Redskins lure Jets special teams coach away

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Since he didn’t have a contract with the Jets, special teams coach Ben Kotwica was effectively a free agent.

And as the Redskins have done so many times, they bought a free agent to address a glaring need.

According to Alex Marvez of FOX Sports, the Redskins are hiring Ben Kotwica as their new special teams coach.

The Redskins were the worst kind of tire-fire on special teams last season, with what seemed like weekly breakdowns and big plays for opponents.

Kotwica had been offered a contract by the Jets, but his willingness to leave speaks to the relative lack of security there under coach Rex Ryan, who has yet to get a contract extension despite the team’s announcement that he’s returning next year.

15 responses to “Redskins lure Jets special teams coach away

  1. Let’s be honest, as long as they don’t fumble the opening kickoff return of 2014, it will be a 100% improvement over last year’s disaster.

  2. I can’t see how anyone can slam this move for the Skins after what their special teams looked like last season. STs cost the Skins both Dallas games and probably much more. It was one of the worst STs in NFL history. Heck, there were rumors that the ST coach Burns got into a physical fight with a player. Debacle doesn’t even begin to describe last year’s special teams.

  3. Last year’s Special Teams were so awesomely bad that any coach who can keep the guys from shanking a punt, allowing a punt or kickoff return for a touchdown, or getting the offense pinned down inside the five yard line for a whole game is a massive upgrade.

  4. Tire fire is an under statement. Historically bad to the point players were coaches to let punts hit the ground, especially from left rooted punters because the spin was different and hard to judge. It’s baffling how a special teams unit could be THAT bad. Special teams cost the Skins a few wins. Before bashing that comment, consider how our starting position averaged inside our own 20. Having to go 80 yards every time you have the ball is not a reciPe for success.

  5. I don’t know if this guy is any good, but it doesn’t really matter– I’ve been pushing for my four-year-old daughter for the Redskins ST coach all year because A) she would be a heck of a lot better than Keith Burns, and B) it would be adorable. Point is, a tree stump with a Pee wee football coaching manual nailed to it would be a major upgrade for the Redskins Special teams unit.

  6. Has anyone even considered to look at this guy’s credentials? Forget ST’s coach… This man will be a HC in the NFL sometime in the future… Leaders don’t grow on trees:

    1. He was Captain of the Army football team in which his teams were 4-0 vs Navy.

    2. Graduate of West Point

    3. Attack Helicopter Platoon leader where he was responsible for the lives of 20 men/women.

    4. Battalion Executive Officer for a unit comprised of over 300 soldiers, 24 attack helicopters and more than $400 million worth of equipment.

    5. Awards – The bronze star

    Born leader.

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