George Paton declines interview with Dolphins

The Dolphins’ list of general manager candidates is down one name.

When Vikings assistant G.M. George Paton’s name first landed on the Dolphins’ radar screen, it was believed he would speak to Miami about the position but things haven’t worked out that way. A league source tells PFT that Paton has declined an opportunity to interview for the job.

Paton worked in Miami earlier in the career, but it seems he likes his situation in Minnesota better than the prospect of replacing Jeff Ireland in Miami. Paton was in the running for the Rams G.M. job in 2012 and his name has come up in connection with other openings, although it appears it will be at least another year before he gets a move up the ladder.

The Dolphins interviewed Lions exec Brian Xanders this week and have interviewed five others for the job. There’s been no indication from the Dolphins if they’ll be moving on to further interviews with any of those candidates or first interviews with new names.

23 responses to “George Paton declines interview with Dolphins

  1. Well it doesn’t sound like they are turning over many rocks to try and find the right person for the job. They just spent a LONG time with a really terrible GM, and they can’t come up with more than a half dozen people to talk to in order to get this hire right? I don’t get it, but that’s probably why they haven’t been winning the Super Bowl lately. They don’t seem to have a very methodical or comprehensive plan to fill this role.

  2. This shows everyone the State of the Dolphins franchise when a candidate that worked for the Dolphins previously would rather stay in Minnesota as an Assistant GM rather than becoming the GM of the Miami Dolphins.

    OUCH !!!!!!!

  3. when asked why he withdrew Paton responded……….

    “America loves a winner, and will not tolerate a loser, this is why America has never, and will never, lose a war.”

  4. So , one day after the Fins hired one of the hottest names on the market for offensive coordinator , the haters are back out in force.
    It’s nice to know that some things don’t change 🙂

  5. This franchise is in shambles. And this job is NOT a true GM’s job, with Ross and Dawn Aponte so hands on, and with them having retained Philbin, rather than letting the new GM make that call. Nobody with the talent to be an NFL GM would walk into this mess. I think the solution happens if and when Aponte moves to the NFL office. Hire someone like Scott Pioli to run the works, let him replace ALL of the coaching staff if he wants, and start from scratch. Ross is quite possibly the worst owner in the NFL……and that says a lot. The bottom half dozen are horrendous. One a great franchise. Great market. Very sad. Has to be an issue for the NFL. Not to mention the Martin-Ocognito-bullying mess.

  6. Huh, how bad is it in Miami when an assistant GM wants to stay with a team owned by a couple guys facing a civil fraud conviction of over $100M?

  7. Rick Spielman what a GM up there in Minnesota…I still can’t believe he outlasted Ireland!! Paton knows why pack the house and try to sell it when there is a vacancy about to happen there in Minnesota. Face it he was just interview fodder anyways how would he get the job over Xanders or Farmer????

  8. I would decline too if I knew there was no way I was getting that job over the previously interviewed candidates.

  9. Dolphins Good News of the Day

    1. Linebacker Coach Edwards going to the Vikings ( yeah! Great job with Ellerbe and Wheeler… You even made Misi regress!!)

    2. Paton not interested in ruining a team on the rise with a young roster and decent QB. Please stay in MN… They don’t have a chance of an 8-8 finish for several years

  10. Can’t think of too many reason why I would be excited to hear the words “don’t worry honey ..I didn’t take the job in Florida…We’re staying right here in Minnasota.” Btw, have you seen the snow shovel?

  11. As far as Linebacker coach Edwards goes…He made such an impact on the Fins that I never heard of him until somebody said he was leaving. I guess he will be remembered for the guy nobody knows for sure if he ever here.

  12. The way management is structured, no real GM candidate would accept this job. GM’s typically have the say over the coaching hire and other powers that Ross has delegated to others or keeps for him self. Who hires an offensive coordinator before a GM?? Ross just seems to be doing things ass backwards.

  13. Stephen Ross reminds me of Norman Bravmann the former owner of the Philadelphia Eagles. A man whose made it big in the business world and is going to put his stamp on America with his NFL toy. Both of these owners are sometimes residents who travel the globe and are going to run the franchise like a string of drug stores or auto franchises.

    You got to like Paton for a wise decision. Stay away from Snoopy Dog and his ultra conservative head coach. Sorry Dolphin fans, this is going to be a long dark road. IMO.

  14. a LOT of guys saying No to even an interview should be a heads up you are doing something wrong….

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