Jim Harbaugh denies he feels animosity toward Pete Carroll


Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll have never seemed to like each other, either when they were rivals at the college level when Harbaugh coached Stanford and Carroll coached USC, or now that they’re NFL rivals, coaching against each other twice a year — and now for a third time this season in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday.

But as Harbaugh’s 49ers prepare to face Carroll’s Seahawks, Harbaugh was asked today if he feels personal animosity toward Carroll. And Harbaugh said he feels nothing for the coach on the other side of the field other than a healthy sense of competition.

“Animosity? No. Erroneous. Erroneous. It’s football. It’s competition. It’s winning,” Harbaugh said. “Football. Competition. Winning. That’s the sport. That’s what we’ve had, great competition.”

The infamous “What’s your deal?” handshake confrontation in 2009, after Harbaugh’s Cardinal ran up the score on Carroll’s Trojans, made clear that Harbaugh and Carroll are far from best buddies. But they’re not meeting in Seattle on Sunday to be friends. They’re meeting in, as Harbaugh said, one more chapter in a great competition.

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  1. I like the rivalry personally, it adds to the game. He shouldn’t like his divisional opponent anyways. This is good ol’ skool football.

  2. Good for Jim, good for Pete! This rivalry is way too exciting to mess it up with petty BS. These two coaches are BOTH phenomenal. I am a Hawks homer but that having been disclosed, I am a football fan first and foremost and folks, It don’t get no better than this game we’ve got coming this Sunday! All respect to both teams! Go Hawks!!

  3. bostonistitletown says: Jan 15, 2014 3:26 PM

    The San Francisco forty-whiners


    wow………. how original did you think that up all by yourself

    3menandablog says: Jan 15, 2014 3:27 PM

    They are both giant D-bags.

    Personality aside they both damn good coaches that cannot be denied. If either of them coached your team you would be happy I bet.

  4. realnflmaster says:
    Jan 15, 2014 3:34 PM
    Seahawks 24 49ers 17
    Broncos 63 Patriots 10


    Where in the hell did you get your analyst skills?

  5. Hey Jim, You know the dirt on the bottom of your shoes, underneath that, is Pete Carroll . Just keep shuffling #GoNiners #NoOnehasitbetter

  6. Doesn’t everybody feel animosity towards Carroll. The guy is a bona fide weasel.
    Think USC would take him back?
    His other NFL stops?

  7. If Carroll can win these next two games , it’s going to take a while for Harbaugh to match his accomplishments.

  8. I like Jim Harbaugh. I like Pete Carroll. They both are in the same division and they are the two best teams in the NFL. They both want to win. They both have history with each other. So, a win would make one feel very vindicating and satisfied. Let the war begin, by far the best game in the NFL this season. The winner will win the grand prize, the super Bowl.

  9. Seahawks 17 49ers 20
    Broncos 34 Patriots 24

    You love to hate both guys but you have to love the passion and inspiration both coaches bring to their teams. Lets hope for a barn burner.

  10. All Harbaugh wanted to do was knock USC down.
    USC was the big dog on the block for the previous 5 – 6 years (cannot remember what year PC started at USC).

    We all know how sports typically goes. If you’re up big, bring in the 2’s & 3’s. If they happen to score, go for the extra point.

    No going for two, fake punts, fake FG’s, onside kicks, etc. Basically a gentleman’s agreement in football that’s been around for years.

    Harbaugh ignored that in the game. So Pete asked ‘what’s your deal?’ (IMO)

    But, the other side of the coin is to stop the other team. I see both sides.

    What Harbaugh did in that game wasn’t necessary but, I also think he did it to show Pete, USC, and other schools that he wanted to be known as the one with the biggest stick, if ya know what I mean.

    These two just happen to meet up again in the NFC West. Oddly enough, if Harbaugh was the Seattle HC, and PC was the S.F. HC, both fan bases would be supporting the HC they currently don’t like.

  11. “Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll have never seemed to like each other”

    Has anyone ever cited any real evidence for this? Based on the one silly “What’s your deal?” incident, sports writers have literally spent the past few years building up this storyline of Harbaugh and Carroll having some sort of personal hatred for each other. It’s completely baseless–at least I’ve never seen an actual quote from either of them insulting the other, not even from unnamed sources–and yet it gets talked about so much that people just blindly accept it.

  12. I think I speak for most Packer fans: Please beat San Francisco. But for one greasy-handed DB that couldn’t bring an INT home for a certain victory, our next best chance is Russell Wilson and his Seattle teammates. Do not let that narcissistic mirror-lover advance to the SuperBowl. Everyone knows who I mean without naming names.

  13. “Animosity? No. Erroneous. Erroneous. It’s football. It’s competition. It’s winning. Got to go to K-Mart. Get boxer shorts and $8 khakis.” Harbaugh said.

  14. I can’t stand Carroll, his team, his fans, or anything related to the Seahags.

    I hope the forty whiners beat the seahags on the last play of the game on a controversial officials call that shouldn’t have been called and steals a victory for this horrific, unethical, unprofessional, drug-cheating organization – front top to bottom this is one repugnant team.

    They are owed payback for their victory last year and deserve to have their hearts stolen from them.

  15. 49ers last chance for a few yrs.luck part of it might just be on there side this time.don’t like any of the teams left,might as well be 49ers

  16. I believe him, mostly because he’s right. He wants to win, and it probably doesn’t matter a bit who is on the other sideline.

    By all indications Sunday will be an outstanding game, I will be sitting in row K to enjoy it. Personally I don’t see SF coming into Seattle winning anything with Kap as QB.

    But we’ll see when the game is played ON THE FIELD. And for 4 very pleasant hours, I will be very happy for the trolls to shut up.

  17. Seattle is going to destroy frisco and it’s not going to be close. 45-17. Seahawks defense and special teams both score touchdowns and Wilson comes out of his funk vs single coverage as frisco over-commits to stop Lynch. Kaep is going to have that deer-in-the-headlights look (again) all night long.

  18. Look at the Manningham, Ian William, Delanie Walker, and Kyle Williams injuries and you’ll know there is plenty of hate.

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