line in Seattle

  2. Or when an owner needs to have an assistant coach errrr informant / team spy knocked out.. cable is the man

  3. So many Raider fans complain about Hue Jackson being fired but Cable is the one they let go far too soon.

  4. Minny. might take him up on that… I think he would be a decent fit for a power run team.

    He will also continue the tradition of not being able to develop QB talent.

  5. He has been an HC before. And plenty of teams turnover their HC each season. It’s only a matter of time before he is on the short list of fitting some team’s profile of having to have been a previous HC. As long as he doesn’t go to jail for anything in the meantime, yeah he’ll get another shot.

  6. You went full retard, man. Never go full retard. You don’t buy that? Ask Sean Penn, 2001, “I Am Sam.” Remember? Went full retard, went home empty handed…

  7. There’s that whole domestic abuse thing that might be hard to explain to the females of a fan base, at least for a head coaching position evidently.

  8. Cable deserves a bit more than what PFT is calling him here. He is the Assistant Head Coach and O-Line coach. Maybe a small distinction to most, but in the Hawks organization it means something.

    Not only does he work miracles with o-linemen…which he does consistently, but he does it with less perceived talent. Case in point…Seahawks 2011 first rounder Carpenter and 2011 2nd rounder Moffet were both beat out.

    Carp by a 7th round rookie and Moffit by a 7th round former D-lineman that had never played a snap of O-line ebfore Coach Cable got him.

    If you value the zone blocking scheme this is the guy you want teaching it. I hope no one takes him away from the Hawks, even though he deserves another shot at a HC spot.

  9. Sure you will. And while you’re on a delusional hot streak, make sure you put Bud Grant and Chuck Noll on your staff while you’re at it.

  10. He should have never been let go by the Raiders.They were on an upward climb when he was coach and of course that corpse Al Davis does the logical thing and let’s him go.

  11. I dont like the Shehawks but dude doesnt get enough credit for the success here in Seattle. He will get another shot. Might not break anyone’s jaw though .

  12. honestly, the raiders should have never let him go. he was the perfect coach for that team and the players respected him. don’t forget, he was the head coach of a team that beat the seahawks 33-3 and the broncos 59-14. he deserves a shot somewhere.

  13. Tom Cable believes he’ll be a head coach again?

    If you don’t believe him he’ll break your jaw!

  14. ” when the right owner and organization wants a tough style and a demanding style and discipline and all those things that go with it. ”

    Lions sure don’t need anything like that.

  15. As he should. He was the last HC to make Oakland relevant. They had a power rushing attack and went 8-8 in 2010.

    I mean, if racial profiling can get Caldwell a job, Cable should be able to get one with his history.

  16. His last year as a head coach he swept his division and lost to every other team outside of it. I thought they would keep him after that. He could have tightened that team up the following year.

  17. Tom Cable is a total badass and I credit him for molding their OL and ground game from a bunch of meek little softies after they let Hutch leave in 06 into unapologetic ass-kickers in 2011. I honestly wish my Raiders didn’t stupidly fire him and I bet he’s the successor whenever Pete Carroll retires.

  18. “I think the shot will come”…dind’t this guy already take a shot at someone?

  19. The big difference between low character tom cable and other potential head coaching candidates:

    – tom cable has a long history of attacking and beating women

    – tom cable has a history of assaulting co-workers

    – tom cable is a loser (11 wins – 35 losses as college head coach)

    – tom cable is a loser (17 wins – 27 losses as NFL head coach)

  20. He’s gotten a lot of bad press esp when he coached my Raiders, some of it deservedly so, but he’s kept his nose clean and hes doing a fantastic job in Sea. I think he’s very deserving of another HC position. He was 8-8 his last year with the Raiders, plus he swept the entire divis that year, both of which are monumental tasks when you coach under Big Al. I hope he gets his shot.

  21. Cable was raised to a level of incompetence as a head coach – it happens to TONS of people – it’s not a slam. We reach our level of “great” – for some folks – that’s HC – for others, it’s coordinator. The key – is to realize it when you are IN it. Just because you are a good coordinator does NOT mean that you will ever be a good head coach.

  22. Cable would have Detroit to the NFC Championship game in two years. He made a completely talentless Raiders team into a real threat. Cable if most definitely head-coach material. I wouldn’t have minded a bit if Washington had hired him instead of Gruden.

  23. Say what you want about Cable based upon what you read in the media and jump to your own uninformed conclusions but Cable was the only coach in the Raider locker room that had command and control of that team.

    He stood up to the malcontents in on the team and put them in their place(s). Randy Hansen got what he deserved so don’t judge that situation while sitting on your high-horses far far away.

    Not sure about the allegations of his assault on females and that’s none of my business or anyone else.

    Bottom line, he may not be a glamor pick, but he can motivate.


  24. Anyone that accepts the job with Oakland forfeits the right to coach at any other head coaching job in the league because it shows the despair one has had in his life at that point.

  25. Al never should have fired Cable, it was all down hill after that. Cable was able to stand up to Al and bench Jamarcus. Then he took the team to 8-8, but that wasn’t good enough for that senile fool (god rest his soul). 1 missed Janikowski chip shot against Houston cost us a 9-7 season and the playoffs. If Cable is in charge the next season when Campbell went down, he wouldn’t have freaked out and sold the farm for Palmer. Maybe he would have kept the team rolling, oh and no Greg Knapp V2 either. Not saying they would have won the Super Bowl, but they would have been stable for the past couple years instead of the coaching carousel that has plagued them for the past decade. Maybe after Allen is fired next year we can get the Cable guy back.

  26. I was dubious of Cable’s temperament after the incident with Randy Hanson. However, it then came out that Hanson took a gig at Cal Poly, where he was arrested for assault following a bar fight.

    Getting arrested for assault in SLO, the calmest, most mellow little city on God’s green earth, takes a very special set of skills, and told me that Hanson probably deserved whatever Cable gave him.

  27. Lol, I still can’t believe this clown ever held a head coaching job. Do people posting realize that he was a bad head coach in college, too? He was horrible there, too. Then, there’s the whole beating his wife and assaulting co-workers thing. I needed a good laugh this morning.

  28. let haters hate, but bottom line as the asst coach at Seattle he has help led them to the best record in the NFL. Pete Carroll did not hesitate to hire him.

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