DeAngelo Hall says Redskins “probably should” change their name


Cornerback DeAngelo Hall’s contract in Washington will expire on March 11.  He recently may have guaranteed there won’t be another.

Appearing on the FOX Sports show entitled Keepin’ It Real With Mike Hill (we’ll “keep it real” by pointing out that “keep it real” is no longer a cool or hip saying, and that’s coming from a guy who stopped being cool or hip long ago, if he even ever was), Hall said that he thinks the Redskins eventually will change their name — and that change is warranted.

They probably should,” Hall said, via Sarah Kogod of the Washington Post.  “But they won’t for a while at least.”

By using “they,” Hall implicitly indicated he’ll be moving on and moving out of Washington.  Regardless, he becomes the highest-profile member of the organization (technically, he’s still on the team) to publicly support a name change.

Moving forward, publicly supporting a name change could become the best way to get cut or traded.

Sooner or later, someone will do it with that goal in mind.