Giants parting ways with running backs coach Jerald Ingram as well

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Giants owner John Mara said that the team’s offense was broken in 2013 and the team is making it clear that the coaches who were there when it broke won’t be part of putting it back together again.

Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger reports that running backs coach Jerald Ingram will not return to the team for the 2014 season. Ingram joins longtime tight ends coach Mike Pope as position coaches to get their walking papers a day after the team hired Ben McAdoo to be their new offensive coordinator. 

Ingram has been with the Giants since Tom Coughlin took over as head coach in 2004, helping the team to a pair of Super Bowl titles and managing productive backfields featuring Tiki Barber, Brandon Jacobs, Derrick Ward and Ahmad Bradshaw over the years. There wasn’t the same production in 2013 as 2012 first-round pick David Wilson struggled before getting hurt and the Giants failed to find consistently productive options elsewhere. Some of that had to do with an ineffective offensive line, but the Giants obviously felt Ingram fell short as well.

Coughlin said he wants the McAdoo hire to light a fire under the rear ends of the offense. Parting ways with coaches that have been there for his entire tenure is another clear way of sending that message.

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  1. Unless McAdoo somehow total implodes, he will be the Giants head coach in 2016. He is making all of these calls and TC is basically hanging on for the ride at this point. No way, with a hot commodity like McAdoo, did they bring him in here to maybe leave as a head coach to another team after a year or two. Im sure they made him some assurances regarding being the next head coach.

    For years TC has basically had complete control…that era is officially over for him. I have to believe there’s already an agreement in place with TC and Mara: You get 2 more years, hopefully you get lucky and get one more chance at a SB in 2015, then its over.

  2. Mike Pope got the hook? He’s the best TE coach in the NFL. He got like 50 catches out of Jake Ballard…

  3. Quinn is staying put, just like fewell is. Right or wrong, the offense was given the blame for the 2013 season and that is the only unit getting an overhaul. I personally think Reese should get the blame for that atrocious o-line, but it is what it is.

  4. It certainly seems that the Giants are doing the proverbial “cleaning of the house.” I just think that, and as evidenced by Gilbride and his decline, these coaches time has passed, at least in NJ.

    Hopefully this hiring pans out. Looking forward to next season.

  5. Coughlin has been officially placed on the hit seat despite media thinking he lives on it. He’s making changed to his staff, and is expected to win a mediocre division. Especially after Washington and Philly had quick turnarounds, and Dallas has played for the last few division titles. Hot seat nonetheless, he probBly has to make the playoffs.

  6. Jerald Ingram was fired because the Running back position cost us a few games, via missing blocks, fumbling, catching screens, popping up balls for interceptions, and the main issue was David Wilson not reaching what the Giants projected him to be, and Darell Scott another late pick that never improved. I can understand that.. In terms of Mike Pope I am surprised by that move the most.. Pope survived Handley that alone should make him a giant for life. I know Reese called Adrien Robinson the JPP of TE’s and he hasn’t been able to get on the field due to injury etc.. I wonder if the emergence of Jernigan got the Reese and company believing that some of the “old school guy’s” are keeping their picks from progressing…

  7. Can’t believe Pope got fired ahead of Quinn. Sure Myers wasn’t burning up the TE records last year, but the tight ends didn’t allow for 4 TD on kick/punt returns.

  8. I actually met Jerald up in Albany training camp one year. Bought him a brew at the Sutter Mill. Nice guy. RBs at the time Jacobs, Bradshaw, Ward and Brown. Good Luck to you, sir!

  9. Thanks for all those great years and the Super Bowls Coach Jerald – I wish you and your family all the best.

  10. Wasn’t Tom Coughlin a big part of there offense? If your gonna clean house, Don’t stop there!

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