John Elway doesn’t think Peyton Manning gets enough credit


Broncos front office boss John Elway wants Peyton Manning to get more credit.

Elway says when people talk about Manning and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, they talk like Manning has never won a big game, the way Brady has, and gloss over the fact that Manning does, in fact, have a Super Bowl ring on his finger and a Super Bowl MVP award on his mantel.

“He’s won a Super Bowl. For some reason he doesn’t seem to get the credit for having won one Super Bowl already,” Elway told the New Daily News. “I think maybe the comparison is Tom going to five and Peyton having been to two and winning one, that may be it.”

Elway knows first-hand that quarterbacks are often judged more by the number of rings they’ve won than by the quality of their play: Elway himself was a better all-around quarterback early in his career than he was in the last two seasons of his career. But it was only in those last two seasons — when Elway had a more complete team around him — that he won back-to-back Super Bowl rings and permanently changed the way he’s viewed.

“Fair or not, that’s the way it is,” Elway said. “As a quarterback, especially the level you’re at with Peyton, that’s what they are going to look at. If we can win a championship this year, it’s going to help with Peyton’s legacy. Even if we don’t, I think the year that he’s had this year is going to still help with his legacy. He’s had a tremendous year. For some reason, Peyton is not getting the credit — he’s been there twice and he got one. You get to the point where Peyton is, the greatness that he’s had, there is always someone trying to put chinks in the armor and that’s what they go after.”

If the Broncos win another Super Bowl, Manning’s critics will have a lot less to criticize.

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  1. Elway is right. For as loved as Peyton in, there is a cottage industry of Peyton bashing by people. And most of it isn’t rational bashing.

  2. Super Bowl wins can’t be the measuring stick for how good a QB is.

    If you could have Payton or Eli as your QB for a season who would you choose? The guy with more rings? I don’t think so.

  3. Its not that Manning doesn’t get enough credit. Brady gets too much credit. When Brady wins a game he gets all kinds of credit but when he throws a game ending int the blame falls else where or its because he doesn’t have this guy or that guy. Not saying Brady isn’t good by any means but Billicheck or Brady never ever gets outcoached or outplayed in the medias eyes.

  4. I guess a constant reference in the “greatest QB of all-time” argument is too subtle a statement for Mr. Elway.

  5. I guess I can see what Elway is referring to:
    Up until the Pats lost the last two superbowls, discussions between Peyton and Brady regarding who was the GOAT, usually ended with people indicating Brady had won the big game (x3), and Peyton only had one ring etc etc.

    People put too much emphasis on SB victories. I used plural for a reason, bc it used to be that until you won a ring, you weren’t considered elite (right or wrong). Now, people are almost starting to feel like “well Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer both have a ring, so unless you win TWO, you aren’t elite”.

    I don’t know what the right measurement is. But I do know that if I could draft a QB in his prime, and build a team around him, the top four choices in no order would probably be Montana, Peyton, Marino, and a weird toss up between Staubach and Brady. Yeah, I know a lot of people won’t like Staubach/Dallas, but I saw him play live in his last year, and thats something you just had to experience to fully understand and appreciate.

  6. Who is a better baseball player of their time, Mickey Mantle vs. Ted Williams? I’ll take Mantle, led his team to multiple Championships and defeated Williams’ led team more, while Williams led his team to zero championships. Who is a better basketball player Magic or Bird? I’ll take Magic, led his team to more titles and defeated Bird more head to head. Now apply the same logic to Manning and Brady.

  7. The following quarterbacks would disagree (newest to oldest)

    Joe Flacco
    Aaron Rogers
    Drew Brees
    Brad Johnson
    Trent Dilfer
    Kurt Warner
    Brett Favre
    Steve Young
    Mark Rypien
    Jeff Hostetler
    Doug Williams
    Phil Simms
    Jim McMahon
    Joe Theismann
    Ken Stabler
    John Unitas
    Len Dawson
    Joe Namath

  8. People mention that Elway wouldn’t have went to, and won 2 superbowls without Davis, and as a Broncos fan for 28 yrs, I would agree… However, NOBODY seems to remember , like I do, how Elway nearly single handedly carried 3 other Bronco teams to Superbowls.. Yeah they lost the 3, but ask Marty Shottenheimer for one, if the Broncos woulda made it without Elway! I certainly know the answer…

  9. Elway makes a valid point. Every time Peyton gets praised, it comes with the proviso to the effect that “Peyton is a failure in ‘big’ games.”

    Even his “biggest fan” Jimmy Irsay took some gratuitous (seemingly ungrateful) digs at Peyton on this basis.

    If Rahim Moore makes one of the easiest plays you’ll ever see on a football field last year, Denver advances to the AFCCG.

  10. OK, so he’s won one. I get that. And he is a great QB, no doubt. But why would we give him MORE credit than he already is getting when he has more pro bowl appearances (13) in 16 (15 really) seasons than he has playoff wins (10)? For that matter he’s played in more seasons than he has playoff wins. IF he wins this weekend, he’ll be .500 in the playoffs for the third time in his career, and a win in the Superbowl will make him just shy of his career best playoff average of .538 (right now he has .476). Compare that with Brady, who has a career playoff average of .720. For that matter, Peyton has played in fewer playoff games in 15 played seasons (21) than Brady has in 14 season (25). Add to that the fact that Brady has gone home after losing his first post-season game twice in his career, and Manning has done so 8 times. So, yes Manning has won a Superbowl, and been there twice. That puts him in the top 20 QBs of all time for playoff success, and should be praised. But when he’s being compared year after year with Brady, YOU BET he will be judged harshly for that glaring problem in his otherwise amazing career.

  11. NOBODY gets more love from the media than Peyton, NOBODY.

    And credit for his one Super Bowl win? He threw for 247 yards, one TD and one pick, and an 81.8 QB rating. Pretty pedestrian, but him having a pulse in that game was enough for the media to finally get their chance to give him an MVP. A better choice? Dominic Rhodes. 113 yards rushing, a TD, and eight straight rushes at the end of the game to ice it for Indy. Rhodes was the true MVP. Plus let’s not forget the Manning got the gift of Rex Grossman quarterbacking the other team.

  12. The idea that Dominic Rhodes “iced the game” is laughable. His last eight carries came with the Colts up 2 scores with possession of the ball and less than 5 minutes left to play. He could have run for zero yards on four carries at that point and they’d have still won easily, that is why they handed it off eight times because after they stopped the Bears on 4th down the game was over. He didn’t even run the clock out, the Bears got it back with two minutes to go. Rhodes did have two nice plays while the game was still in question, but 13 carries for 82 yards and a TD by the backup RB doesn’t exactly mandate a superbowl MVP. There were a lot of Colts who had a great moment and overall good but not spectacular day in that Superbowl. Sanders, Mathis, Kelvin Hayden, Wayne, and Addai all had key plays too. No one player was more deserving than Manning of the MVP for that game.

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