Omaha businesses planning donation to Manning’s charity

Omaha might mean nothing, or it might mean everything, but every mention of the NFL’s hottest city right now will mean money for Peyton Manning’s charity.

According to the Associated Press, five Nebraska businesses have combined to donate $500 to Manning’s foundation for at-risk youth every time he says Omaha during Sunday’s AFC Championship Game against the Patriots.

Last week against the Chargers, he uttered the name of the largest city in Nebraska 44 times, which would mean a $22,000 donation.

Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce president and CEO David Brown announced the planned donation to Manning’s “Peyback Foundation,” in conjunction with ConAgra Foods, First National Bank of Omaha, Mutual of Omaha, Omaha Steaks and Union Pacific Railroad.

So for the sake of the kids, he better keep saying it.

Because if he just randomly started yelling “Fargo” or “Wichita,” that would throw the whole thing off.