Broncos downplay Marquice Cole’s ability to share information


The Broncos signed former Patriots cornerback Marquice Cole this week, but they say they’re not planning to pump Cole for information about the Patriots before Sunday’s game.

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning’s description of his conversations with Cole sound like the usual mindless, boring, getting-to-know you chit-chat. It doesn’t sound like Cole actually has something to say.

“I just said, ‘How you doing, my name is Peyton, good to have you here,’ about five minutes ago. That’s the extent of it so far. No telling where it would go, but that was the starting point of it,” Manning said. “I’m pretty focused on studying the Patriots’ defensive players that are there now.”

Cole said he doesn’t think there’s anything he could tell Manning about the Patriots’ defense that Manning doesn’t already know.

He’s one of the smartest quarterbacks in the league,” Cole said. “So there’s nothing really I can tell him that he doesn’t already know.”

Broncos coach John Fox said it simply: Cole is on the Broncos because they needed to pick up a cornerback after Chris Harris got hurt. Cole is a cornerback, not a spy brought on board to give some secret information about the enemy.

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  1. What Cole knows about the Patriots: Their special team gunners run really fast and try to tackle the guy with the ball.

    What Patriots fans know about Cole: Whatever you do, don’t put him in coverage.

  2. Still can’t believe people think this guy has info that can help the Broncos. Everything they need to know is on film. Peyton’s seen every blitz and coverage you can possibly call.

    Cole’s a good special teams player who can be an adequate #4 corner in emergencies. He’s been in the league for a while, so his spin-up time will be lower than a lot of other guys on the market.

    If you ask him for more than special teams play and emergencies on defense, you’re getting your team in trouble. Pats fans found that out the hard way.

  3. I am sure if Cole had something useful to provide, regarding the Patriots defensive signals, disguising coverage and blitzes, etc. Peyton would come into the Press Conference and share that readily with you guys.

    Dude had a playbook from this year. He is talking.

  4. He was signed mainly because he can play special teams and CB if needed. He just recently played so he is in shape and not really rusty. He may be able to help Peyton with small details that you can’t see on film as well. It’s a win-win and a coincidence that he played for NE recently.

  5. Don’t worry Bill already called Cole and told him he would double what they gave him to feed them some bogus info.

  6. If anything, the Broncos are doing Brady a favor if they somehow wind up with Cole actually seeing the field on defense. Every Patriots fan would cringe when we’d see #23 headed onto the field for defense. Good special teamer, but nothing more, and I seriously doubt he has any sort of intel on the Patriots defense

  7. It will cause the Pats to at least change some signals around. But in the end it won’t matter they have to play on the field a place I hope the Broncos don’t see Cole being on a lot or they’re gonna think he’s still playing for NE.

  8. He last played in the pats/Miami game for 3 PLAYS, Miami scored twice over his head, that’s why he was on the street. hope he has to play !!!!!!

  9. It’s no coincidence both the Colts and Broncos have signed former Patriots players just prior to their playoff games. It just isn’t. Cole has a very recent working knowledge of the defensive calls and what their automatic responses are to various formations. The Patriots already had a lot on their plate to prepare for. Introducing the split second delay in response times and coordinating that among all the DB’s could definitely be an issue. Just having to change things up puts them on unfamiliar ground. Anyone who thinks they aren’t sitting this guy down in a room with a check in front of him saying “ok, talk” is naive.

  10. For those thinking Coles was signed to give away information about NE, have any of you noticed the same possibility with Wes Welker this year? His worst game of the season was against NE (where he called for affair catch way to late, and in the process cost Denver an opportunity to make a drive). He also had a few drops, which started his consistency of dropped balls in later weeks. He got 2 concussions in 3 weeks, which kept him out of the mix and aided in Denver having a not-so-stellar last few weeks. Finally, how many dropped passes has Welker had recently (including at least 3 in last weeks divisional game against SD? It seems a little like Welker is still on NE payroll to help guarantee that Manning fails again. Just a thought!

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