Jets, Rex Ryan agree to multi-year contract


Rex Ryan will not be a lame duck this year.

Ryan, who has already been confirmed as the Jets’ head coach for 2014, has now agreed to a multi-year contract with the team, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. The 2014 season was the final year on Ryan’s previous contract.

That may alleviate some of the pressure on Ryan heading into the season, as he won’t face a constant barrage of questions about the status of his contract talks. Conversely, it also means Ryan won’t have the opportunity to bet on himself and be a free agent next year.

There’s no word yet on the length of the new contract or the financial terms, including how much it would cost owner Woody Johnson to buy Ryan out if Johnson decides to fire Ryan.

Head coaches hardly ever coach into the final years of their contracts, as lame-duck status is generally seen as a tough thing for a coach to overcome. Now Ryan won’t coach into the final year of his contract either.

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  1. This contract is so well done, there are postseason win incentives. we haven’t seen contracts like these since..never? they are always big salary cap killing contracts.

    Way to go Rex! go jets!!

  2. And he shouldn’t be a lame duck coach…Rex is 1 hell of a coach that would have offers from 3-5 teams had he been fired… he coached a team to 8-8 after being picked to finish 53rd in the league… His players love him…Kind of reminds me of the love the players had for Zimmer in Cincy….That video at seasons end was cool…. he also fits the New York media…Tough nosed dude doesnt take ISH and not afraid to give the media some push back….Im glad we dont see them for a few more years..They wull be better in 2014.

  3. This is great news! Now lets give Dunbar a nice deal and get this ball rolling.

    Haters gonna hate, lets just remember Rex got this “3 win -talentless” team to 8 wins this year.

  4. As a Pats fan, I couldnt be happier for the Jests. I was getting worried they may can him and put someone who would challenge us in there…..phew. This is the workings of the inner fibers that make the Jets the Jests. More Division Dominance….love it!

  5. A multi-year extension (instead of just one) for Rex is about as stupid as CLE firing Chud after only one year. Glad I am not a Jets fan.

  6. As a Jets fan,couldn’t be happier.Think he’s learned from his mistakes,did a terrific job.Mr.Johnson should insist he run the “d”,no coordinator need apply.

  7. Good for him, solid coach. Still think he needs help with the offensive side of the ball but you can do a lot worse than Rex Jets fans. Just look at poor Lions fans with the Caldwell hire.

  8. Good job Woody

    He is a dam good head coach just needs to get the offense going and they’ll be in good shape.

  9. How many teams in the Bellichek era got physically in N.E. in a playoff game.We crushed Mr.Brady….he looked scared.

  10. I can’t believe how i’ve read a few Jets fans are actually happy about Every other post i’ve seen about this guy the fans have been screaming for his head and job. As a fan of a fellow AFC east team, I personally couldn’t be happier about this. I despise both this team and this coach, and they’re a perfect marriage for each other imo.

  11. In reality, it probably only guarantees money through 2015, with non guaranteed money in the years beyond. That way if he screws up this year or the next they can easily cut bait.

    I think this is a good move for the Jets, Ryan is a solid coach and has benefitted from Idzik’s tight-lipped philosophy. The defense was solid this year (though not dominant) which is understandable because it is a young defense. If Geno gets more weapons on the offensive end (A lot of cap space and potentially 12 draft picks) and continues to progress moving forward like he did at the end of the year (He had the 2nd highest QBR in the league over the last 4 games of the season) then the Jets can be a playoff team as soon as next season.

  12. Really surprised at how many people think this is a bad move.

    Give Rex a good O.C. and some upgraded talent and I think he’ll do quite well.

    Assuming of course that Idzik can make some good personell moves to support him.

  13. Rex is a good defensive coach and he has a good
    offensive coach, now the GM has to get some skilled offensive players and help Geno.

  14. Mediocre signing by an already mediocre team, as part of a generally mediocre franchise. Could be worse people but could be better.

    No one in Jets nation wants to talk reality. Reality is their loss of Reevis was completely overblown; they still had a solid defense going into the season and had a better RB attack than last year, yet somehow were predicted to be worse. Truthfully they were in nearly an identical situation as last year after Reevis went down, with an easier schedule. Hence 2 more wins than last year. This guy has had one winning season in 5 years 3 of them 8-8. They have no QB. The Jets know what theyre gonna get, regardless of whether or not they sign a weapon at WR. WR weapons are futile whn the QB cant get them the ball.

  15. Congrats – In the short term, I think it will be good for the Jets. I’m a big believer in continuity, and the Jets will be better off not having to learn a new system, and the offense and Geno should benefit from a 2nd year under Morningwig.

    As a Pats fan, I benefit by having a very colorful and polarizing HC leading a team that is viewed as fierce rival. Rex will ALWAYS make Pats/Jets games more interesting and fun. My team benefits by having a division opponent being lead by someone who, as of this point, hasn’t fully mastered the role of HC, either in game management or in the role as the leader. I’m sure Jet fans hope that he will learn from his mistakes and by the end of this contract, become “the master of his domain”.

    At any rate, I’m sure most Jet fans are happy with this announcement….and we’ll see how it works out over the next few years.

  16. It took this long to figure this extension out? It seems the timing, a few days before Championship Sunday is par for the Jets and owner Woody Johnson to try and be relevant at a time when they aren’t. Why not release the length of the extension, the number of years added. Maybe they’ll wait until Super Bowl week to release that info.

  17. Perhaps the greatest ever Head Coach of the NY Jets. Well done Woody. Rex is a natural leader of men. Considering the lack of talent on the roster and still getting to 8 – 8 was amazing team effort. I think that 11 – 5 is realistic for next year.

  18. Good to have him secured in NY. Fun to watch and always a threat to unseat NE as division champs.

  19. i love all the hate from pats fans. deep down you guys know rex is a good coach. despite a massive disparity in talent at qb, the pats are a pedestrian 7-5 vs rex.

  20. Idzik showing why he was a great GM hire. No reason to turn down a world class defense each year and the players obviously love Ryan. I see no reason to tinker with that side of the ball.

  21. I friggin love this move. Rex is no lame duck, his defense is stout. Idzik needs to get offensive weapons in here ASAP. Geno gets one more year with MM offense. No reason they wont go 10-6 next year.

    AND they are the only AFC team that can actually beat the Pats.

  22. I will say, this Season made me a bit of a convert toward Rex. How do you get that record out of that bad a team? I’m not 100% sold on him, mind you, but I’m more positive than negative. And while I am neither, I’d sure rather be a Jets fan than a Lions fan after this week.

  23. I love the “we’re so happy – signed Rest of AFC East” comments. Let’s look these teams:

    Miami – No playoff wins since 2000. Mediocre at best roster. Upcoming salary cap issues. Yeah, you guys are relevant.

    Buffalo – No playoff wins since 1995. Enough said.

    New England – Jets fans have to tip our caps to all the AFC titles you’ve racked up. That said, you’ll be losing possibly the greatest QB of all time in the next few years and your supporting roster gets worse every year that your “genius” coach controls it. Your post-Brady future will resemble your pre-Brady history – as bad as the Jets history.

    So maybe you guys should rethink your opinion on a coach who got 8 wins out of a roster that was mocked as 2 win talent at the start of the year.

  24. We’re on the upswing again, hate it or love it. Idzik and Ryan have a great relationship, tons of cap space to fill our holes and maybe land a playmaker or two, plenty of talent at positions of need in the draft. Two more wins and this is a playoff team this year. People need to stop acting like the Jets are bad because they don’t like them. The circus BS has run it’s course. You wanna see a circus, look a the internal backstabbing and power-grabs going on under the nose of a clueless owner down in Miami, (whose season we ended BTW).

    In one or both of the next two seasons, the Jets will make the playoffs. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!

  25. I’ll credit Rex for surviving when 99.9% of everyone, including me, thought he would be out this year. He must have something on the owner, most coaches who go 22-26 the last 3 years don’t get renewed.

    I still don’t think this will end well for Rex. If, as rumored, Rex and Idzik don’t get along, one of them will lose out. Meanwhile, smells like more circus time upcoming.

  26. No team celebrates mediocrity like the Jets. An 8 win season for any well-run team calls the jobs of the coach and GM into question, but the Jets have a big party over it and extend the coach. Rex still has no idea about his offense and really hasn’t ever bothered to get involved with it, and it’s reflected in the lack of talent they have on the offensive side of the ball. He’s a great defensive coordinator, not a head coach

  27. Rex Ryan is a very good coach. I don’t care what anyone says. You can’t tell me that team is not the least talented in the NFL, and they won 8 games. Two AFC Championships appearances with Mark Sanchez…are you kidding me?

  28. Jets fans, the friggin NFL is now all about offense. quarterbacks throw the ball 35% more, PI penalties are up 65%, most teams by design have mediocre defenses and put more stock in offense. game scores are now 35+ to 24+

    and you guys sign a coach that has an eye for defense. Bad move.

  29. I hate the Jets, but this was the right move. Rex is a good coach, even if he is a bit wacky with the media. He keeps having success with sub-optimal rosters. That’s the mark of a good coach.

  30. Well done NY media! You got a coach that you love in NY. He says stupid stuff all the time and guarantees SB’s. He wears his heart on his sleeve and tells it just the way you like. He doesn’t win, but who cares about that, it’s about the journey right? I’ll take my grumpy curmudgeon of a coach any day of the week thank you very much! I actually love the fact that he’s got no use for you guys at all. I also like the way he almost snickers when you guys try to talk “intelligently” about football or question some technical aspect of the game. You’ve dubbed him with epithets like Colonel Coughlin. Twice you’ve fired up the doomsday clock on his NYG career only to have him ruin the whole thing by winning two SBs. You guys keep on being Sexy Rexy’s cheerleaders, we’ll take SBs. LOL

  31. Funny but Rex only coach I can think of that has beaten Brady 4 times in past 5 years while the rest of Nfl cowers to the Pats and Hans them a 12-4 record every year

  32. I couldn’t believe the Dolphins lost to the JETS in the finale and now I see why! Brilliant.. now this guy will be the coach for 2 more seasons.. It’s a great day in the AFC East…

  33. Rex did a great job with this year’s group considering their talent level, and that’s coming from a Pats fan. Love em or hate em, the Ryan brothers both know how to coach defense. The Jets badly need to add a QB and skill position players on offense this offseason.

  34. probably a goo thing they kept Rex. Otherwise they may have gotten Caldwell, Whisenhunt for mo money or some other bum. At least you know that you got.

  35. Good coach, might still be growing too. Definitely needs better personnel decisions, whatever he and the front office can do to actually put an offense on the field.

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