Eddie Lacy replaces Adrian Peterson on Pro Bowl roster


Eddie Lacy is headed to the Pro Bowl.

Lacy, who rushed for 1,178 yards and 11 touchdowns in a sparkling 2013 season, has been selected to the NFL’s all-star game, the Packers announced Wednesday.

Lacy will take the place of Vikings tailback Adrian Peterson, who will miss the game because of injury. Peterson was dealing with groin and foot ailments at season’s end.

A second-round pick from Alabama, the 23-year-old Lacy was the Packers’ featured back for much of the season. He scored at least one touchdown in nine of the Packers’ final 11 regular-season games, and he exceeded 100 yards rushing three times with quarterback Aaron Rodgers out of the lineup.

Lacy is the first Packers running back to make the Pro Bowl since Ahman Green, who was selected to the the 2005 game.

Of the six tailbacks on the Pro Bowl roster, five are from the NFC: Lacy, Philadelphia’s LeSean McCoy, Chicago’s Matt Forte, Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch and San Francisco’s Frank Gore. The lone AFC representative is Kansas City’s Jamaal Charles.

42 responses to “Eddie Lacy replaces Adrian Peterson on Pro Bowl roster

  1. Peterson has seen his better days, he is no longer the best running back in the NFL. Nothing against him, he was great. The wear and tear of the position has caught up to him though.

  2. He will replace Adrian Peterson as best running back in the NFC North in 2 seasons.

    When the Vikings realize its for the team, that they trade him.

    Much like they did with Percy Harvin.

  3. 13xworldchamps says:Jan 15, 2014 12:56 PM

    Peterson has seen his better days, he is no longer the best running back in the NFL. Nothing against him, he was great. The wear and tear of the position has caught up to him though.

    Didn’t you say that two years ago?

  4. 2012 Trent Richardson – 1,317 total yards, 12 TD’s
    2013 Eddie Lacy – 1,213 total yards, 11 TD’s

    I don’t know what that means but I thought it was interesting.

  5. Always nice to be #2…or is it#4?
    First runner up?

    It is a shame that the Pro Bowl is no longer the honor it used to be. Tie contract incentives to participation and maybe we wouldn’t see all these players drop out.

  6. Well, let’s look at it the way it is:

    Vikings fans had absolutely nothing to look forward to this season, so they went in droves to the local library to use the free dial-up (still the fastest they have over there). They voted and voted and voted for vikings players, who had no business being in the NFL Pro bowl anyway. These guys are all arena league cast-offs that no NFL team would want.

  7. Alfred Morris robbed again. Should have been a starter last year, 2nd in the league with over 1600 yards rushing. 4th in the league this year running behind an undersized O line on a 3-13 team. I know there’s a lot of hate on the Skins, but dude is a good kid and deserving of the honor. 2nd in the league over the last 2 years to AP only. Should not be getting dissed a second time for a rookie.

  8. Not bad, especially when you consider he did most of his damage when they finally had to use him heavily when there was zero threat of a passing game.

  9. Hahaha the only way a packer made it to the pro bowl was by someone else not being able to go. The only reason the packers made the playoffs this year was because two other teams who were in the lead all season long couldn’t close out. Can the packers ever earn anything outright or is it always because someone else couldn’t or wouldn’t do it?

  10. Lacy had a great year and will be a terrific RB… but this year neither he nor Peterson were even the best back in the NFC North.

    Matt Forte
    1,339 yards rushing, 4.6 avg, 74 rec, 594 rec rds, 12 tds, 2 fumbles

    Eddie Lacy
    1,178 yards rushing, 4.1 avg, 35 rec, 257 rec rds, 11 tds, 1 fumble

    Adrian Peterson
    1,266 yards rushing, 4.5 avg, 29 rec, 171 rec rds, 11 tds, 5 fumbles

    When Eddie Lacy has Aaron Rodgers for an entire season at full strength, those yards per carry will go up. Like I said, I’m not knocking him or dogging his future, but I think Forte has been totally overlooked. Lacy and Peterson were both All-Pro this year ahead of him despite the fact that he hands down had a better season than both. Just food for thought.

  11. Lacy should have been an initial selection but given how much of the selection, he was snubbed when in only
    13 games he rushed for 1,187 yds, he deserved to be selected in the
    First place.
    The Pro Bowl is nothing more than a popularity contest leaving voting
    up to fans

  12. Awwh viking posters dont be bitter. We heard every bit of trash talk imaginable as well as your predictions that Lacy was this overweight injury prone back that would be a bust. Now that the size 12 is firmly implanted in your mouths again remind us how the Vikings would win division, had the best draft, Jennings would hurt us while putting you over the top, Peterson would easily gain over 2000yds., Spielman is this great GM, etc etc. I am sure there are many people could add on to this but I believe you get the point. Its amazing you can dog anyone when your team finishes in LAST PLACE while having to take the back seat year after year really wears on you huh? Maybe soon you will be able to play with the big boys and be able to back up at least one of your predictions.

  13. Eddie Lacy is good but, a lot of people are comparing him to Lynch and there are similarities A LOT of them but the difference is that Lacy unlike Marshawn will go down on his own sometimes. Marshawn never goes down on his own sometimes it takes literally the whole defense to tackle him. If Eddie Lacy finds that Beast Mode in him and is able to stay in Beast mode 100% of the time he has the potential to be as good as Lynch.

  14. Well, he’ll be fresh after barely getting used in the second half against the 49ers when McFatty insisted to keep throwing the ball in a one score game. Might want to try running the ball more in frigid weather in the playoffs, green bay.

  15. LOL, Packer fans all should be comedians. Lacy the best RB in the division? Come on, this right here is the closest Lacy will ever get to being mentioned in the same sentence as Adrian Peterson is this, Adrian Peterson drops out of the meaningless Pro Bowl game because he has been there every year of his career, so Lacy is “picked” so he can play 5 snaps behind every other RB that earned it.

  16. Anybody that thinks Lacy is even close to the same caliber as Peterson is totally delusional. That’s akin to saying Andy Dalton is the same caliber player at Peyton Manning. Peterson and Manning are the best there is at their position right now. Lacy and Dalton have done some nice stuff, decent players, shown some flashes of brilliance, but still a couple tiers down from the best in the league.

  17. why must the packers come in and clean up after every single viking failing? lacy coming in after AP lays an egg is kinda like superman coming in after clark kent goes down. “down goes peterson!! down goes peterson!!”

  18. Eddie Lacy to the Pro Bowl? Wow, it looks like the Packers are making progress. They usually don’t have any players that are healthy enough to play another game this time of the year.

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