Pryor fires the agent who didn’t want him to start Week 17

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When the Raiders named Terrelle Pryor their Week 17 starting quarterback, his agent didn’t respond by saying he was thrilled to see his client get an opportunity to prove himself. Instead, Pryor’s agent, Jerome Stanley, went off on a rant about how putting Pryor on the field was setting him up to fail.

That drew a sharp rebuke from Raiders coach Dennis Allen, and an apology from Pryor. Now Pryor has decided that he doesn’t want Stanley representing him anymore.

Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reports that Pryor has fired Stanley.

Pryor has not yet hired a new agent, but he’ll presumably hire someone who actually wants him to play in 2014. The upcoming season is Pryor’s last under his rookie contract, and so the best way for Pryor to make a lot of money for himself (and his agent) a year from now would be for him to play a lot, and to play well, this year.

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  1. I thought it was pretty funny when the player had to issue a standard form letter apology for his lawyer. Usually the lawyer/PR team writes a bland statement on behalf of the player using perfect grammatical English with multi-syllable words knowing perfectly well that the player can barely speak, let alone write such a statement. Turn about is fair play.

  2. He needs to be given the ball in camp and named the starter. If he is tanking and the team is losing? Go with McGloin and forget Pryor ever starting again for the Raiders unless injury requires it. Then go into ’15 looking for a QB. Or, maybe get a late-round QB in ’14 draft to watch the first year and possibly compete in ’15. They have to have a plan that involves Pryor and deciding whether or not he will ever be the guy.

  3. Raiders need to draft a QB this year. Athletic QBs just can’t win on a regualr basis. The NFL is a passing league, and no matter how flashy all the spread stuff and new offenses are/were, it isn’t sustainable. If you can’t pass, you aren’t going to win. Pryor is simply not a good passer, nobody with eyes can dispute that.

    Name me the last athletic QB to have long term success in the league? The Vicks and RGIIIs of the world aren’t ever going to do it consistently.

  4. I’m not sure Pryor is ever going to amount to a whole lot as a starting QB, but you can’t fault this kid’s demeanor and work ethic. He has a “team captain” mentality. I would give anything to put Pryor’s heart/brain in Jamarcus Russell. Pryor is a stand up guy.

  5. The Raiders need pass rush… we can get by this season without using a first round pick on a QB. I’d rather have an edge rusher in the first and o-line in the second.

  6. Steve Young was an athletic QB. Does that count or is that too old? Russ Wilson and Kaepernik are atheltic QBs. Do those count or are those too recent?

  7. Sorry to sound cynical, but would Pryor have felt the need to fire his agent if Dennis Allen was no longer HC?

    I think the starting QB for 2014 is not on the present roster. He’ll likely be a 1st round draft pick or a FA acquisition (please…no more trading picks for QBs)

  8. Then Draft Sammy Watkins with the 5 pick. Second round go get Carlos Hyde. All of a sudden you have a running game and a qb who can actually hit a receiver in stride

  9. Pryor is a leader.

    The only sabotage in week 17 was not calling any read-option plays… Regardless of which, Pryor showed a lot of promise from the pocket.

    The Raiders do not need to draft another QB.. The needs on the DL and OL are too great to ignore.

  10. I want DEFENCE, DEFENCE and more DEFENCE!!

    Stay away from any temptation on QB in early rounds…I like McGloin and Prior enough to keep both on roster, especially McGloin. This kid is the real deal. I think he will be the starter next year. I just can’t see Prior beating him out in training camp etc…would not be sad to see Prior leave or stay.

    However, keep this McGloin Kid. He got a lot of work in last year and gained tremendous experience, good and bad. I am telling ya, the kid’s a winner and he’s got Moxy!


  11. I think most of us knew this was going to happen at some point. Im glad he did it after his agent whined about him playing week 17. I couldnt believe an agent would do something so stupid. Im not sure who else he represents, but if I were them Id think about doing the same thing.

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