Brees and Quinn, Charles and Watt are Pro Bowl captains


A new layer has just been added to the convoluted method of determining the two teams that will face off in the Pro Bowl.

The NFL has announced that four players will be installed as captains of the two Pro Bowl teams: Drew Brees and Robert Quinn will be captains of one team, and Jamaal Charles and J.J. Watt will be captains of the other team. Those four were chosen because they were the top two vote getters on offense and defense among players whose teams aren’t playing in Sunday’s conference championship games.

Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders will choose the two rosters, and the pair of Brees and Quinn will be assigned to one of their teams, while the pair of Charles and Watt will be assigned to the other team. The NFL said in its announcement of the Pro Bowl captains that the four active player captains will “assist” Rice and Sanders in the Pro Bowl Draft to determine the two rosters.

All of this feels a little bit like the NFL is trying too hard to make the Pro Bowl interesting. Replacing the old AFC-NFC Pro Bowl format with the captains picking their teams won’t mean a thing if the players on the field treat the Pro Bowl like a joke. If Brees, Quinn, Charles and Watt can convince their teammates to play hard and treat the Pro Bowl like a real football game, maybe it makes sense to make them captains. But the reality is that the Pro Bowl is just an exhibition game that the players don’t much care about, and the team captains are just window dressing.

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  1. When i read the title, I figured it was Brady Quinn who was named a captain. It would make perfect sense for this Pro Bowl.

  2. Team Captains? Are we back in grade school?

    Then again, perhaps if instead of an exhibition game nobody wants to tear their ACL’s at, perhaps the NFL should hold an annual Dodgeball game instead.

    It’d probably be way more entertaining to watch, anyway.

  3. FACT: the pro bowl was so ridiculous last year they had no choice but to change something.

    I guess they are trying TOO HARD to get us interested but it’s not a bad thing, this is going to be fun to watch, hopefully the players take it a little more serious this year.

  4. Deion’s team will be all defensive players and one offensive captain and Jerry’s team will be all offensive players and one defensive captain. The game will be cancelled.

  5. The idea of the Pro Bowl is beyond stupid – this isn’t baseball. Adding a pointless game in which players can get hurt doesn’t make sense, and I don’t blame the players one bit for not taking it seriously. They shouldn’t.

    The only time I’ve ever seen a real hit in that game was a cheap shot on a punter. Disgraceful…

  6. Sounds dumb .. Should make it similar to a 7 on 7 game. Do you really want to see the best player on”your”team get concussed or worse in a meaningless game?

  7. Just when you thought they couldn’t make this game look like anymore of a joke, they are picking roster’s as if it were a pickup game in 3rd grade gym class. Do you get 1st pick, or the next 2.

  8. The only major sports all star event that is even kind of interesting is the MLB All Star game. All of the others are just sort of jokes. I say get rid of them and just have All Pro voting instead. A lot of players get to the Pro Bowl on name recognition alone anyway.

  9. The pro bowl (like every all star game) is terrible. Make it a skills competition, throw in a long drive/chipping/putting contest. Players don’t want to get hurt in a meaningless game.

  10. I’d like to meet the person who actually thinks that these teams will actually be “picked” by Sanders and Rice. By “assigning” the captains already, the league has already tainted the so-called selection process. If anyone thinks that there already isn’t a script written for the “draft” by the league, I have some oceanfront property to see you.

  11. If the NFL wants an exhibition game after the season, line up the team picking first in the draft with the NCAA champions.

    Now THAT would get ratings! (and I know it would never ever happen, but wouldn’t it be cool?)

  12. The fact that teammates can be playing against each other will make players put even less effort than before. Bravo, NFL.

  13. Peterson isn’t playing the pro bowl hes hurt don’t you pay attention. As for Charles he deserves it. Lead league in rushing touchdowns. You apparently didn’t pay attention to football this year. Then if you wanna compare them further lets look at what they did with there first 1000 carries. Charles 5523 yards Peterson 4951 yards.

  14. Completely agree that a skills challenge would be just as interesting and certainly much safer. They could even have players go one-on-one in some instances (WR/CB for example).

  15. go back to afc vs. nfc. make it after the superbowl. and make it for homefield advantage in the the superbowl for the next season. or winning conference gets 9 homegames and losers get seven.

  16. Jamaal Charles who keeps setting records that put him along with names like Barry Sanders, Eric Dickerson?

    the hate is just amazing, Jamaal is one of the most quiet guys in the nfl too, not like he runs his mouth or anything. what did he do to you

  17. Bring back the college All Star game where the All American senior college players play the Pros. Have it in the summer prior to training camp, the way it used to be.

    The NFL and the college players agents would never let it happen, but it was always entertaining until my Packers lost in 1963.

  18. Bring the fans into it. have the Pro Bowl players
    against fans except the fans get to select the game to play… if u were a Seattle fan
    you could choose the Mystic Warloads of Ka’a game

  19. A (Charles) + B (Watt) = C (AFC)
    D (Peterson) + E (McCoy) = F (NFC)

    Tell me, guy who thinks Peterson and McCoy should be captains, why they can’t be captains?

    Could you really not figure that out?

    On top of that, I’d take any of them. I think it’s a 3 way tie for the best back.

  20. People always want to rip on the Pro Bowl and I understand, but let’s be honest what else are we going to watch? I don’t really watch anything on television unless it is football related. I actually have always enjoyed the old skills drills competitions they re-air occasionally on NFL Network. I don’t think they do that any more. I would like to see that come back. Also I want to see Jerry and Deion suit up for this game. Why the heck not!?

  21. Why change a thing its the probowl who cares if its a meaningless game every team sport has a all star game and its a part of tradition. Don’t understand why people keep mentioning that its no good to add an extra meaningless game. This game has been part of the NFL for how long now idk at least when I started watching 25 years ago

  22. Ok, pick your all pro teams, send them to Hawaii to sign autographs, then for the game, one team is practice squad hopefuls vs free agent wannabes and use it as an exhibition of their talents for the following season.
    The game would then be very serious and weed out the dummies that can’t learn playbooks fast enough.

  23. The only way I will see any of this “Pro-Bowl” is if the TV is on that station when I turn it on. It won’t be on that station for very long.

    There has to be something more viable and entertaining on TV that day. I believe “How to give your ex a root canal” is on the Science Channel.

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