Lions, Ndamukong Suh talking extension

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The Lions have hired their new head coach, which means that they can start moving on to other offseason matters.

A contract extension for defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh appears to be on that list. Team president Tom Lewand said Wednesday that the team and Suh have had initial discussions about extending his deal, which has a voidable year in 2015 that makes 2014 the final year he’s assured to be on the Lions roster.

“We have tremendous respect for Ndamukong. We’ve expressed to him an interest in him being here, and he’s expressed an interest in staying here,” Lewand said, via “We’ll see where that takes us and what the timing of that is. He stopped by today to see Coach Caldwell and I think he’s another guy who can benefit from the leadership Jim is going to bring and from the staff.”

Suh is set to count $22.4 million against the cap in 2014, which provides plenty of impetus for the Lions to come up with a deal that leaves more room for other needs. The five-year deals signed by Haloti Ngata and Geno Atkins in recent years provide some framework for the Lions and Suh to use as they hammer out the details of a new deal that would keep Suh in Detroit for the long term.

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  1. How greedy will Suh’s agent be? Suh’s already been paid the majority of his contract via bonuses. 22.4m is just the cap hit, his base-salary this year is “only” 11.4m and 3.5m next year. A re-adjusted cap # could do wonders for our team.

  2. They really don’t have a choice. In order to clear cap space they have to find opportunities and there are very few players on the team who offer a chance to achieve significant cap space. Suh is really the only contract that has a lot of wiggle room.

  3. 22.4MM against the cap?! Why do these ding-dongs draft up contracts like that? Doesn’t it pretty much concede the power to the player? Why would Suh talk extension before next year? I get the “long term security” piece, but I feel like that’s overblown with the way NFL contracts work.

    If Suh holds firm I’d think he REALLY straps the Lions. Seems like they enjoy handing out bad contracts.

  4. I say give Suh a $80 million 7 year extension deal with 45 million guaranteed he has 22 mill left on current deal doe a total deal of 102 million 8 year toping Albert Fatworsts deal from the redskins a few years back but Suh will earn his money, spread the salary around about even each year would result in a 12.75 per year number for Suh which is about what he deserves.

  5. Who does up these contracts? Why it’s our GM and Front Office people, but not any specific person, they all point fingers to everybody else and nobody has really taken ownership of what this team produces.

    This team loses every year, but NOBODY is ever at fault. It’s astonishing.

  6. The Lions have cap issues because they drafted 1st and 2nd for two consecutive years before the rookie wage scale went into effect, plus they have to pay the best receiver in the league “best receiver in the league” money. The Lions really are not paying Stafford, Suh, and CJ any more than market value given draft status and performance. Now you can blame the Lions for sucking so bad that they had the top two draft choices two years in a row, but given the hand that was dealt this current management team with having to draft so high before the rookie wage scale went into effect, I think the Lions actually do a pretty good job of managing their cap issues.

  7. If Caldwell can help Stafford we could eventually have one of the best quarterbacks, receivers, and defensive tackles. Imagine if Reggie Bush, and Levy were to get a little better.

    Suh will get signed and save the Lions cap space for a push this year. After they lock them all up it will level off in a few years and his big contract will be middle of the road.

  8. I’m sure these professionals all strive to improve year over year. However, what more do you want out of Levy? The guy darn near broke the record for INTs for a linebacker.

    The deal will get done and the Lions will have plenty of room for draft picks and FAs.

  9. The lions have too many mega deals on their roster. Eventually they will go through what the Raiders have endured over the last few years. Dead money will kill this team within 5 years. They better win it before the window slams shut

  10. Easy for somebody in Wisconsin to be content with how good of a job the Lions do! Sorry it doesn’t work for me, this is a total failure of the hand that was dealt to us. Eye of the beholder I guess. But that’s what is wrong with this team, is we have no vision for greatness and we are too tolerant of losing, and there are always new excuses that don’t hold any water when I break down those excuses.

    They have no leadership to change this. And they will continue to lose until they figure that out.

    It’s nice to be optimistic, but we have new cap and roster challenges next season that we haven’t even encountered yet, so that’s one more challenge we have to face on top of not passing all previous challenges. It’s a rough spot that could get rougher if they screw things up again.

  11. There isn’t a non QB that should ever be paid the money the Lions are paying to Suh and CJ. I think they’re both really good players but don’t have a big enough impact to warrant that type of deal. 132 mil for a WR, whatever Stafford is being paid is too much and now Suh will command a ridiculous contract. I would trade Suh for a player and a draft pick or 2. Fairley will be a stud DT for years to come at a much more reasonable price.

  12. CJ and Suh make a lot of money, but it wouldn’t seem like an issue if the team was in the playoffs every year and winning the SB consistently. That’s what we should be doing, and since we are not that just compounds all the other considerations. We are wasting countless millions every year to not win, that’s unacceptable. They pay out the money with expectations to win, but no delivery. There’s just a mess of logical failures in the Front Office and these people don’t understand how to win at football, but they’ll shell out well over $100MM in a haphazard plan every year and try to convince the Ford family that they do know what they are doing. So they waste a hundred million of the Ford’s money to earn about one million or so for themselves, it’s just a sickening situation. One day the owners will wise up and stop getting taken advantage of by fake football posers that pretend instead of play.

    But you are on the right track, it makes no sense to pay and play guys like Suh and CJ if you aren’t going to capitalize on them and win. You have to decide to win, or decide you can’t win and trade them and do something else. But we can’t figure out how to do either, we get caught in no-man’s land every season and waste money despite not winning. That’s just the worst way to handle things.

    They NEED to either WIN or figure out what to do so they CAN WIN in the future. They are completely stumped on making this logical connection. And so we continue to waste mega millions and precious time as well as dilute the legacy of the franchise and these star players.

    It’s about time they offer a contract to somebody that knows how to lead and win at this game! That’s what we should be hearing about right now!!

  13. What does being in Wisconsin have to do with anything? I’m a transplanted former suburban Detroiter, Lions fan who happened to attend a University better than U of M and MSU. This means I can count.

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!

  14. The Lion’s front office has been ridiculously awful for a long time now, but this number is not really their fault. The Lions had several top three picks in the old draft payout format that are still on the team. Lewand/Mayhew did some stupid things (mortgaging their cap future with up front payouts), but oh well. Fixing Burleson’s $7 million dollar hit will create some space. They already cut Montell Owen’s ridiculous number down a little bit. With the Suh situation out of the way we’ll have enough money to land a couple of FA’s.

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