Caldwell downplays Tressel link, but Lions president would ink


As new Lions coach Jim Caldwell puts together his staff, one potential hire could make a lot of Michigan fans a little twitchy.

According to Pat McManamon of, former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel is close to Caldwell, and a source close to Tressel said a deal to bring him to the Lions staff had been agreed to, pending front office approval.

That might be a little tougher to obtain, since Lions president Tom Lewand is Michigan graduate.

“If it helps us win, I will tattoo a Buckeye on my forehead,” Lewand said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press.

(See, it’s funny because Ohio State and tattoos.)

Caldwell had Tressel on his Colts staff for a year, and the two are close friends. But Caldwell downplayed it when asked about Tressel, who is now working as an administrator at Akron.

“I’m not going to start talking about staff at this point in time until we kind of get it narrowed down, but I can tell you in regard to Jim, I think he’s very, very happy doing what he’s doing right now,” Caldwell said. “He’s enjoying it, he’s having a great time. He’s a great man. Very, very capable, and obviously you know that he worked with us in Indy as well. But I think he’s pretty comfortable where he is right now.”

That may be the case, but if Tressel’s ever going to return to coaching, Caldwell’s staff might be the spot.

8 responses to “Caldwell downplays Tressel link, but Lions president would ink

  1. The guy is a coach, it’s his true passion. Looking at some other NFL coaches that left their schools with sanctions, Tress should be allowed to coach. He’ll make the lions better.

  2. But it sounds like he’s happy where he’s at. We need a coach that wants to be a Lions coach more than any other football related job. We don’t need a guy who can do the job, we need a guy who owns the job in every way. I’m a Michigan grad too and I’ll be happy with any OSU people that can help the Lions win, but so far it doesn’t sound like Tressel has anything to offer to us. Time to move on and find somebody that would be more valuable to the team. Tressel has a job and doesn’t really want or need this one. We need somebody that is looking for a mission. Somebody that isn’t happy doing what they are doing because they know what they in their heart what they should be doing is helping the Lions win football games. That’s who we need to hire.

  3. Tressel should be coaching the Browns. He’s an Ohio guy and has won at every level. Plus they could probably get him cheap. What have they go to lose?

  4. Tressel was ultra-conservative. In a way that’s what the Lions need. But they’ll never play to their potential in a scheme like Tressel’s. It HAS to be the old Colts uptempo/single-back.

  5. He is currently working a desk job as a college administrator. Doesn’t sound as exciting as an assistant coach in the NFL. Also, I’m guessing the NFL pays better.

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