Report: Bengals promote Paul Guenther to defensive coordinator

When Jay Gruden was hired by the Redskins as their head coach last week, the Bengals acted quickly to promote Hue Jackson to replace him as offensive coordinator.

They’ve acted just as quickly now that defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer has taken the Vikings head coaching job. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the team will promote linebackers coach Paul Guenther to run the defense with Zimmer gone.

Guenther was considered a possibility to join Gruden or Zimmer in their new ports of call, but Cincinnati moved fast enough to ensure that never had a chance to happen. Guenther joined the Bengals staff in 2005 and 2013 was his second year as the team’s linebackers coach after several years as an assistant special teams and linebackers coach.

As with Jackson’s ascension on the offense, promoting Guenther guarantees the Bengals some continuity with a team that’s made the playoffs each of the last three seasons. The defense has been strong in each of those seasons and there’s not much reason to think that will change dramatically with Guenther keeping the fire Zimmer set burning in 2014.

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24 responses to “Report: Bengals promote Paul Guenther to defensive coordinator

  1. Zimmer is a fantastic coach, no doubt. But to imply that he’s the only great defensive mind is absurd. Who knows, Guenther could come out as strong as Zim. I mean the players are gonna remain essentially the same. Michael Johnson is more than likely gone but we have others who will step up. Saying the Bengals are done without Zimmer is just pure ignorance. The players are still here and still have the skill. Also need to realize Guenther is the one who helped coach some guys who were wanted by nobody else and made them near stars already. See Burfict,Vinny Rey. So Guenther definitely has some coaching abilities. Gotta give the guy a chance.

  2. Don’t see the Bengals defense dropping off much, good to keep continuity and Marvin Lewis is a defensive guy anyway. The coaching won’t be the problem, if Dalton doesn’t improve (and it looks like he’s close to his ceiling), that team can’t go any farther. Need to at least explore other options.

  3. I notice that no one is putting in calls to hire away Steelers coordinators. Geesh, even the Ravens got phone calls.

  4. At the end of the season the Steelers were the best team in the division. we finished 4-2 in the AFCN and should’ve made the playoffs. The Ratbirds limped and died and the end.

    I’d leave too if Dalton and Joe “50/50 Jumpball” Flacco was the qb of my team too. Especially Dalton.

  5. The Ravens aren’t mad Caldwell is gone. They were going to fire him. Anytime an offense is that pathetic the OC has to go. On his own or forced out.

    Joe 50/50 (both players have a chance to catch it)

  6. notice that no one is putting in calls to hire away Steelers coordinators. Geesh, even the Ravens got phone calls.

    I guess Labeau wants to go to the one and done champs? I am sure coordinators don’t want to leave a good organization like the steelers and people know it.

    Funny how both your coordinators got out while the getting is good…..they were tired of Marvin and the one and dones.

  7. And still no one inquired about Todd Haley…

    Thank you for your continued obsession with all things Bengals.

  8. I really don’t care anymore. We still have mediocre Marv and that’s all that matters. Have you ever heard a Bengals player talk about how great it is to play for Marvin? Mike Brown just let Zimmer walk away and we’ve all been duped again.

  9. Funny how guys are blaming Marvin solely for the one and dones. I’m not a fan of Marvin. In fact, I wanted Zim to take his job. But you also have to look at the play calling in these games. The offensive play calling was atrocious. They game planned offensively for Tom Brady..The issue is, we have Andy Dalton. He should not be throwing more than 30 times a game. So we don’t have to worry about that now that we have an OC who likes to run the ball. So let’s not place sole blame on Marvin. The OC had as much a hand in losing those games as Marvin did by not having his team prepared. They got outcoached.

  10. I am not surprised that the point evaded you, so I will use small words and short sentences. Teams that need head coaches look for the best. No one even mentioned Todd Haley. You do the math.

    Again, thank you for your undying obsession with all things Bengals.

  11. I was really hoping for Ray Horton. I don’t know much about this guy but the LB squad has been coming on and that is his wheelhouse.
    If rumors are true that Zimmer and Gruden were interested then that says something.

  12. I hate to see Zimmer go as I love his style of coaching BUT it never translated to the post season. As much blame that our offense has received from our Playoff performance how has Zimmer got a pass? 4 Playoff games 1 turnover and not ONCE did we stop the other team from rushing 150+ yards.

    2013 vs Chargers- No turnovers and they rushed for 196 yards.

    2012 vs Texans- 1 Turnover and they rushed for 158 yards

    2011 vs Texans- No turnovers and they rushed for 188 yards

    2009 vs Jets- No turnovers and they rushed for 171 yards.

    I’m personally excited to see both Gruden and Zimmer go, as we needed a change

  13. I’m hardly a Marvin Lewis fan, but exactly what are Bengal fans talking about. You’ve had 2 bad playoff losses, and that’s arguable considering how bad Palmer was playing at the end of 2009 going into those playoffs. Also, considering that Chris Henry, a major part of the offensive production during that year got hurt and subsequently was killed after going on injured reserve. This year’s loss was inexcusable, but you went to the playoffs at 8-8 and played Houston on the road the last two years. What did you expect, a couple of Super Bowl runs?

    The first playoff loss, we all know what happened when Palmer’s knee got destroyed on that first play of the game when he hit that bomb. So that leaves you with those couple of bad playoff losses, it happens.

    But don’t you remember NO PLYOFF appearances for 20 years?

  14. And the Steelers still HAMMMERED the Bungles and clearly are best team in the division. Best QB, RB and WR. Time to get the best defense again after a down year.

    If I look at the fact that Dalton has peaked and will never win a dern thing, I’d leave too.The Bungles are married to Dalton because he’s the best you’ve had and FEAR of going back to unadulterated “bungleland” will make Brown sign him to a long term deal. The Bungles players and coaches understand that Dalton is who he is, A bum QB.

    Every Steeler fan will toast to that ink drying of Dalton extension.

  15. Sorry to rain on the hate-parade, but the Bengals D will be better next year. Every team has injuries – but the Bengals D lost their TOP TWO talents (Atkins and Hall) relatively early in the season, along with up-and-comers like Emmanuel Lemur. And yet they ended the season rated 3rd. Guenther is gonna be more of the same, he learned under Zimmer.

  16. You do know that John Elway look horrible his first few years in the playoffs, right? I believe that ended up well….

    You also know that in Dalton third year he threw for more TD’s in a season than Roethlisberger ever has? And he had the third most this year?

    So how has he peaked? I heard this talk last year and he came out and improved on his numbers

  17. I am not surprised that the point evaded you, so I will use small words and short sentences. Teams that need head coaches look for the best. No one even mentioned Todd Haley. You do the math.

    No you do the simple math as you have had three years of ONE and DONE to practice with your shoes off so you count just the big toe.

    Why would anyone obsess over such perennial failures.

    Some more simple math….go to your trophy case and count your Lombardi’s ….oh wait you don’t have anything to count.

  18. “and on the first day of football God spoke, Thou who loses to my chosen son, under the lights of playoff football shall not see the light of playoffs for many years”

    Enjoy the “Curse of Tim Tebow” steelers fans

    Year two and counting!

  19. actually, at the end of the season the bengals were the best team in the afcn. they won the division. and while the ravens were “limping and dying” they did take some time to beat the steelers. you cant pick a segment of games and say the steelers were the best. its a whole season. thats how its judged. you cant ignore the start

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