Peyton Manning calls Bill Belichick “greatest NFL coach of all time”


As Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning prepares for yet another meeting with a Bill Belichick-coached Patriots team, Manning doesn’t only think he’s facing a good coach. Manning thinks he’s facing the greatest coach in the history of the league.

Manning said at his press conference today that Belichick is the best coach he has faced, and for that matter Manning thinks Belichick is the best coach the NFL has ever seen.

“Coach Belichick is the best coach that I’ve ever competed against and I think it’s safe to say he’ll go down as the greatest NFL coach of all time,” Manning said. “The teams that he has coached that I’ve competed against have always been well coached, always been prepared, always played hard for 60 minutes — I think that’s a couple things that stood out about the teams he’s coached. I played against him when he was the defensive coordinator with the Jets and then the head coach in New England. Those things jump out every single week, and to me that speaks to his coaching.”

Is Manning right? It’s tough to compare coaches across eras, and impossible to know how George Halas or Paul Brown or Vince Lombardi would do in today’s NFL, just as it’s impossible to know how Belichick would have done as a coach in the two-way era.

But what separates Belichick from any other coach is the way he has sustained his success year after year during the salary cap era, when the NFL is built for parity. This was the Patriots’ 13th consecutive winning season.

And Belichick now has a chance to get to his record-tying sixth Super Bowl if the Patriots beat Manning’s Broncos. After that, Belichick could win his record-tying fourth Super Bowl. If Belichick can accomplish that, Manning won’t be the only one calling him the best coach ever.

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  1. It doesn’t hurt Belichick that he has arguably the best playoff QB ever. If you take Manning and Brady and reverse them, I’d bet Belichick doesn’t win as many Super Bowls with Manning as he will with Brady.

  2. Considering how many Ws the pulled out of nowhere and considering how bad their offense was for the first half of the season, its tough to argue against it — The guy is a great coach.

  3. He is employing Belichick’s favorite strategy, which is praising the opposing team from here to Omaha. Both of these men are brilliant. Can’t wait to watch them try to outsmart each other on Sunday!

  4. I hate the Patriots, but I’m inclined to agree with him. I believe the season that Brady hurt his knee helps solidify my opinion, but it will be interesting to see if his success continues after Brady retires.

  5. Taking absolutely nothing away from Brady. If Manning played for the Patriots and Belichick and Brady played for the Colts and their coaches from the beginning of their careers there would be no controversy about who is the best QB of this era. Just compare the 2008 Patriots without Brady 11-5 to the 2011 Colts 2-14.

  6. He might be right.

    Then again, both Brady and Manning are smart enough not to give bulletin board material, and I bet Manning really wants this one because he won’t be playing too much longer.

  7. Best winning percentage in playoffs with 10 or more games and Lombardi is #1. Trophy is named after him after all. Then you have Walsh and Gibbs. Belichick can pass Gibbs with a win Sunday. Shula and Landry coached a long time and they have a lot of wins in the playoffs but a lot of losses too.

  8. I want to see what happens after Tom Brady retires before declaring him the best coach of all time. Not saying the credit goes to Brady, but it certainly helps having a top 3 QB for those 13 seasons.

  9. He might be right, easily top 3 anyway. And I hate Belichek. But this is why I’ve always said Peyton was better than Brady. Brady was drafted to a team with a great defense & great head coach & won 3 SBs right off the bat. And hasn’t won since those defensive players started leaving. Peyton was drafted to an awful team with not so good coaches. He never had a good defense & had mediocre to above average coaches, yes I think Dungy is overrated. So I put Manning slightly over Brady. If Manning had spent his whole career with an all time great coach he’d have many more rings. Conversely, if Brady was drafted to an awful team with average coaching he may not have any rings. Coaching makes a huge difference in the NFL.

  10. I watched the Sound FX that featured Belicheck and he talked about guys playing two ways when he first started coaching. I think he started in the 70’s. He’s seen football evolve multiple times.

  11. Manning is right. Belichick is the greatest coach ever. He can beat you with any approach- dominant defense, two tight end set, spread offense, running attack, you name it.

  12. Bill is one of the top 2-3 coaches ever. Bill Walsh was the coach of the 80s and Bill Belichick is the coach of the 2000-2013 and the best d coordinator from the late 80s till he got the Pats job.

    People forget that his Browns team went 11-5 and beat Parcels Pats in the playoffs and then the Browns announced they were moving the next season. The Ravens owe Bill a ton of thanks for training Ozzie Newsome about how to build a team.

  13. I believe Belichick will be top 5! Bill Walsh, Chuck Noll and Don Shula have enough credentials that you can’t deny their position in top 3 either! I’d have to say that Bill Walsh is the greatest coach ever. 3 super bowls gets him in the top 5. His coaching tree is what makes him number 1. Holmgren, D. Green, Wyche, Fassel, Seifert,Shanahan,A.Reid, Billick, Gruden, McCarthy, Rhodes, Sherman etc. Bilichick has great assistant but they haven’t had success as head coaches. Belichick also drops a spot for the Cheating. It may not have been his fault like Sean Payton; however, he is the Head Coach and has to take the blame.

  14. Belichick will respond that Peyton is the best QB he has ever faced…and that he hopes to take him out to dinner when the season is over and become best friends. Peyton cannot top that…

  15. Just the fact that his teams have done as well as they have in this era of parity is enough to declare him the best ever. But I think you have to include the entire Patriots organization as being the best in the modern era. The final tick-mark of proof will be how the Pat’s do in the first couple years after Brady has retired. And personally I wouldn’t be surprised to see Belichick retire when Brady does.

  16. Bill Walsh won every Super Bowl he coached in. Bellicheck we know did NOT. Walsh coached one team and consistently won, Bellicheck coached Cleveland…need I say more. Bellicheck has had one great qb to bail him out. Walsh won with two different qb.
    I think we KNOW who is the better coach!!

  17. Bill B is the greatest coach of this era of football, much in the way that Walsh was the best of his era and Lombardi his era.

    Comparing apples to oranges to crown a “#1” is a dicey proposition at best but Belichick’s name definitely belongs in the conversation of the greatest coaches of all time due to how consistent his team has been (8 visits to the conference championship in 14 years, 3 SB wins). He has won with teams of very different makeup in terms of scheme and personnel as well.

  18. My preference is still Lombardi and Landry, with Walsh, Gibbs and Noll in there somewhere. The hooded one is in the discussion, though.

  19. Bill is a good coach, and having Tom Brady as his QB made him a HOF coach. And no, he’s not up there with Lombardi or Halas. Lombardi won in GB with Bart Starr as his QB.

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