Report: Bill Lazor headed to Miami, not Detroit


It looks like another Matthew Stafford interception.

There were reports last night that Bill Lazor was headed to Detroit, but he apparently has a much warmer destination in mind.

According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN (committing a little ESPN-on-ESPN crime), the Eagles quarterbacks coach has been hired by the Dolphins.

He was one of the early interviews with the Dolphins, along with just-hired Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, and just-fired Redskins coordinator Kyle Shanahan.

51 responses to “Report: Bill Lazor headed to Miami, not Detroit

  1. It looks like another Matt Stafford interception? That doesn’t even make sense you’re just trying to trash Stafford. Great attempt at “journalism”. I would hope you could do a little better next time.

  2. Mr Caldwell and company – Detroit Welcomes You!

    True Lions fans are glad you’ll be here.

    Lazor would have been nice… but there are a number of other qualified options out there.

  3. Didn’t things like this always used to happen to Miami? Maybe with Ireland gone Miami is a more attractive location.

  4. It appears I misspoke earlier. If true, this could be a boon for Miami. He was actually my preferred choice over mcadoo. New guy without excessive ties and similarities to existing staff should be able to bring a fresh perspective.

    An maybe some new signals that don’t explain to the defense whether the play is a run or a pass.

    Did you realize that stupid “go” for run and “go-go” for pass was consistent EVEN ON PLAY-ACTION PLAYS? That was just unforgivable.

  5. When I heard he “was” coming to the Lions, it was I thought, a nice hire. Then, this bolt to the Dolphins. Just another wtf moment added to all the others.

  6. All of these decisions to avoid Detroit are an indictment on Matthew stafford. That’s for sure. I always thought he was all about his stats before wins.

  7. Silverhornet what do you know about the Dolphins??? Nothing I would guess except what you read. Half of that is guess work.

  8. Good hire by Miami. I believe they got their man. Seems all the to-do about nobody wanting to work there is mostly perpetrated garbage.

  9. I just love how Philly fans are horrible but yet I read all these comments from all you lousy fans around the league about firing Caldwell before his first OTA even begins. Kettle black or what you losers.

  10. As a Dolphin fan I can’t believe we actually got this right. You mean we didn’t settle of the 4th or 5th best available this time? Hey at least I have something to be happy about regard this team FINALLY. Might be the one day of the year to be proud to be a Fins fan.

  11. “It looks like another Matt Stafford interception? That doesn’t even make sense you’re just trying to trash Stafford.”

    Really? We already know stafford doesn’t want to be coached and already thinks hes good enough.

    Why bother going to a team to be a coach to a qb that doesn’t want to be coached?

  12. “When I heard he “was” coming to the Lions, it was I thought, a nice hire. Then, this bolt to the Dolphins. Just another wtf moment added to all the others.”

    This is common in the media and with some dolphins fans. Nothing ever good happens to us. Our players and coaches are never good till they leave.

    Negative negative negative…..Even the local media gets in on it. Its why we have a turnover every 2 years now it seems.

  13. Congrats on the hire Dolphins fans…..

    As an Eagles fan, I didn’t want to see him go, and I think he will do well in Miami, but don’t get in over your heads….. He wasn’t the reason for Foles’ success and he was just a QB coach, so I doubt he will be bringing the “Chip Kelly O” there. I am sure he will have some plays from here in there, but as a QB coach….. He is not heavily involved in the offensive gameplan like Coach Kelly or our OC Pat Shurmur.

  14. It was YOU, Gantt, not Matthew Stafford, that threw the interception! (But hey at least it wasn’t Florio!) Droog is as Droog does….

    Dang ya think Miami’ll finally have a good offense in 2014? They better not lose to the stinkin Bills twice this coming year! (and can he help build the OL? Why is that guy Jim turner still around?)

  15. peytonsneck18 says:
    Jan 15, 2014 11:06 AM
    He doesn’t want to get fired in a year or two like stonewall face Caldwell will get soon

    If he’s looking for stability, he’s better off in Detroit. Even if the Lions are terrible, Ford will give Caldwell as least 2-3 years. If Dolphins don’t make the playoffs next season, Philbin’s toast.

  16. greymares says:
    Jan 15, 2014 11:26 AM
    can you say Mike Vick ?

    Why? Lazor has no particular ties to Vick other than coaching him for one season. He had nothing to do with bringing him to Philly.

    And the Dolphins already have a starter that is 10 times better than 2014 model Mike Vick.

  17. You never really know what he will bring to Miami. He didn’t learn Chips offense until last year.
    But what he has shown over the past years is his ability to adapt to new systems and throw in wrinkles that he learned along the way.

    I think he will add some of Chips offense to Miami, but be surprised if your coaching staff are holding up offensive calls on the sidelines of ‘Rocky’ or ‘Donald Duck’…

    Good luck Miami. I really liked the guy while he was in Philly.

  18. I don’t think LeSean McCoy and the Eagles offensive line are getting quite enough credit for Foles development.

    Foles was fantastic this season, but there are a number of factors that played into that…..

  19. Hopefully Lazor actually shows some emotion and can fire up and excite the offense unlike our statue of a head coach.

  20. Like this hire, now if the GM who’s not in the building can draft some talent without the interference of Dawnhoejoe, maybe, just maybe some good talent added with some of the Dolphins hold overs and maybe (again) they might be a good enough team to beat Buffalo and the Jets. Yes I omitted the Pats, but first things first.

  21. “True Lions Fans Welcome Caldwell”

    Somebody has the Kool-aid and Cornbread flow on full blast.

    Real fans see this for the unmitigated disaster that the Lions organization continues to be…

  22. Miami: great weather, no state income tax, great place to live if you’re relatively wealthy.

    Detroit: Terrible weather 2/3rds of the year, shrinking city, less money in pocket.

    Where would you work if you had the choice and the money?

    Whisenhunt just spent 5 years in Glendale and a year in San Diego, you think the wife is going to let him choose Detroit over Nashville?

    These things aren’t necessarily football decisions.

  23. This makes for an interesting dynamic. If he is as good as advertised, he’s already a better head coaching candidate than Philbin. This could lead to another dysfunctional relationship where the the guy who knows what he’s doing may get tired of Mr. Roboto meddling in his playcalling, much like he did with Sherman. Regardless of how good he is, this doesn’t fix the bigger problem, which is that the man leading the team is unqualified to to do so.

  24. Watch, after all of this Cleveland will get the guy they wanted all along in Adam Gase, and Detroit keeps losing out on coaches. What is going on in Detroit?

  25. I believe Miami has a ton of talented, young players, just need to get the right coaches to put them together. I like philbin, the players like him, Coyle did a heck of a job with the defense that was hurt all year, one of the top teams in sacks, int’s, qb hurry’s and red zone d. Get the o line fixed, take advantage of the speed players on offense, give tannehill time to throw, this is starting to take shape. Exciting times for dolphin fans.

  26. Perfect fit for Tannyhill to improve going into his 3rd year. Great hire for the Fins. Finally some positive news coming out of miami.

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