Report: Brian Schottenheimer interviewing with Vanderbilt on Wednesday

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Pep Hamilton may not be the only NFL offensive coordinator on Vanderbilt’s radar as they look for a head coach to replace James Franklin.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that Rams offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer will interview with the school on Wednesday. Hamilton, the Colts’ offensive coordinator, was reported as a candidate for the job on Tuesday but there’s been no word on when an interview might take place.

Schottenheimer just completed his second season running the offense in St. Louis, which saw the Rams boost their scoring three points per game despite losing quarterback Sam Bradford to a torn ACL seven games into the season. He spent six years running the Jets offense before moving on after the 2011 season, a period that saw the Jets make two AFC Championship Game appearances in spite of erratic play from an offense quarterbacked by Mark Sanchez.

Schottenheimer spent a year at both USC and Syracuse before going to work for his father Marty in Washington and San Diego, but hasn’t spent time in the college ranks since 2000.

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  1. I would hate to see him go. While not always agreeing with his play calling, the biggest turmoil a team can have is a change in OC or DC. A new system is often required and this normally sets a team back at least one year.

    The late George Allen once said that the best time to play an opponent is when they have had a change in head coaches. I think that the OC/DC would apply.

  2. As a Rams fan I wanted him gone before the start of the season because of his overly conserative play-calling and unwillingness to call for deep passes but I thought he actually did an admirable job this year. Scoring 3 more points per game with Kellen Clemens at qb for half the season is an accomplishment in itself.

  3. His recent track record says its all, he needs to go away from the NFL for a bit. I’d be all for him coming back and trying again at some point but he clearly does more harm than good for offenses

  4. Never in all the years I’ve paid attention to this stuff have I seen so many postions either filled or attempted to be filled with guys that the team losing them is almost in unison excited to see them go.

  5. The offense played well at times in spite of Schottenheimer, not because of him. They moved up in the draft to take Austin yet he (Schottenheimer) stubbornly refused to put him in the game – at times he was only in at receiver for 4-5 plays per game.

    Bottom line is that Rams are pretty much screwed either way. Schottenheimer is too conservative and is does not know how to call plays effectively, but if he leaves then Bradford needs to start over again at OC.

  6. Implying that Schottenheimer had anything to do with two AFC Championship game appearances is pretty disingenuous.I think most would agree that any success the Jets had while Schotty was there was due almost entirely to their defense and really had nothing to due with wringing any tallent out of Sanchez. If anything, the offense kept those teams OUT of a Superbowl.

  7. As a Rams fan I never wanted this guy and so far he’s been everything I’ve expected as our OC. Still, now is the worst time to fire him. They just gave Bradford the ‘vote of confidence’ and 2014 should be his make or break year. You can’t switch to a new OC again and expect Bradford to succeed. They need to find a way to keep him for one last go round to see if Bradford is the long-term solution.

  8. He’s failed as a play caller with both the Jets and Rams. However, he’s a fairly bright, enthusiastic younger guy who might actually flourish as a college HC.

  9. wow i posted last week how after 2012 season when he was interviewing for nfl HC jobs how i hoped he would stay, so sam would get some stability then after 2013 season how i wished he had been hired. at that time i noted that in spite of all the openings he wasn’t getting interviewed then this glimmer of hope, fisher can save face and not have to fire shotty or endure another year of ” we are adapting”. btw the rams don’t have to abandon the playbook im guessing the rams have some extra copies. just hire an OC that knows how to use the plays inside the book after page 1, especially if shotty is in the college game!!

  10. And his tie to the SEC?

    He played for Steve Spurrier at Florida, backing up Danny Wuerffel and winning SEC and national championships.

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