Coughlin expects hire of McAdoo to put a fire in Giants

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The offense for the New York Giants was a train wreck this season.

The Giants season consisted of a stable of battered running backs and inconsistent line play while Eli Manning was an interception waiting to happen.

Head coach Tom Coughlin hopes the hiring of Ben McAdoo as the team’s new offensive coordinator helps knock some complacency out of his team.

Here’s what I expect,” Coughlin said, via Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger. “I think the players will respond to this. We’re going to try to compromise the system with what we have here. However, there will be change. And that change will be very positive and very well-received by our team and our players. And if our players are scrambling around to learn a new system – good. That’s another fire in their rear end.”

Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride announced his retirement at the end of the season leaving the Giants in need of a replacement. McAdoo will call plays for the first time with the Giants with Coughlin willing to lend a hand when necessary. McAdoo served as the quarterbacks coach for the Green Bay Packers the last two seasons under Mike McCarthy.

12 responses to “Coughlin expects hire of McAdoo to put a fire in Giants

  1. He is in for some major culture shock. Laid back MM coaching style to coughlin’s coaching style. Also, Green Bay to NYC, where the media will eat you alive.

  2. The Giants can only get better but this is only one piece of the puzzle in place. They still need to upgrade the offensive line and the running backs, if they can do that they will be contenders soon instead of just offensive

  3. Trade Eli, he’s past his prime anyway, and get Sanchez for a long term contract. Get rid of the geriatric O-line, along with their walkers that keep tripping up the running backs, and get some fresh bodies in there. Tell Prince to just come out of the closet already, and he’ll play up to expectations.

  4. It is an encouraging sign, a high risk, high reward move. If Reese manages to makeover the line and find a few LBs the Giants will be a playoff team next season. I love the slap down to the status quo, and to the continuity the players requested via a Sullivan hire. Funny hearing Cruz whine, if he and Nicks had attended OTAs (and if Nicks expended any effort on field) the season might have gone differently. The McAdoo hire recognizes that it is last call on the recent SuperBowl winning run and Coughlin/Reese tenure.

  5. Big Blue! Just about due for another SB run. Rest of NFC East had there chance and couldn’t come through in the playoffs. Eli is the Mann. Go Giants.

  6. I like the move but I have to give Gillbride a little bit of defense here too. The guy did have a top 10 offense in 4 of the 8 seasons he was the OC…and in 3 others the Giants were in the top half of the league. It was only in 2013 that the team totally bombed….which was almost entirely due to the deplorable offensive line.

    So yeah, I think this was the perfect time for a change…..but that’s because the Giants overall offensive scheme had gotten stale….not because the team was so bad this year.

    Again though, I think Gillbride is taking an unfair amount of abuse for what happened in Giants land this year; he really had a pretty decent run with the Giants.

  7. With the RB and TE coaches gone (which is sad), look for the Giants to actually use their TEs as WRs, and throw even more. Defense on their heels, enter Andre Brown and hopefully Wilson.

    If that line gets healthy – the rest of the NFC East should be on notice. I’m not an over hyped Giants fan…

    There’s a reason Ernie Accorsi gave up what he did for Eli… If you haven’t read Ernie’s book, I suggest you do.

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