With success on the road, 49ers have a new travel routine

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The grind of coast-to-coast travel was sufficient that the 49ers considered — albeit briefly — staying East after beating the Packers with a trip to Charlotte the following week.

But because they’ve been so successful on the road in back-to-back weeks, they’re sticking with their new routine even though the flight’s much shorter this week.

According to Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com, the 49ers will fly into Seattle Friday afternoon, a day earlier than they normally arrive at games in their time zone.

“It’s been fun,” 49ers guard Mike Iupati said. “We don’t mind the trips. We don’t mind the routine. Come home from a win on Sunday, leave for another one on Friday, and come home the following Sunday. Hopefully we can come home from Seattle with another one.”

Considering the fact their coach is willing to wear $8 pants because he always does, it’s not surprise they’re sticking with what’s gotten them here.

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  1. The final four is what it should be, it’s the best reality tv in history. SF gets destroyed in front of the 12th man, this should be a slug fest for the ages but Seattle wins the NFC. They’re secondary us better, and QB makes better decisions.

  2. Uhhh, any team that has actually won a super bowl in the last 15 years has it better than you. And you might as well get used to it, because Kaep aint good enough to win a super bowl…… And the window for this team is closing, about to lose DC, OC and another coach. Gore has to be about done, etc…

  3. Niners fan here. This is going to be a great game between two bitter rivals. I already told the wife that all lists and chores will be thus ignored. Sleeping on the couch will be worth it.

  4. @Getsome636,
    Its funny how you dont say who your favorite team is. My guess is Seattle because they love Niners articles. They are obsessed! Btw, as good as Gore has been, running backs are s dime a dozen. And Lattimore will be amazing! Mark my words. 3 straight NFC championship games, buddy. Get used to it. Go Niners!

  5. @getsome636

    Ok, so we’re going to lose Roman and Fangio? To who exactly? There’s only one HC job left in Cleveland. We might lose one, but I doubt we lose both.

    Also, Kaepernick is 3-0 in away games in the playoffs.

    Also, Frank Gore had 1,000 yards and another great season at age 30. Sure he’s getting close the end and he’s still productive.

    Also, ever heard of Marcus Lattimore?

    Your post shows that you don’t know much about our roster, and likely not much about football, period.

  6. When they were in Green Bay with Carolina up next, I thought for sure they’d go to Carolina, being half way there.

    They actually went all the way back to SF and then flew across the country.


  7. Eagles went to four NFC Championships in a row, but got ZERO Super Bowl Titles. I know plenty about football, I know that if you have a team good enough to make it to the title game you better win it. My point is Kaep is he has periods every game where he looks clueless, against a complete team that will cost you.

    I am not a Gore hater, but 30 + year old RBS are rare, and Lattimore may be a good one, but dont sell Gore short by insinuating that you can just plug in another RB and have the same success.

  8. Oh and I am a Green Bay fan, actually was at the opening game this year with a buddy who is a niner fan. But, I know what it is like when you start losing 1-2 coaches/coordinators every year, it starts to take a toll.

  9. Oh and both times up at Seattle Kaep has looked like a lost child. You can call it whatever you want, but the only way the Niners win is if he can overcome whatever “it” is that happens to him up there…..

  10. “Considering the fact their coach is willing to wear $8 pants because he always does”

    Now, was that really necessary, Darin?

  11. Wilson is undefeated at home against the 49ers. And it ain’t gonna change this weekend. Go Hawks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. This is by the far the game of the year….seems like the Super Bowl may lose its luster after this Clash of the Titans.

  13. Yee gods that flight must sound like a bunch of 3 year olds who didn’t get their cookies, milk or naptime. Or maybe they found a plane that could be powered by whining.

  14. Did I really just read a Packer fan of all people talking smack about Kaepernick? Don’t worry, it will be alright. He can not hurt you anymore…. well at least not until next season.

  15. getsome636 says:
    Jan 15, 2014 11:33 AM
    Oh and I am a Green Bay fan …


    I actually would have rooted for GB if they beat my niners in the wildcard round.
    That being said, don’t you have better things to worry about? Your sorry-azz defense for one?

    Also, this SF D held your all-universe QB to 177 yards passing (and I have the utmost respect for A-Rod).

    My point is, one person does not a team make. If SFs co-ordinators leave, Harbaugh will have a backup plan. We lost Goldson, it was an opprotunity for Reid. and so on.

    The great teams adapt, innovate and move forward. I believe SF is one.

  16. seahonky says:
    Jan 15, 2014 11:38 AM
    Wilson is undefeated at home against the 49ers. And it ain’t gonna change this weekend. Go Hawks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I understand your excitement, but that many exclamation points? Really?

  17. yeah San Fran is the greatest team without a super bowl win in 20 years. That is why people hate on the niners, them and their fans talk like multiple time champs meanwhile they have won nothing since the Steve Young era…. Same with their all world whiner of a head coach. No championships anywhere…..

  18. LMAO and 177 yards is considered a “Good” game for Kaep. Except against Seattle, all he has to do against them is hit the big 80 yard passing mark and throw less than 2 ints. LMAO, what a scrub, if he cant scramble he has nothing. No running QB has won the Super Bowl, and there have been much better running QB’s than him, so dont get your hopes up.

  19. I can take the shots of the Niners owning Green Bay right now, but Green Bay was 12-1 agains them before this recent run, in which the Packers won 2 super bowls during that stretch. What about the Niners? Oh yeah, ZERO.

  20. Not upset at all my friend, just stating my opinion. And just to be fair, Seattle fans are not any different than Niner fans lol. But I hate the Seahawks just a little less, I think that is because there is barely a day that goes by that I do not think about that hit Chancellor laid on Vernon Davis, my all time favorite NFL hit.

  21. Funny how Seahawk Fans hold onto games that were played months ago. While the rest of the country see’s a 49er team that is much different then the week 2 matchup. Great football teams evolve and change over time. Noticed when the 49ers got healthy the team took off and is on fire. If this 49er team was healthy all year this game will not be in Seattle.

    And apparently Seahawk fans don’t see the struggles of their QB the past 6 weeks or so. Your QB makes better decisions? Lol…The rest of the country is not so blinded.

    Give it a rest already. Get to Tampa Bay’s level and you can argue with the big boys. Until then Pipe Down you have not won anything.

  22. It’s really hard to pick who to root for in this game.
    Seattle: On one hand I like the city of Seattle, but their fans have really left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths. There is a certain elitist mentality (even thought they have never won anything) that is just gross and they certainly don’t care, but I do like their quarterback a lot more than the tattooed bicep kisser. I really can’t stand the coach with all of his celebratory histrionics.

    49ers: The quarterback has been very good, but again, I don’t like his demeanor. He comes off as a snotty little punk that doesn’t mind being disrespectful. The fans are also really pompous as well (it’s California go figure). I have however changed my mind on their coach. I like him a lot more than I did at this time last year.

    So I’m just going to pull for whomever comes out of the AFC. If I absolutely HAD to pick one I guess I would pick…oh man this is really hard but I’d pick the 49ers. Simply because I’d like the Seahawks to remain a team that has never won anything.

  23. Funny how 49ers fans keep using injury excuses as their only basis of losing in Seattle. “Oh if we were healthy blah blah blah”. Every team has injuries, dude. If the Hawks O-line was “healthy” all year then we would have won even more games then we already did…see, works both ways. Point is, BOTH teams are in the NFC Championship. BOTH teams dealt with injuries, BOTH teams have done what they needed to to get to this point, so to try and argue which team is the best is just pointless. Until you Whiners win ANYTHING this century, you have no room to talk.

  24. STILL think the stats wermeaningless? Kap is a good QB, but winning IN Seattle, especially in a close game is very tough.

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