Frazier hints that Freeman didn’t get a fair shake in Minnesota

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Former Vikings coach Leslie Frazier now works for the team that drafted most-likely-soon-to-be-former Vikings quarterback Josh Freeman.  And while a return of Freeman to Tampa Bay remains extremely unlikely, Frazier had positive things to say about Freeman in Frazier’s first press conference as Bucs defensive coordinator.

“Josh did a lot of good things for us in that short time that we had,” Freeman said, via  “Unfortunately it didn’t work out where we got him a lot of snaps in ball games. He worked as hard as he could every week to try to prepare and be ready to go.  He was a pro in every sense of the word in that way.”

So why didn’t Freeman play beyond a Monday night game against the Giants, barely two weeks after he joined the team?

“[W]e made a decision to try to figure out where Christian Ponder was and also take a look at Matt Cassel as well, as we tried to determine and get some questions answered at our quarterback position,” Frazier said.  “Josh got caught up in the shuffle of that.  It probably wasn’t the fairest situation for him, made it difficult for him, made it difficult for all of us as we were trying to evaluate quarterbacks in an NFL season.  That’s not a wise thing.  But nothing to do with Josh.  He prepared and worked as hard as he could to get on the field.  It just didn’t work out.”

Freeman becomes a free agent on March 11.  Until March 8, the Vikings have exclusive negotiating rights with him, if the new coaching staff chooses to keep him around.

33 responses to “Frazier hints that Freeman didn’t get a fair shake in Minnesota

  1. Everyone knows Josh Freeman was meant to fail. Nobody in their right minds would throw somebody into war a week into the playbook. They wanted to find a way to make Ponder QB to further evaluate him except concussions wouldn’t allow it.

  2. That wasnt a real good look in that Monday night game for Josh. Plus he didnt seem to have the best attitude of all time while he was in Tampa. Doesnt look like much more than a career backup to me, but then again Im not an evaluator of QB talent.

  3. Any casual fan could have told you early in Ponders 2nd year (at the latest) that he would never be an elite or even capable/dependable quarterback. Yet, at the end of his third year, you and the rest of the coaching staff still couldn’t figure it out. Thus, why you are no longer a head coach.

  4. Sticking with Josh Robinson, Erin Henderson, Ponder is why he is no longer employed. Then keeping Patterson on the bench until the last 1/4 of the season.

    Each of these players had much better ones behind them waiting to play. But he never saw that…

  5. It came out that it was Frazier who pushed Freeman into that early start and then bailed on him after predictable struggles. Not sure who he’s trying to convince here.

  6. I sincerely hope the Vikings aren’t counting on Josh Freeman to be their starting QB in 2014.

    Oh wait, I’m a Bears fan so I guess I am.

  7. What players/coaches have been with the Minnesota Vikings and not have their careers completely destroyed? I can’t think of one…

  8. Freeman needs to find a place to play as a backup next year and bide his time. In this league, it is not if starting quarterbacks get hurt but when. Freeman will get another chance to show if he has learned from his mistakes and matured.

  9. I’m by not means a Freeman fan, but if you’re going to bring the guy in, why not play him in a throwaway game at the end of the season to see where he stands? He played ONE game, 2 WEEKS after he was traded. Unless he was THAT bad in practice, I don’t see why they didn’t at least play him again.

  10. Josh did a lot of good things for us in that short time that we had,” Freeman said, via ….

    Wow, so Josh Freeman thought Josh Freeman did a good job. I would think he himself probably thought he did a good job, while the entire NFL and 98% of the fans saw that Josh Freeman was a 1 year wonder and has gone downhill very fast. He honestly looked worse every game I watched him play. He had a reverse progression

  11. Freeman may have his shortcomings as a player and leader, but Frazier is right. He was traded and thrown in the starting lineup. That’s not right.

  12. On a side note, many Vikings players have bashed Freeman for showing up late, being the first to leave, etc. etc. etc.

    Now I wonder what his former players will think of him now that he basically said he was given a raw deal, and he was a model teammate?

  13. Another stupid move by Spielman, good in Tampa coach with that ownership. At least Lovie’s got your back down there.

    Hey Carl, Brett Favre came to Minnesota and had his best season as a pro. That comes to mind.

  14. If they had stuck with Freemon they would have won out and won the division and they’d be playing the Seahawks this coming weekend. Freemon has the arm of Elway and the wheels of Vick in his prime. Freemon + Peterson = SB. Freemon > Rogers.

  15. It was pretty obvious something was screwed up. If he couldn’t learn the playbook, why put him out there? My guess is he knew it well enough. But I still scratch my head as to why they threw it 53 times that night. You have Adrian Peterson!

    One thing is certain, if he was truly a pile of garbage as some claim, the Vikes would have cut him. His contract was not guaranteed. We may never know the real story behind this gem made for NFL follies!

  16. Leslie is a good man and I wish him the best in Tampa. I think he will make a good DC for them, but reading responses like this is frustrating and unsatisfying. Its like he answers the question by rephrasing it to sound like answer without giving you any new information. We know Freeman got lost in the shuffle, but we asked you why and the reasons you gave … You know what, never mind. I’m glad I dont have to be maddened any longer by his frustratingly noncommittal and nonsensical answers. DC is the role for hich he is best suited.

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