Jim Caldwell on Stafford: I think you’ll see improvement from the outset


When the Lions began lining up head coaching candidates, it was clear that they wanted someone with head coaching experience and an offensive background.

That sounded like the exact opposite of the fired Jim Schwartz and new coach Jim Caldwell did his best at Wednesday’s introductory press conference to make it clear that they got exactly that. Caldwell mentioned discipline and not shooting yourself in the foot as traits he expected his teams to have. Neither was a hallmark of the Schwartz era, and Caldwell also said, when asked about his placid demeanor, that he thought that coaches who prepare their teams during the week don’t have any reason to scream and run around on the sideline.

Any coaching style would be welcomed by Lions fans if it came with a step up in play for quarterback Matthew Stafford. Caldwell said that he didn’t watch film with Stafford when they met during the interview process and that he needs to “dig down deeper” to figure out the best way to get that improvement.

Caldwell’s confident that it will happen, saying that he thinks Stafford is willing to do whatever it takes to improve and that “you’re going to see improvement from the outset” when the Lions get back on the field. That will be necessary for the Lions to make good on Caldwell’s belief that the team is “on the threshold” of big accomplishments.