Tom Brady misses start of Patriots’ practice


Although there are no indications that he’s injured, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady missed the start of today’s practice.

The Patriots also announced that Brady’s press conference, previously scheduled for today, has been pushed back to Friday.

The only two players who didn’t appear at the start of practice were Brady and long snapper Danny Aiken, and one possible explanation is that Brady and Aiken stayed inside the team facility to get some work done together in case Brady has to serve as New England’s holder on extra points and field goals on Sunday, as he did last weekend after punter Ryan Allen got hurt.

Another possible explanation is that Brady and Aiken were sent home early because they’re sick. Aiken and Brady were both reportedly sick last week, although from all indications, neither player’s illness is serious.

In any event, there’s no reason to believe Brady won’t be ready to go on Sunday in Denver.