Vick’s latest endorsement deal ends, as soon as he does some endorsing


Nearly seven years after a dog-fighting operation was found on Mike Vick’s property in rural Virginia, Vick continues to be a polarizing figure. And one company may have come up with a novel way to capitalize on it.

Via, an online auction company known as Quibids hired Vick to do some endorsing.  And then the relationship ended as soon as the endorsing began.

On Monday, Vick posted on Twitter and Facebook an endorsement of the service.  On Tuesday, Quibids took to Facebook to explain that Vick would be doing no further endorsing.

“We would like to sincerely apologize for the endorsements posted on Michael Vick’s Facebook and Twitter accounts yesterday,” Quibids said.

“As most employees here at QuiBids are dog owners, we want you to know we would never, ever condone animal abuse, and we’re sorry that our recent actions did not reflect our values.

“Please know that we’ve had Michael delete his post and have stopped all future campaigns with him. Additionally, we’ll be making a contribution to the ASPCA to help the fight against animal cruelty.

“We very much care about you and what you think and will take measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

A cynic would say that Quibids knew what it was doing before it did it, hiring Vick and then publicly firing him in a way that would draw far more attention than simply hiring him in the first place. If that’s the case, Quibids is sufficiently calculating to be willing to be perceived as complete buffoons.

Meanwhile, I need to go see what this Quibids thing is all about.

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  1. “We at Quibids would also like you to know we would NEVER condone forgiveness of any type or personal rehabilitation of any type. We would like all of our customers to know that our senior leadership team is free from misdoings in our lives and we as a company demand perfection out of ourselves.”

  2. Vick needs a new agent. One who puts into the contract that he can be fired “for cause”. Not for “old cause”.

  3. How is it again that someone who was running a gambling ring is still able to play in the NFL?
    Not to mention the murdering of dogs etc.
    NFL should be embarrassed that they let this trash back into the game.
    QuiBids is a scam too. I think QuiBids should do a 30 second PSA during the Super Bowl about how stupid they are.

  4. Quibids is nothing but a scam that gains acceptance through advertising. I have no doubt that they orchestrated this entire thing as an advertising gimmick.

  5. People gotta stop pretending that they know who Michael Vick is on a human level simply because of what occurred years ago. He certainly made mistakes, just like the rest of us, but his mistakes happened to be front page news because he’s a polarizing figure. Just imagine if you were defined entirely by your most regrettable moments, and everyone around you never let you forget it til the day you die. Would you think that to be fair on you?

    Vick spent a reasonably long time sitting in a cage for what he did, having nothing to do but think long and hard about life and his transgressions. He paid his dues, and while that doesn’t exactly “make it all better,” it’s a step in the right direction not only for him but his family and friends as well. Mistakes are as inherently human as anything…and we are all imperfect creatures. This being said, in general terms, we need to show more of a willingness to forgive those who not only trespassed against us, but others as well, otherwise the dividing lines between us will stay as bold as ever…and the advancement of us all will be hindered greatly.

  6. Pretty ingenious marketing, bragging to the world that you’re so out of touch you had no clue Mike Vick had been arrested for dogfighting years ago. Can’t wait for their next campaign where they dump Madonna because they’d never heard about her doing racy videos.

  7. Lord Quibid this is so 6th grade-ish. I wonder if MV has cause to sue your scamming a**es?

    I do not condone any of the bad stuff Michael has done, but I do know that everyone gets a second chance.

    Captain Wisdom provoked a thought. What if all of our major life screw-ups were on national TV? Can you imagine Scheffler hollering questions while chasing you with a microphone? You turn on ESPN and there’s the Boomer saying “… and then this idiot landscape guy …”

  8. “Jeez, the guy paid his debt to society. Get over it. It’s not like he murdered an actual person.”

    This is the same convicted felon who no only ran an illegal gambling ring, was convicted on multiple animal cruelty charges but also knowingly spread Herpes to numerous women.

    He’s a piece of garbage.

  9. While I believe that Vick has the right to earn a living playing football, I can similarly exercise my right not to patronize any business that chooses to hire him for advertising. And apparently, quibids learned that a lot of people feel the same way.

    He’s a despicable human being who was unimaginably cruel to dogs for his own entertainment. There is nothing he can do to make me believe his character will change. This will follow him for his entire life. And should.

  10. Hopefully he got out of there with his winning $.01 IPhone bid prior to them charging $300 for shipping and handling.

  11. Quibids is just a ploy to make consumers pay money or “auction” for a chance to score a TV for a $1.19 (which is preposterous). Scam in simpler words. As far as Mike Vick is concerned, listen, I believe everyone is entitled a second chance at life depending on the infraction that caused the initial second chance (my opinion). MV did his due diligence in a correctional facility so I have no gripe with that at all. The only issue I have is this: If that was me or any other individual (citizen that does not play for the NFL), there is no way my past employer would hire me back because I “did the time”. A felony is a felony. You have a record period! I would be lucky flipping burgers at McDonalds. Vick is very lucky to have a second chance playing football again regaining some money after paying back for bankruptcy because anyone else would have a hard time finding a job after a crime like that. By the way, just because he didn’t kill a human being doesn’t make the crime any better. Some serial killer’s are known for experimental killing of animals before they tackle the thought of human beings. Just a thought.

  12. Quibids takes advantage of people who have never heard “if it sounds too good to be true…”

    and on another note…
    As a convicted felon, I have to say that it is a darn good thing my past is not held against me. I refuse to let my past define me. I learned my lesson, have grown as a result of it and am a much better person. Captainwisdom8888 I give you 100 thumbs up!

    I am quite sure that there is not one among us who has not done something for which they are not proud and that others would find despicable.

  13. I’m surprised Michael Vick didn’t withdraw his name once he looked into quibids. Quibids is far shadier than Michael Vick. They rip off kids and uninformed consumers as their only source of revenue.

  14. God people need to get over it! This happened yearssssss ago who cares. Did anybody know the dogs personally. Was anybody married to the dogs? not saying what he did was okay, but geez ya’ll people care more about dogs than humans your weird and lame just move on.

  15. I don’t support what Vick did at all as far as dog fighting & what not but this is crap & while I don’t know what quickbids is, I won’t ever use their services

  16. The Dog Killer still deserves contempt – as someone who lives in his hometown, he will never be a great human being. There is a reason why he’s not well regarded – it’s because he doesn’t deserve it.

  17. I’m all for forgiveness and time served, but this is just an endorsement deal. Vick got scammed, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

    I’m sure Michael was 100% honest in his business practices when he was leading his gambling operation, right?

  18. There are many people who refuse to forgive Vick for what he’s done and by all means, they have that right… but I truly believe if you can’t forgive and let go, you’re holding on to bad energy you don’t need to. What happened here is clearly fishy .. almost like they want to embarrass the guy..


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